My week was great. Full of adventure....sort of.
Thursday we get a text message from one of the hermanas saying to come to her house, its an emergency.
So we get there and she is like...."someone died, we are going to their house..." so the hermana puts on her shoes on and we are out the door.
So we are walking and I start telling the hermana that I have alot of experience in dead people....
Well we get to the house...wait....they ask us to say companion gets up and reads a scriptures and talks for a bit....wait some more...they serve us food....I eat....stain my companions shirt I am wearing....
wait some more....then we leave following the casket....end of story.
Yeah pokito boring but hey we have those days.
I am having a blast here in the branch!
There are always problems and I am always ready for anything to pass...for example...
We were on our way to Hermana Zigas house to eat lunch and we found a hermana in the street.
She said she was not going to go to church anymore because we haven't visited her in a week.
She started walking off and so we followed her and started to talk about what happened.
She was weeping and almost screaming, telling us that she doesn't have work, has alot of debts, her daughters husband is fighting with her, telling her to leave....and so on.
It was an adventure trying to calm her down. We called the branch president after and hopefully he will resolve all the things in store there.
I used the credit card to buy domino's Friday night, I was starving and it was late...sorry. It wasn't much.
I am doing great and have everything I need close by, I have my connections now with the hermanas so I can ask for food when I need it.
There is a new rule that we cant eat in a house with out a priesthood we get dinner in Tupperware almost every day....
We are trying to get a mamita, we will see how that goes. If I take more money out of the account it is for this reason.
I love you so much! Thanks for being a great mom! I cant wait to give you that HUGE HUG you want...
Love ya,
Elder Chadwick
Flowers for the centerpieces for the Mother's Day dinner the missionaries cooked for the ward sisters

Welcome sign for the baptism of Ricardo.

Ricardo's baptism

Practicing a little bit for the Mother's day dinner program
May 14th