Tuesday, October 30, 2012


October 28th marked the exact day in 4 weeks that Elder Chadwick will be home. We pick him up at 8:55 p.m. on November 28th but then who's counting.

Looks like the whole mission is not doing to good.
The zone leaders called 8 of the 12 areas in the zone to say that we need to step it up.
It is hard but we are working. We are doing everything to get references since we can't tract, street contact or meet with any members during the day.
We are making cakes....I made my first double layer cake....washing dogs...teaching piano and English and a lot more.
We even had a mutual with the young men to get them ready for the mission.
I am excited to see what happens. Pres. is really mad at everyone.
How the bishop wants alot of time to prepare for a mission activity. (He wants to save it for my last weekend)
OH!!! I am playing the piano and helping the primary with their program. We have taught them three songs in two weeks!
I get my mad skills from my mother.
I am going to work hard to the end. Please stop worrying that I am going to give up!!
I am now praying for the flower shop more then ever. When I get home we will figure something to get things really going.
If I have to go door to door as the hot/handsome/flower man selling flowers I will....hahaha.
Today I scored 3 goals!!!! And hurt my foot playing soccer.
I am going to miss tortillas....
Elder Chadwick


Editors Note;
Elder Chadwick has been sending less and less information. Therefore we will rely on a letter to Stacie and a few snip its of information.
Thanks for your patience.

Hey Stacie,

Can you send me a picture of your scriptures. The lady is not sure what I am talking about and I am not either...hahaha. 
I had an alright week. We received a reference and went and had a FHE with a great family. We asked if we could come back and they said yes. So we went back two days later, had a beautiful talk about the "Proclamation on the Family" and then they dumped us like rocks in the ocean....it stunk....like a skunk. Now we don't have any investigators...if we don't get any in two weeks I am not going to baptize for the rest of my mission. Now the pressure is on. Well, I am still happy and doing great. Let the good times roll sis!!!
Love ya!!!
Elder Chadwick

Editor's Note again.
We sent him a letter telling him to leave his extra clothing and other things he isn't using for other Elders that may need them that don't have anything. This was his response. 

I am going to leave almost everything here. Ask Jordan and the girls if they want soccer jerseys. 
I am just going to bring home: 3 white shirts. 2 pants, 3 pairs of socks. Garments that I didn't use a lot or don't have sweat marks. 
My journals and my Preach My Gospel. That is about it. And all the clothes you sent me that I cant throw away. 

So one of the hermanas is a dentist, I asked her how much for a cleaning. "For you, free!"
So I went and got my teeth clean. I can proudly say I still have no cavities. 
This week was hard. We are not having much success. 
We did a FHE with a new family and they dropped us two days later. 
Elder Miguel called me, he wants me to come down in January. 
We will see what happens. 
I am trying to read the new testament and the book of Mormon before the end of the mission. I started last Friday. 
My companion and I are in the stake choir. We are also singing in church on Sunday. 
Elder Chadwick

Monday, October 15, 2012

OCTOBER 15, 2012

Sorry I was stressing about the future. I am now more cool. Heavenly Father told me to take it easy and just work. We have a good relationship now.
Don't worry we will work really hard. We are going to fall back into are old/new routine and it will be good.
I am happy that my other companion is now in another ward. I learned a lot of patience from him.
He would always be calling me names and poking me or throwing something at me. He threatened to stab me three times.
I might have deserved it but only God knows.
I am not worried about anything anymore. I am ready to work until the end.
I loved conference. It was great. Elder Hollands talk was amazing.
I accidently laughed out loud while watching the morning session in spanish. I knew it was funny so I laughed. Everyone was looking at me.
Tonight we are going to celebrate like you told me. I am going to buy pizza. It will be good.
We had yet another debate about the word of wisdom. it was funny.
The class went overtime for 30 mintues. We didn't leave church until 8 at night.
We then took a taxi. (Which costs only $30 pesos) We went to the famila Patranas house to drink hot chocote and eat toast. It is a tradition. LOVE IT!
That is all. Love you all....
Elder chadwick
P.S. I am excited to see Colton. I have been thinking about him lately. We will party like it is 2012 when I get home.
Well, I have to go. We are going to go get my companions hair cut and then go eat...yum.
Thanks for the support. I love you alot.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


So yesterday we had to go to Cuarnavaca for special interview with pres., (stuff that my Ecuadorian companion did).
So I took the opportunity to talk to pres. about college. He said that BYU Idaho is a better option. I agree. 
I can always transfer to BYU Provo in a year. 
He told me that there is a "return missionary" thing that all the deadlines go away. 
It would only cost $1,700 a semester or something. 
Please look into it. Love ya!!!


So last tuesday we got a call from the Zone Leaders. They said there was going to be a missionary coming to stay with us for two weeks.
So we had to move everything around in our little apartment and put another bed in there.
Elder Fuertes arrive Wed. at noon. He is from Ecuador.....just like Elder Fernandez.
lets just say it is the same story...sadly.
Last week I did get him to do division with the bishop from barrio angeles, and we had an hermano Local, or a local missionary, to be with him this week.
UNTIL TODAY!!! The Zone Leader pulled me aside during soccer and said that elder fuertes has to be with me at all times. He cannot be with anyone else.
Lets just say, I want to come home now!!!
I don't know what to do. I didn't say anything to Pres in my interview with him on Sat. because I thought I was going to be with Elder Solomon.
Now things have changed.
I had a great birthday.
I did have a fever the night before and could not sleep so I got to say happy birthday to my self at 12.
My fever broke at 4 and I got 2 more hours of sleep.
In the night time the Familia Pastrana sang "Las Mayanitas" or Happy Birthday in spanish.
The tradition is to bite a piece of the cake and someone slams your face into it.
It was quiet pleasant.
The guy with the vine bottle is Hno. Pastrana. He is like Bruce lee and Jackie Chan mixed together.
There is no alcohol in the vine. He was just pretending.
Well, have to go to a meeting.
Love you all

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Elder Chadwick only wrote a short note to his dad this week. You will see it below.
He did mention on another short e-mail to me that he is feeling fine and doing well. He is struggling
with the new rules. I had mentioned to him about watching Elder Holland's CES talk and this was his response. Not sure what a "memoria" is.

I bought a new memoria and will try to watch it this week.
I can go on lds.org and Mormon.org now.
I also have been reading Jordan's blogs.
I loved the emails.
I don't really have anything to say this week.
Everything is really slow with the new rules.
But every night is Family Night here!!!

The new rules say they can't go into a home without a priest age or older male with them. They usually have to wait until school is out at three. That is why every night is FHE. They do a lot of their teaching then.
As for the rule about no street contacting, he didn't mention why. I will ask him again.

hey dad,
Everything is just peachy here. I am loving life.
We had a conference with pres. and he told us that he was not going to tell
us what to do with these new rules but that we had to go to the Lord with
faith to find the answers.
I am going to write Jordan today. Mom has commanded me to do so.
We don't have a lot of people to teach. We are helping an 8 year old prepare
for baptism.
I am excited to come home in 9 weeks. It seems so close.
Mom seems to be preparing me with sending me articles by Janice Kapp Perry.
I am not really excited to find a wife though. It is a tricky business,
I guess I should just not think about it until I get home.
I really want to return for the sealing of one of the families I baptized
in March.
Well, I hope you have a great week.
Elder Chadwick

Sunday, September 23, 2012

SEPTEMBER 17 POST with photos

This post is a week late.
I will be posting his letter to his dad and the one to me.
As you can read, they can barely work.
I'm not sure why right now but hopefully will find that out soon.
Keep him in your prayers.

To Daryl
Things are really hard right now. We can barely work.
It is true that we cant contact people in the street and we also cannot knock
We have alot of new standards in the mission.
It is going to be a slow ten weeks. But we are going to have a meeting with
Pres. Kusch tomorrow so things will be better I think.
My companion and I get along great. I am having a great time.
I am not ripped yet but we are training every morning with Hno. Ninja.
I hope you have a great time in Kansas. "Theres no place like home...."
Have a great day dad. Love ya
Elder Chadwick

Hey mom,
Things are getting really slow. We can't do a lot right now with all the new rules.
I don't know what to do right now.
Just imagine you are me.
You can't knock doors and you can't contact people on the street.
You also can't enter a house without a priest or someone that is 18 years old or older. Or 4 women.
The men work all day, the priest, if there are priest, are in school.
What would you do from 11 o'clock to 3 o'clock?
The new standards of the mission say that we have to have these numbers every week:
Baptisms and Confirmations: 1
With a baptism date: 15
In Sacrament meeting:10
With member: 50% or 15 lessons
References received: 25
References contacted: 25
New investigators: 20
Lessons in total: 30
I am not complaining... but there are not even 25 families in the ward that are active.
I know everything is possible with God on our side. But this is too much.
My opinion is in the next year they are going to close areas or missions.
When we told the Relief Society and Priesthood these numbers their heads lowered.
We asked them what they would do....they in turn asked us who put these new rules.
We just pointed up. I still believe that our leaders are inspired but I don't have alot of ideas what to do.
One of the things that did come to mind when I was showing these knew numbers to the Relief Society is:
We split the area into teams, 4 to 6 sisters to a team with one leader. Every week we meet with each team discussing the needs of each family, if they need anything and how they are doing with the mission work with there neighbors etc.
This last week we had two Mexican nights. It was fun to see the tradition they have here in Mexico.
I sang in on of the programs and was the master of ceremonies in the other.
I sang "Yo no fui" by Pedro Fernandez.
I had a blast and everyone got a laugh out of it.
I am working out in the morning with Hno. Ninja still. It is kind of embarrassing because I am not that flexible.
I hope that I can do the splits before I leave....hahaha.
Well, if I think of something I will write more.
Elder Chadwick
The two compadres!

Mr. M.C.

Elder Chadwick's Companion