Monday, March 28, 2011


Elder Chadwick with the Bishops daughter "She helped me with my Spanish"

Elder Chadwick with a view of his new area

Elder Chadwick and his new companion Elder Lemon from Roosevelt

Elder Chadwick and Elder Olvera. Elder Chadwick's words "Friends Forever"

This last week has been like the Indiana Jones ride. At first I was curious of what was going to happen before the week started. We got onto the ride (started the week) and things started moving.
On the 22nd Karina had her baby girl. She is so cute, we don't know her name yet because she doesn't have one. So we just call her babe.
Elder Olvera and I have been working with Tere for the past month. She is moving right along. Her daughter Liz just barely started getting into the lessons and goes to church and the Wednesday night activities. We had a great lesson with Liz on Friday. The Holy Ghost was definitely there and I challenged here to pray right then and there to know if the church was true. It took some effort but we I got her to pray by writing it down on a piece of paper. "Heavenly Father. What church is true? The Jehovah's Witness or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." Is how the prayer went. I asked her to think and ponder with her eyes closed after the prayer and let the Holy Ghost testify to her what was true.
(Every time we ask someone to pray I try to pray twice as hard to ask Heavenly Father to give them an answer and that the Holy Ghost will touch their hearts.)
We didn't get a straight answer from her after but we knew the Spirit had touched her heart. The next day we went to visit her and her mom again to see if they were going to church. Liz could not even look at us. This was an answer to me that she knew the church is true. Sometimes it is embarrassing to tell the missionaries that The Church of Jesus Christ is true. She didn't tell us but we knew because she came to church the next day with a little bit more light in her eyes.
We both knew the change was coming and so we worked harder then ever to find people this last week. One reference was a sister named Edith. She is jumping into the gospel and really wants to know everything before she is baptized. Yes, she did accept the baptism invitation but she does not have a set date. At the end of our second appointment with her we sang "I Need Thee Every Hour". The spirit was so strong, the children stopped playing outside and came into listen to us sing about our Savior. Music is indeed a prayer unto the Lord for those listening and to those who are singing.
On Saturday Elder Olvera and I found five new investigators. When I first started praying on peoples door steps it was kind of weird and awkward. But soon I got used to it and have a bigger smile on my face when I see peoples reactions when two young men want to pray on their door steps. Also, on Saturday we ate with the bishop. Before I gave the spiritual thought in exchange for the wonderful food he asked us if we could talk to Sacrament Meeting tomorrow. "For how long?" I asked. "Ten minutes" he replied. The look on my face had to be priceless because the bishop was almost on the floor laughing. I then asked him if he was serious and he said yes. I then gave a short spiritual thought and then said I would give a little bit longer one tomorrow. The talk was on members welcoming the investigators and new members into the church warmer. I got a laugh out of the the ward when I told them the story of bishops house. They all know I am working on my Spanish and this is my first area so it was good for all of us. After Sacrament Meeting everyone found out that I was leaving after church. A girl even started to cry. It was like my first farewell but without the food. I was sad to leave my new friends but I know I will see them again some day.
Elder Olvera and I are great friends. We will both miss each other. He is going to BYU a year after the Misson so I will probably see him there and we will teach together at the MTC. Sounds like a plan.
My new companion is....Elder Lemon! From Roosevelt Utah. He is like two weeks taller than me and we both play the clarinet and enjoy music. He has music and a CD player. So we listened to music yesterday and today and forever. I am excited. The area we are in is still in Acapulco and is call Jardin or Garden. It is literally right next to the ocean. We made are Spiritual Creation and we are going to have a great month in April. We are really excited for General Conference too.
Today we washed our own clothes which was different for me. In my last are we gave the clothes to a hermana to wash. The sisters house we washed our clothes at today made us a great breakfast. Eggs mixed with Cow Meat. (The Name Sounded like a dog) and this hot strawberry yogurt drink that we dipped fresh baked bread into. That is what is great about Mexico. People go around selling bread everyday. So all you have to do is call for them when you hear them because they yell pretty loud and they come to the your door step.

So that was my week. I am ready to start working with Elder Lemon. He is awesome and tall and he plays the clarinet too so that makes life better. Band Nerds Unite!!! Haha. Have an amazing week everyone. Hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Elder Chadwick

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Tribulations Are Like Rocks-We Either Stumble and Fall or Use Them as Stepping Stones to Progress.

Well, it didn't get better.
I tried.
I ended up calling the President last week because my companion just didn't want to be obedient.
President Spannaus talked to Elder Olvera and then talked to me again. President told me Elder Olvera wants to be better and does not want me to leave. So he asked me to try one more time and of course I said yes.
The next day President asked us to have a Companionship Inventory. So we did....I asked him what he thought about doing what the President said and changing and doing better as a companionship. Elder Olvera said that he really didn't want to change but would try to do better. He also told me the reason he was always walked twenty yards in front of me or not helping me with my Spanish the last two weeks was to annoy me. The result...we have no new investigators this week, the baptism did not work out and other things. We tried hard to find investigators but it just did not work. I tried my hardest, that I can say.
It was kind of embarrassing because on Thursday night my companion told me half way through planning that we were going on Exchanges the next day. I looked down at our schedule. We had nothing but one appointment. I was not prepared to knock on doors all day with a more experienced Elder. Knocking on doors is not the best way to have success...But I said I would do it any way. I will write about that day later in the email.
On Sunday night we plan for the week. I don't really know what to do to find new people as a new missionary and my companion didn't have a clue either. After throwing ideas back and forth we didn't really get anywhere. "ok, lets plan tomorrow" I said.
The plan was to go paint balling with the bishop and young men. I had a bad idea about this. On P days we are suppose to follow our regular schedule. I tried to explain this to my companion that if we followed what the Lord wanted us to do the day would go smoother. I told him about my feeling that we should not go paint balling. His response was he wanted to go paint balling and that was what he was going to do. He told me that I have time to study the other six days of the week and this is just one day out of the week and that I could go without. (And then the words of my mother came through my head "It is just a little bit a dog poop" See Editor's Note below for the explanation of this quote) I didn't want the dog poop. So I suggested again if we could just follow the Lords schedule and do what I wanted to do for once. He said no. We ended our planning kind of mad at each other. He said he wanted to go on the roof to be alone. I asked him to stay here because I had to be in sight and sound of my companion. He gave me that look. The you are stupid look, and walked off. He then came back and said "I think you need a new companion." The President had said that if it didn't work out to call him and he would make the switch. So I made the call. The President said he was surprised and I told him some of what happened. He talked to Elder Olvera and then to me again. He said he had a new companion for me but I would have to wait a week. I said that would be fine and that I would work my hardest the next week.
Monday came and we had a half hearted companionship study. We ended up waiting a extra hour to go down town to play paintball. My companion left me and hopped in a car with a member friend. We had just read the missionary handbook about staying with my companion at all times that morning and if he left I was suppose to call the mission president. The zone leaders where right there so I told them and they called and got after him. I rode in the back of the bishops truck and met my companion at the paint ball place and then it did not work out because the bishop did not make reservations. The good part was I taught my companion how to bowl and we played pool. We were rushed buying food and now I don't have much time to write. I had to beg my companion to get food before this because I was hungry. So yeah now I am here. I kind of have a headache.
It is true, not all missionaries act like this. On Friday Elder Mckay came to my area and he was my companion for twenty four hours. It was so much fun. We stopped by Olfelias house and we ended up giving her a blessing because she was sick. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had. I could tell that she was starting to feel better five minutes after. I know it was the power of God acting through us. Elder Mckay helped me with new ideas to find investigators and we talked about ways to handle situations and about everything the gospel has to offer us and the people we teach. It was one of the best days of my mission so far.
I know I am not alone. I know that I have alot of people out there and up there and around here. I have a testimony that there are angels helping me because I can feel them picking me up. I know I am doing the right thing. I am trying my hardest to be like Jesus and do what he would do. I am so happy to be on a mission and learn alot more about life and what is really out here. Thanks for all the support. I am learning alot and receiving alot of revelation through reading your letters and reading the Book of Mormon, praying and doing what I am suppose to do. I know if I do what is right I will be fine and the Lord will provide.

Elder Chadwick

P.S. I have not received the packages yet.

(Editor's Note: We had a story in FHE years ago that went something like this. Please remember that the graphic content of this story is because boys were involved. Apparently it worked as he still hasn't forgotten the lesson.
A father's children wanted to go to an R rated movie. He said no. They said, "there is only a little swearing and a little nudity. It's so little it won't hurt us." Well, the next day the father made some brownies for his children. They were so excited to eat the brownies. He did tell them that he put just a little dog poop in them but it would be okay it wouldn't hurt them. Well, they were disgusted and wouldn't touch them. The father then told them that this is like the R rated movie or the bad book or the pornography that they might view (or the little disobedience as above). There may be a little bad in them but that is the way Satan works. A little dog poop at a time and then you are used to it.)

Monday, March 14, 2011



Elder Johnson of the seventy came and spoke to us. It was on Faith. It got real deep. I could not understand some of it but that is ok. I still felt the spirit and that is what really matters. It was a multi zone thing so we all decided or they decided to take a bus and go to this restaurant. So when Elder Olvera and I got there there were like three tables full of missionaries and the food was kind of expensive. We pasted a buffet on our way into the restaurant. So I told my companion that I didn't want to eat here and that the buffet was better. I know the Spirit was guiding me on this one because I (the spirit) was right! I ended up eating alot of fruit and the best Alfredo since my Moms and Sister Robbs Alfredo. It was soooo good. It cost me 100 pesos. Which is not bad for all you can eat. I ate alot. It just so happened to be my companions birthday so we went and copied his licence and he ate for free. ha ha. It was funny. So we are going to eat there again next Monday for Elder Henendez´s birthday. lol. I am excited. I am saving pesos for the buffet every two weeks now. Got to love birthdays.
Oh! Now this is interesting. In Elders Quorum meeting. The Elders Quorum President had one of our Palabra de Sabidura pamphlets. Which is Word of Wisdom. He gave a brief introduction and then wrote: Coca Cola. On the board. I almost wet my pants from part laughter part surprise. You have to understand that the Coca Cola company owns like everything down here. The signs for the streets are made by Coca Cola and the tables, stores, chairs...EVERYTHING is Coca Cola. And all of priesthood meeting was devoted to, "Is Coca Cola against the Word of Wisdom?" ha ha. They asked me since I lived closest to the Prophet what I thought. I said we don't drink it in our family. Only for tummy aches. So the president of the Elders Quorum testified it was bad and that we should not drink it. It was quite the discussion. I liked it. What do you think? Is it against the Word of Wisdom to drink Coca Cola?
Elder Olvera and I are not really on good terms right now. I didn't want to tell you this but I am going to.
I sat back and watched how missionaries did things down here. If they obeyed the rules, if they did this or that. At zone conference Hermana Spannaus talked about 4 missionaries.
The first disobedient, went home early. Second, disobedient but stayed the whole mission. Third obedient and had success but was not changed. The 4th was obedient but that difference was the change of his heart and mind. I have the talk and have read it like five times. It basically says if I don't change my heart and get my head straight I will regret my mission for the rest of my life. I will show you article later.
Anyway, last night I decided to take action. Elder Olvera has asked me once or twice what I want to do. So I finally told him last night. I want to be the 4th missionary. I want to be exactly obedient. I want to raise my hand to all the questions Elder Johnson asks me about personal and companionship study etc;
The missionary handbook states that we are to follow our regular study schedule on P days. We have not been doing that. So I asked Elder Olvera if he wanted to do that. He said no. That he had other things planned. I asked him again if he would help me be the 4th missionary. He said no and that he did not care. He said he does not care about the rules. So this morning when he wanted to go out, I boldly told him that I have been commanded by two apostles, the first presidency and the Lord to be exactly obedient.
I showed him in spanish the page. He got mad and was laughing at me. He thinks it is a joke that I want to be exactly obedient mom. I could not believe it. He was yelling at me. So I asked him if he wanted to call President and ask him what he would do. Put our personal things before the Lord and what not. So he handed me the phone and slammed the door to our room. I called President and asked him if I was correct on this and he said yes. I didn't tell him the full situation this morning but I emailed him for counsel.
Mom, the missionaries down here are really disobedient. They don't listen to Elder Johnson. I am kind of troubled because of this. I sometimes don't know what is right or what is wrong because of the actions of other missionaries. I am an emotional wreck because I can't decide sometimes what to do or what to say. I finally had to stand up for what was right today. I really don't want to regret anything on my mission. I want to be the best I can be. The person who wrote the presentation on the 4th missionary said the if I change my heart and really want peace, diligence...etc. Then I can obtain them. The more I change the more I can obtain God like abilities. It is the easiest way he said. I want to do that. I want to be like God. I am sick of being average. I want to be better. Alot better. The missionary handbook says to live a higher law and that is what I am going to do. And it will take alot of prayer and faith. But I will do it. I am kind of scared and frustrated and excited and ready to do all that I can to become like THE ONE. Like Jesus Christ. I care and love my companion and am not doing this to hurt his feelings. It also says in the missionary handbook that the rules are for our spiritual and physical safety. I am worried about my companions, the people in the ward, my family and my own. That is all I have to say about that....I think I am really transforming.
Anyway, I know that through the help of the spirit and President Spannaus I can do this. So yeah, sorry for that but I could not really get it out any other way. I have talked to my Heavenly Father about it. So yeah...I have received alot of answers from the scriptures and the spirit. Anyway, I hope this doesn't effect you all to much but this is the biggest challenge I have faced in my life. I love it and hope it turns out for the best and I know it will because God has promised through the power of the priesthood. In my patriarchal blessing. So there you go. My feelings today.
Anyway, Everything is great down here. The work goes on. District meeting was great tonight. We came up with more ideas to invite the spirit into our appointments. We are going to have a baptism this week..maybe two if the reference I just received is legit.

We will see. So, tenga fe me amigos! (Have Faith)

Love Elder Chadwick



Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This last week as been an adventure.
15 days....That is how long it took to meet, teach, and baptize Karina. Wow! It is fantastic. Her mom and sister had alot to do with it.
The Baptismal Service was one of the most spiritual moments in my mission so far. Mari, her sister bore a really strong testimony and the spirit was sooooo strong. Karina is having a baby so we had to come up with with a way to baptize her. She had to squat down and it all worked out in the end. I was one of the witnesses. Testimony meeting was amazing. There was not a moment when some one was not at the pulpit. Their testimonies are very powerful. They are a very powerful people. They have one long bench on the stand and so everyone like jumped up there and it was a really good meeting. The bishops little daughter was soooo cute. ha ha. She is like 4or 5.

So last know your day is going to be hard when you pancake doesn't flip over correctly. ha ha. During companionship study I was only ten feet away from the bathroom and could not make it. I hate having bathroom issues. I hope they clear up soon. I am staying away from most hot things and overly loaded stuff. ha ha. They put everything on their pizza here. lol. Catsup and hot sauce and soy sauce. everything.

About Dad and his bad news from work. (Daryl is not allowed in Mexico because he is in the military) Not to alarm any of you out there but it is really happening. I have seen it. On Sunday night we were coming back from an appointment above our house. It was 9 o¨clock at night. We started heading down the hill and all the sudden there where all these army and police everywhere. Searching peoples cars and houses. Looking in garbage cans...the whole deal. For all you teenagers and kids that read or hear about this. The video game "Modern Warfare 2" is REAL! You may not see it in the United States but it is different down here. I encourage everyone to put down any video games that involve real live combat sequences. These men were looking for someone or something. They had M16s or other big guns. It is not a joke. The bad guys are really out there. Well, that is all I have to say about that. I am safe in Gods hands. I have priesthood power and the companionship of the Holy Ghost to direct my paths and actions. Elder Olvera and I watch each others backs at all times to keep each other safe.
It really calms the soul just to read the Book of Mormon. I love reading the old Ensign and Liahonas this old elder left. I am getting alot of quotes for my scripture journal. I love reading all I can. Especially in English. It calms me down. It seems we are going 110 mph every second of the day.

It is really hard to learn a different language. I pick up a new stuff everyday. People sometimes have to repeat things. I am getting good at laughing at everything, I just smile all the time and it helps. Elder Facer, he is Sydney Sumners cousin. He is from Orem. He is my zone leader and we had a long talk on Sunday about alot of stuff and it really helped.

We are having a huge conference on Thursday. Elder Johnson of the Seventy is speaking to us. Hopefully I receive my package then.

To explain more of where we were last p-day with the kissing sea lion, this member took us to the beach and then to see the divers. (normally 40 pesos) but he has connections. The sea lion was at a aquarium. It was 30 pesos. Half price because this member had a connection. ha ha. It was cool They had swimming pools and stuff there but we can't swim. oh well.

(editors note: I asked him about a pillow because we didn't send him with one.)
I used dads blanket as a pillow for a week or two and then bought one and got a refund from the mission office. I use a sheet and a pillow case. We buy water from the store down the street. It is not hard to find food because there are little stores everywhere. I love Yoli. It is like sprite. It is 6 pesos for 600 ml of pop. It is a good price. I get it twice a week. Usually the members have soda for Comida. I drink as much water as I can. I finally bought yogurt. It is sooooooooo good. It is cheap too. I only get like $140 USD and $1,600 MXN. (Tip of the day: local yogurt was recommended for him to eat to help with stomach issues.)

Eating mango with barbecue sauce or something. At least that's what it tasted like.