Tuesday, December 27, 2011


On Christmas Day, Elder Chadwick was able to talk to us for two hours. We had such a great visit with him and we were able to use Skype and be able to see him. He is wearing head phones here so he could hear us better.

We also talked to his companion who is coming home February 8th. We are so excited to go to his homecoming and hear about his mission.
Below are photos that we recently received and the e-mail from Monday. Short but that's okay since we talked to him so much on Sunday.

Thanks for the email Mom!
It was great talking to everyone yesterday.
We cleaned the house today and reorganized some things. It looks way better and there is more space. I am happy you taught me how to clean.....
I am lov'in life here in the mission. It is good to be in a great ward. I was talking to the bishops wife and she told me that it seems that I don't like people touching me....I guess that really is a problem that people can see. (Note to self: reduce personal space from 3 feet to 2 and a half.)
I am happy. I guess there are moments of happiness and moments I just want things to go faster or get done. I am working on the patient attribute.
I ate the rest of the lasagna that I made on Saturday it was really good. We ate at Hermana Patis house and she made this corn soup....I felt I was in a Mexican Olive Garden. Love it.
We used Hermana Patis computers yesterday, she also gave us ties for Christmas. I am wearing mine today. It is kind of Hypnotizing but I like it.
I will send another email that has photos.
Love ya

Basketball tourmament on P-day.
Elder Chadwick is always a sucker for a trophy.
Hawaiian haystacks made with cream of chicken soup sent from home.
Yup, he did it. Lasagna made in Mexico. Elder Chadwick loves noodles in any form but he likes this one the best.
Ward nativity. He didn't really understand what the devils were for. He said they were a part of it though.?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Editors Note: We all received short letters today. I will include them here. Some have the same information in them but you get the gist of what he was up to today.

To Stacie
thanks for the email sis. I am excited to talk to you too. It is going to be alittle shorter this time because president is tightening down on the rules. Just 45 minutes. I don't like that. Oh well. I will go and do as the Lord commanded....you now the drill.
Great job on your song. You should record yourself and send it to me. That would be great. I cant wait to see my star sister act and sing when I get back.
Well, have to go. Love ya
Elder Chadwick

To Jordan
Well, this blind man came to our ward Christmas night and we were showing him around the church and got to the piano. He sat down and started jamming out. He has three hours of music memorized. WOW. His mom says he can read music. I am still trying to figure that one out.
I am ready for Christmas. Today we had a basketball tournament and my team took second. We won new jerseys and a trophy. It was pretty cool. I am going to try to find a computer to hook my memory card into because I forgot my cord.
The weather here is simply amazing. Just a little wind all day and it is not extremely hot. Just Perfect. hope you have a great Christmas.
Elder Chadwick

To his Dad
My week was great but nothing compared to the last week that is true. We did watch a blind man play the piano. A miracle. Loved that. He has three hours of music memorized and can read music some how. He also swims professionally.
I love the weather here. It is just like the fall or spring without the rain. Not to hot and not to cold. Just right. Love it.
Love ya
Elder Chadwick

To Mom
Sorry, you will have to read Jordan, dad, and Stacie's email. The Internet was not working. I only have 45 minutes to talk on Sunday. I will call you before the Christmas dinner.
I will call you, just be ready. Anyway, between 2 and 3 thirty.
I am fine. Just a stuffy nose for the last week. We will talk more about that adventure on Sunday.
Today we had a basketball tournament and my team took second. We won new Jerseys and a trophy. I am going to try to send a photo but I left my cord at home. We then went to the privada and asked if we could use hermana patis kitchen and they ended up buying KFC for us.
I have to go to district meeting now.
Love ya.
Elder Chadwick

Monday, December 12, 2011


Beautiful Stained Glass
Earthquake damage to the church.

Wall Mural
My first week in Chipangcingo we visited a elderly couple up on their hill. They hadn't gone to church in two or three months. We asked why and they told us it was because they were visiting his brother Thomas that was sick with cancer in Acapulco every Sunday. We challenged them to read more of the Book of Mormon and to continue praying. End of visit.
9 Dec 2011
Wake up ready for a great day ahead of me. Service project with the whole zone. This means we “have the privilege” of wearing street clothes almost all day. I slip on my jeans, stripling warrior superman shirt and am ready to go. We leave at 7:30 to take two vans over to the other side of Chipo. We arrive at the church and then go with the other twenty elders and four sisters to a park to do service. The tools were not there yet so we started to play a huge game of Hacky Sack. At about 10:30, and hour and a half hour later, the bishop calls. I stopped playing my elementary school game and step back into real life. “You two need to go give a blessing to a man that is dying.” The bishop told us. “ok” Elder Johansen said. We started to look for a taxi to get there as quick as possible. The bishop forgot to give Elder Johansen the name and address, being the great mouse detective that I am I said lets go find a pay phone first, so we found a pay phone and got that info.

After about a 25 minute ride through the maze of Chipancingo, over the hill and through some dust we arrived. Hopped out and a hermana was outside waiting for us. She pointed behind us and right when we turned around it hit us both who we were really visiting. We started power walking up the dirt road and reached the wooden home. “¡Buenas Tardes!” we yelled. We tried twice. Stubbling throught the door the hermana appeared. “Pasenle.”(come in or pass) She said. We enter….

We hear the hermanos voice. “ya afeicio” (just died). So in the moment we get to the house he dies. Interesting. We get into the house and I don’t see anyone lying down on a bed sick. In the back of the front room a door swings open and I see the hermano in the bathroom with plastic gloves on. He moves to the side and I see these twig like legs. I move closer to the door, it finally hits the hermana that she has a dead man in her house and she starts screaming frantically. I offer her a hand and tell her to calm down. (Nicely). I took a deep breath and told my self to man up. I asked for plastic gloves, put them on and jump up the step into the bathroom.

Now seeing all the dead man. His stomach didn't look like he had one. I could see his rib cage, my eyes moved up to his face he has a cancer beard. Basically looks like rocks with red holes. He is slumped down in this goblit like chair. They had been bathing him to get the blood of his chest. The smell was horrible. Later I found out it was the medicine they were using to clean him. A prep for death. We were moving fast now, drying him off. The hermana was back in, helping put his pants on. His head rolling around the back of the chair, mouth wide open. Next the shirt. The hermana had an easy time with the left arm but I could not seem to get the right one through the whole. (It was good practice for my future children.) Finally he was dressed. We went out of the bathroom and right outside. Hermana wanted to bring him out and place him on the ground.

I found what was once this mans bed, taking off the blankets I found an old sleeping bag. I take it off the wood and mattress and lay it on the ground. Elder Johansen straightened it out. Going back into the bathroom I discussed with dead mans brother how we should carry him out. I suggested lifting up the chair. It didn’t fit through the door. We sat him back down and I suggested to carry him like a baby but Elder Johansen took the inititive and grabbed his legs. The hermana grabbing under the right arm pit, me on the left. Hermano could not fit through the door so I grabbed hold of the other arm pit too. We get out the bath room and I look down just as the mans head drops back and his eyes lids open. I could see his glazed eyes rolling back. We get through the door and position ourselves to lay him down. First the feet then his mid section, putting my hand under his head like a baby I lay him down. The Hermana is frantically running around to find something to cover up the body. She finally comes out with a rainbow bed sheet. Elder Johansen helps her put it over the body.

We discuss with the dead mans brother what we could do and he said to say a prayer. So we all gathered around in the living room and calming the hermana down I said a prayer. We then left and went on with our day.


We cut our language study short to go the funeral at 11. We walk again up the dusty road to the house. When we arrive everyone is eating soup. We move through the house to where we laid the man down the day before. He was then in a, what seemed to be a cardboard casket, maybe it wasn’t. It was black and gray, a box with a pyramid like thing. There was a 3 inch by 3 feet plastic cover to look in to see him. He was still in the same clothes and the rainbow sheet was still over him. We then asked if there was anything we could do. They in turn, asked a question , would you like to eat lunch? Are you hungry? So we ate soup and then left. Nothing else to do there.

That night after having a Joseph Smith and John Tanner movie night with the family of Victor we went to the privada to eat dinner with Hermano Jose. I had a feeling we should talk to the bishop so we knocked on the door and were invited in. Sitting down we started telling the story of the dead man in the bathroom. All of a sudden the room started to shake a little. I thought it was just a huge truck passing by. Then the next thought I had was that we were in the privada, no trucks pass here.

The bishop then hops up and starts yelling “FUERA” really loud. It gets worse. Elder Johansen and I are trying to look for safe spots like they taught us in elementary school but the bishop insisted really loudly we get out of the house. I climb up the stairs and walk past the table my hand guiding me to the kitchen. I reach the kitchen door when the lights go out. The walls start swaying back and forth. I get through the back door and think about what would Dad do in this situation. Elder Johansen calls my name in front of me and I run to join the group in-between two houses.

After the earthquake everyone was trying to make calls to family members and friends. I have heard a lot of stories from members that were in JC PENNY and in the movie theatre.

I am just happy to be alive. Apparently it was the biggest earthquake since 1985. What an amazing weekend it was. We are now awaiting the after shock…if there is one. A hermana in church got really emotional over the pulpit and started declaring repentance. It was the topic of the day.

Other than that I did divisions with Elder Hancock, he plays receiver for Air Force. Yeah, I didn’t enjoy doing exercise next to him. WOW. We found a lot of people this last week and are really this area is really progressing.

Btw, Happy Guadalupe day.

Love Elder Chadwick

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Editor's note: We will get to skype with Elder Chadwick for 45 minutes on Christmas day.

Cool Building
Mexican Flag
Huge Christmas tree with Coca Cola ornaments
Chadwick Nook for studying. Note the hammock rope above study area
Here are the pictures of the week, well today. The picture of my study area is cool. The Chadwick Nook.
Anyway, I was laying in bed one night thinking about how I came to know Christ. And this popped into my mind like Twilight bit Stephenie Meyer in the neck.
(Btw, this is all ya alls Christmas present. My present to the world, not as cool as the First Presidency but it is personal and from my heart.)

Spotlighting Christ
By Elder Daryl James Chadwick

Black dark stage of the mind

Waiting for illumination

From One everyone can find

If we give Him our imagination

One spotlight from above

Reveals His robe of Glory

Light cascades down like a dove

Parts of His life we see more fully

Two more radiant beams

The feet of a Prince appear

Holes taking the gleam

Ones fear starts to disappear

His hands, how grand

Rough from creating a kingdom

That is part of Fathers plan

Taking in heaven a commanders podium

The voice of racing waters

Everything staying still

Awaiting a simple utter from the Masters

A beard white as snow

The hair restored

At the meridian of time

Our faith starts to grow

As we wipe of the grime from our eyes

The stage almost a light

Caught on the edge of our seats

All coming in so bright

Tonight nothing to eat

Just feasting on the Light

Clearing the Cerebrum

Downloading the image of Christ

What a great Celebration

A seed of desire is planted

To be like Him

Who was dead, now resurrected

Allowing us to obtain this premium

Now to become like Jesus

Our mind starts to ponder

How to fix this mortal crisis

I know, through His Atoning Power

Let us apply this to our lives

Stepping in His sandals

Winning the Prize

Lighting all the Candles

This is spotlighting Christ

Doing what He would do

Paying the price

We are part of His Eternal Crew

This week was great. We watched the broadcast yesterday night. It was fantastic.

I love the new videos.

Sorry there is not much this week.

I was emailing my Brother.

Learned alot.

Everything is preach bright.

Internet time was great because they played a remix of a Jack Johnson song.

yeah, Elder Robb would be jealous.

Love you all

Elder Chadwick

Monday, November 28, 2011


So Wednesday night we had Priesthood counsel meeting. We went through all of our investigators and their info and then we talked about Sara. Fransico and her have a kid and he lives with her. He is a member, she is not. Supposedly Hermano Lasero called him during the meeting to set up a meeting to get them married. He didn't hear very well because we showed up at his house and he was not expecting to get married. Well, he said why not and off we went to Zupango to get them hitched. It was quite the adventure. While we were waiting all these ladies in pink shirts were parading down the road. Like thousands of them. Apparently they are fighting and parading against Violence Against Ladies. Very interesting.
Anyway, Elder Ramos and I were on divisions together and we met her at the church and taught her everything except the Plan of Salvation. A day later Elder Johansen and one of the Zone Leader went and taught her the Plan and then interviewed her. Saturday at 12:30 she was baptized. On Sunday I confirmed her a member of the church and gave her the Holy Ghost. That was a first for me. You get to the blessing part and your head just goes blank. But it came and we all felt the spirit. So that is what happened. In four days, we met, taught and confirmed Sara. That, my friends is a record, but anything is possible with the Godhead on our side.

I also played the piano for the primary program. That was really fun. Victor, Milta and their kids, Victor and Danaya came and are going to make great members of the church. We ran into them 9 days ago and now they are reading the Book of Mormon, saying prayer over the food as a family and starting to have family home evening. On Sunday Victor Sr. even asked the bishop for the Conference issue of the Liahona. The bishop invited them to a huge Colixco family night. We got to their house at 6:55 and it started at 7. They were just starting to eat, they invited us to tacos. We happily accepted. They said they were not ready to go and didn't want to be late.
(of course we knew that every Mormon runs on Mormon time even in Mexico.) But we still insisted for them to get ready and come. We arrived in the Privada just ten minutes before it started.
At the house we gave a Book of Mormon to each of them. During the family home evening we did an activity that used the Scriptures and they were all marking their new copies of the book of Mormon. We had Hot Chocolate after with bread. It was good. I sat with the bishop and Victor and his wife. Chatting about forever families. The best part was the bishop saying, "You are going to make a great Mormon family." They smiled at that compliment. I really want to extend my mission to see this family sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. They are getting baptized for sure in two weeks. There is nothing stopping it. It is something that I just know.
My area is fantastic. I love it. There are a lot of hills but the Little Vans take us were we need to go for 20 cents each.
As for my companion. His name is Elder Steven Cory Johansen. He is taller then I am. He is going home to Sanpete or Manti Utah in Feb. He is really humble and says thank you alot and always asked everyone if they need help. He exercises to this Celtic Music that makes me want to do a jig. Kind of funny. He has the Primary Color Cd's which is great. He loves to sing and is going to Snow College when he arrives back in the US. He plays the bass guitar and loves to find shiny things. We plan on singing on Christmas Sunday. We are going to arrange a cool number that will really bring the spirit in.
We planned for the month yesterday and have a goal to baptize four in December. We are also going to find 100 new Investigators in the next month. That is a new mission standard. 25 a week. 1200 first lessons in the next year, at least. That is alot of pamphlets.
So Jordan says I am chubby....I stepped on the scale and I have gained 15 pounds on the mission. I weigh 160 pounds now. I am trying to work it off but I eat to good here. Every time we step into a house we are eating it seems like. Hermana Pati always feeds us a little tub of Ice Cream each time we eat with her. She has a great family. Her little girl is so cute.
Anyway, I am happy and love the ward. We have such a good support system here.
I didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving last Thursday. But I remember eating good.
Love ya all.
Elder Chadwick

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Alfredo in Mexico. We sent him Alfredo packets and spaghetti because he loves it so much.
Elder Chadwick and kids from San Jeronimito his last area.
New apartment upstairs
New apartment main floor
New apartment kitchen. Two Fridges?
With new companion Elder Johansen holding the sign.
I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!!
Being Goofy with kids in SJ one last time.
Members in SJ before he left.

Hi family and friends,
This week was awesome. I had a 8 hour ride to Chilpancingo. Elder Johansen is my new companion. He was my old district leader in Ziaut when I arrived there. I had to do some clean up and then we really worked hard. Tripling the numbers he had last week.

The members here are awesome. The family of the bishop is huge and is half the ward.

The food is great here and I love having people who know their responsibilities and ours as missionaries. Hermana Pati fed us on Wednesday, three hamburgers each!! She had prepared to feed us six each.

Here is the thing though, they eat a lot of insects here. We met a member who has his own tortillaria. He had a bag of Mils. Little buggys. They really had a kick to them and a bad after taste.

Then yesterday we eat with Hermana Belinda and her family. (When I say family I mean Mom, sisters, brothers, everyone.) Here we are eating happily and then every one starts flipping out. Then one of the Hermanas threw a bag of grass hoppers on the table. Then it got louder because Elder Chadwick was new to the insect club. Yes, I put a little lemon on it, closed my eyes and popped her in there. Actually it was a he, Freddy, crunchy little bugger.

Saturday after getting rejected from a man two floors up we talked to a man named Victor. He invited us in because his ten year old sons had some questions. One of them being, “Why the heck are we Catholic?” and “If God made man then who made God?” We said we could not answer the one about God but we would answer the Catholic one. We then taught him and his dad to pray. He did not know that he could talk directly to God. He then yelled for the rest of his family to come listen. His 7 year old daughter and wife came toward the end. They had a lot of good questions and had noticed how nice we look on Sundays and that we have good discipline.

Everything is better here. Even the Internet is faster and cheaper. The food is better and cheaper also.

The bishop is really on fire and we meet with him every Wednesday and the mission leader every Monday after our meeting.

This weekend was Young Adult Conference. Let me just say I enjoyed having a full conversation with my friends from my first two areas. I had lunch with at least one person with each of my areas.

I wrote the Gonzalez family a letter and gave it to Adi to give to them.

The Elders are really great here too. They actually wanted to play ball and for a good amount of time. It was fun. We are probably going to WALMART!!!! After Internet.

Don’t worry about the dead bodies. I have not seen any of them yet. We are always in the house before 9. (Editors note: we googled his new area and came up with a bunch of dead body pictures. Not fun!)
So dinner last night. We ate with a Professional Mexican Basketball player. How cool is that? He is the captain and they don't make as much but it is a lot for playing 6 games a week or something like that.

It was hilarious to hear everyone talking about the Twilight movie and how bad or good it was. All week the ward was talking about Vampires and Wolves. So what did I decide to do....Talk about wolves in my talk. The bishop asked me to give a 8 minute talk on Missionary Work. So I prepared the story that Greg Mitchell used in his homecoming. The one about the Pueblo with the fire and wolves. How we have to spread the fire! It really had an effect on the members because there is a huge FIRE here.

I am happy and ready for Christmas. The whole zone is going to do a service project on Dec. 24. That is the Mexican Christmas. Apparently Santa Claus has to split up the world in sections. ha ha.
That is about it.
Love all of you, have a great week!
Elder Chadwick
P.S. My companion has the Best Two years cd and I am addicted.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Tuesday 11-8-11
The night before the rest of the Zone came down to Ziuat, 4 elders slept over at our house in SJ. Two of them were Mexicans. Mexicans are really more comfortable around each other I notice. More hugging and kissing then in the US. (Well, mostly the ladies do the kiss and greet.)
I find it hilarious to see the face of the other elders when I only add water to my pancake mix and it tastes better then their mothers pancakes.
We woke up at 5:30 to get to Ziuat for b-fast at 7:30. Oh, almost forgot. Elder Nelson and I brought everyone to Lalos Burger the night before and so we now get a discount. 30 pesos por uno hawaiana! Delisious. Wish the boss would have done that a month ago. It is a tradtion we have to go to hamburgers every Monday.
Back to Zone Conference. I played prelude and lead the music like always. I am getting better at regular hymns.
ZC started out with President Spannaus laying down the law. He drew a man on the board and put a box around him. Inside of the box is law, outside sin. That was before the mission, now the box is tighter. The laws have changed and so will we he said. He put a curve on the side of the smaller box and said sometimes we interpret the laws in our own way, well when we get back we will do the same thing if we keep doing it that way. Then the law seems to expand to a bubble but it is really the sin that is shrinking. When we live Gods law we can become free. One thing I learned from reading "Jesus the Christ" is Happiness never calls for repentance. I like that. No one likes to repent. I know we have to, but let us do it less. Sometimes we think we are happy when we are only pleasing ourselves for a moment. (Please read "Pleasure versus Happiness" Pg. 247 in "Jesus the Christ")
We learned from the APs that all the missions goals are weak.
So they put out a mission standard.
For every week each companionship needs: 1 Baptism, 15 with date, 5 in Sacrament meeting, 25 lessons, 8 of 25 with member, and 25 new invest. WOW! those are High Standards!
Only one companionship completed on of those last week. We were close with 20 new investsigators.
Hermana Spannaus talked about Desire. She used alot from Elder Oaks talk about desire. We each received a paper that read. "My greatest desire in the mission right now is_____."
Lets just say my desires have changed a bit since ZC.
President Spannaus was up again and talked about discipleship. I loved this.
He asked, " How do you know that you love Jesus Christ? ( John 14:5, Deut 5:10, D&C 42:29)
How do you know if you are a disciple? ( john 13: 34-35; 8:31-32 D&C 41:5; 103: 27-28; 50:26; 45:32)
Do you really know the Savior? How? (John 7:17; 21:15; 1 john 2:3, Mosiah 4: 11-12, 16 D&C 50:24, Mosiah 5:13)
If we really love Him we keep his commandments and learn to be like Him.
We constantly have to evaluate our lives and try to become more like Him.
Everything is stacked in our favor to become like him and enjoy real freedom and happiness.
Last was Testimonies. My Favorite part. Some missionaries have some extreme experiences and conversion stories.
One of them was like mine. (I really felt the spirit while he was talking) I love hearing others stories and testimonies so I don't feel alone or crazy with things that will happen or have happened to me.
And that was ZC.
Interesting day. We ran into five people that speak English. It was nice to chat with them for a bit and help them speak better.
I found this place in Peta that sells tortas. SO GOOD! Every time we go there I buy one. Ham, Hot dog, string cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and mayonnaise, GRILLED! YUM! Only 16 pesos, what a steal of a deal!
Elder Nelson bought food from the Super Precio and a girl who worked there asked if I spoke Spanish. I said yes and the conversation continued. She was baptized in the ocean 4 years ago. And I committed her to go to church and read the BofM.
I had the Himnos CDs burned with extra money I had and now we have more music and I can memorize all the Spanish hymns.
Hermana Gonzalez made us Chocolate banana smoothies. YUM! I am really going to miss this family like I have said before. They always make me smile. Andrea always has something to say and is really good at making fun of me for a 9 year old girl. I said," Andrea can't read still" and she said " and Elder Chadwick can't lose weight!" Ouch, but I deserved it. I am definately coming back to visit them.
While getting ready this morning I was eat Trix and notice I didn't have my name tag on. All the sudden I felt naked so I left my Trix to go soggy and ran and got my name tag.
In personal study today I was reading Ch. 4 of PMG about he Holy Ghost. The activity said to read the heading of Acts, so I did.
I came across the heading of ch 7 and found that Stephen names Moses a prototype of Christ. What is that suppose to mean?
What is a Prototype? It is a first or rough draft of the final product.
Moses had to be hidden when he was born. He was prince for a time. Was cast out. Saw God. Did many miracles but people did not believe. Freed people from slavery. Spent 40 days with God. Fasted for 40 days.
Jesus did most of the same things. I am still studying this. I love it. Both Moses and Jesus are the most talked of people today and throughout history.
Friday 11-11-11-11-11
How cool is that? did you look at the clock at 11:11 on 11-11-11? Just wondering. (have to type faster no time these days)
Interview in Ziaut. Sat by 90 year old man that could not stop talking to me, smelled like pee and didn't know where he was on the bus ride home. It was entertaining and I helped him out and now I have a new friend.
Elder Nelson taught me how to juggle a soccer ball. Now I have a new cardio workout.
Here is a poem I really like. President Spannaus gave it to us. I am a Disciple of Christ.
The Fellowship of the Unashamed
I am a part of the fellowship of the Unashamed.
I have the Holy Spirit Power. The die has been cast.
I have stepped over the line. The decision has been made. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.
I won't look back, let up, slow down, back away, or be still.
My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, and my future is secure.
I am finished and done with low living, sight walking, small planning, smooth knees, colorless dreams, tame visions, mundane talking, chintzy giving, and dwarfed goals.
I no longer need preeminence, prosperity, position, promotions, plaudits, or popularity.
I don’t have to be right, first, tops, recognized, praised, regarded, or rewarded.
I now live by presence, learn by faith, love by patience, lift by prayer and labor by power.
My pace is set, my gait is fast, my goal is Heaven, my road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions few, my Guide is reliable, my mission is clear.
I cannot be bought, compromised, deterred, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed.
I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity.
I won’t give up, back up, let up, or shut up until I've preached up, prayed up, paid up, stored up, and stayed up for the cause of Christ.
I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.
I must go until He returns, give until I drop, preach until all know, and work until He comes.
And when He comes to get His own, He will have no problem recognizing me.
My colors will be clear for "I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation everyone who believes." (Romans 1:16)

Hope you like it.
Well I am getting transferred to Chilpancingo.
The area is called Airport. How cool is that?
I will send pictures next week.
Love you all.
Bye bye SJ Hello Chipo.
Not looking forward to six hours on bus but that is ok.
Love ya alll
Elder Chadwick


EDITORS NOTE: The last two weeks have been hard ones for Elder Chadwick. They did have much success but that also came with much tribulation. Some of the members were spreading rumors about the missionaries and things were not good.
November 7th
Here is the Sitch!
This week was just fantastic with more rumors going around about us but have no fear testimony meeting saved the day. Hermano Gonzalez and his wife bore their testimonies and gave a short talk about loving the missionaries. It was great. The look of our accusers faces was priceless. I know Heavenly Father is watching over us and that it doesn't matter what the whole world says God always knows if we are doing the right thing.
We found 20 new investigators this week and are ready to rock and roll this week to prepare them for the incoming missionaries.
President Spannaus is probably going to take us both out because of this rumor thing. (Which was not true and we had evidence and witnesses.) The sad thing is that many people are going to miss Elder Nelson and I after we leave. We got everyone in the Branch reading the Book of Mormon. Every family has at least one person in 2 Nephi. It is just great. Satan is at work here though. Looks like the Governor does not like our church because he shut off our water and we have not had Internet in the church for three months. They are charging the church twice or three times more then the regular average joe. Not good Governor man.
The food is getting better, took a little work to teach some of the Hermanas to cook us food but we did it and now eat hot dogs and spaghetti at least twice a week. I am back to being spoiled again...this time with more then one mother. ha ha.
Since G man turned off the water we had nothing to flush the toilets with at church yesterday. Well, the ladies and gentlemen could not hold it so it smells like an out house on holy ground. Not good. So Zone Conference will not be in SJ this week. There goes our record. I have been here for three zone conferences....they are three months apart. lets just say its time to go.
I don't have any wishes for Christmas this year. Just Christmas cards from all who read this blog with a letter about what is going on with all the families and friends.
We should receive the Conference Liahona tomorrow which will be exciting. I always love zone conference and the spirit that comes with it. At the end of every ZC there is a mini testimony meeting. That is one of my favorite parts. The missionaries going home always give their testimonies.
We played basketball today for two hours, went home and now the whole zone wants to play volleyball at the beach. Not happening for this pair of stripling warriors. We ate three packs of spaghetti after we balled it up and then came here to Internet.
It cost 80 cents and hours.
Well, happy 7 de November.
Love Elder Chadwick

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'M SICK! (read with plugged nose sound)

Things he is already taking to keep parasites and other bugs at bay.

Sorry there is not much this week. I had a sore throat, runny nose and cough all week and so it was really hard to go out and work. I went to the doctor and she gave me some meds. And yes I am using the essential oils. Here are some pictures to make up for it.
(Editor's note: above is the first e-mail I received today. Needless to say I was a bit put out. I wondered if he would get on later so I wrote him a little note saying that I know that couldn't be all and that I'm sure he was working even though he felt sick. I know my kid. After the photo is the response to my note.)

The photo says it all.

Of course we did more then sleep. I am like superelderchadwick man here. I was sick but you know me, I can't stay inside for long and so we did work.
We went to Peta to teach Silvino. His Catholic friend ended up showing up and battling with us. It was not a battle at the start and then he started talking about apostolic lineage and then I got all Apostasy in there and he wanted us only to use the New Testament to answer things and would not even let me use a pamphlet to show him a photo. He got pretty mad at he end and Silvino ended up calling him a Anti Christ. Spirit was not there. After Catholic man left we calmed it down a bit and challenged Silvino to pray and ask God what was true. After we finished we were on our way out from his store where we teach him and he said "When you leave, what am I going to do?" my response "Preach the Gospel to Peta and be a missionary like Paul and Enos." He was really excited about that. He ended up not going to church though.
We ended up teaching a man and his father. They were ok until the end and then they exploded on us saying "you cant come in here being all racist and telling us your white church only has the priesthood power." Ouch, right? Well, we still know it is true and that their God is white too. Which they did mention.
Went and helped Hermana Reyes clean her yard and make corn cakes. They were really yummy. Also we found out that Jose, one of the teens in the ward, up and left for Puebla and didn't tell us. We are teaching his mom and sister and he would have been the key this month to their baptism. Oh well.
Called in sick and went to see a doctor in Zihaut that looked like a pregnant Angalina Jolie. The check up only cost 3 bucks. I think the drugs she gave me made it worse so I am going to see what is going to happen. We also had family night and got everyone excited about reading the book of Mormon again. Treasure, Gold Plates, Wars, the Book of Mormon. that's the stitch.
Took a nap because I am sick and was coughing up a lung.
Gave a talk in Church about Work and Personal Responsibility. Without scriptures and papers. Boo ya
Got online and saw dead squirrels and things....I thought the Missionary Email Security would pig up that PG 15 stuff.....apparently not. (Editor's note: Jordan and his dad went hunting. Jordan killed a few squirrels and we sent the photos to Elder Chadwick)

I got the package. The Primary loves the new book of pictures. I will send pictures of us and the Gonzalez Family eating Spaghetti with Alfredo next week. (It is on my comps camera) (Editor's Note: I sent packaged Alfredo sauce packets and spaghetti because Elder Chadwick LOVES noodles and I don't think he gets them too often down there.)
I am getting fatter everyday. I guess it is showing because that is what everyone is talking about.
Well, That is all.
Love every ones guts.....even the squirrels...poor thing.
Elder Chadwick

Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Family and Everyone,
I am sorry to say that it was just another great week in Mexico!! I have to apologize for leaving out a few details about my birthday. For lunch we had armadillo, yes, the little animal that curls up into a ball. Hermana Fabiana's husband had a great time sharing with us the details of the catch. He works in the field chopping things with his machete and stumbled across Jesus. (That is what he ended up naming him) I was pretty excited about the story that he told us so I listened with really intent. I hope you enjoy it too. :)
"Pues, you have to pick up the ball and the only skin that is showing is the butt, so what you have to do is stick your finger up there and that little guy will straighten right out." he explained. Of course they killed it with a knife after he brought it home. It tasted really good in the soup she made with it. "Armadillo tomato soup...possibilities" (Theme music from Campbells tomato soup commercial)
What and experience, right? (Pictures of shell to come next week)
The interview with President Spannaus was great! We talked about where I am in the Book of Mormon and how I can strengthen my Priesthood power by using it more everyday. It is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the more stronger it becomes.

We had four people come to church yesterday! 3 of them were a surprise. We were not expecting them to come. Silvino, a man from Peta, about thirty minutes from SJ (San Jeronimito) came and was the highlight of both Principals of the Gospel and Priesthood. He has a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon than most of the members. He was so excited to have another Bible to read and share with the world. He will be a great missionary! LOVE IT!

Guess WHAT?!!! So you know how we have 9 five gallon water bottles that we have to fill up....well I only have one. (I am not a camel yet) I don't even have to leave the house to fill it up. All I do is put it in the door way of my house and start studying. About an hour later I hear "¡Agua!" and I skip to the door, hand the man 7 pesos and he hands be a brand new 8 gallon bottle with fresh Mexico water in it. How cool is that? (Sorry siblings, I feel so bad for you.....not.) hahaha
Livin' the Life!

I guess they are having super saturday this weekend and the dance is first thing in the morning. Interesting.
Anyway, here is my birthday shout out to my flacito hermano Jordan! Happy BIRTHDAY! "One year older and still younger then me, happy birthday, to you!" Age before muscles right? I think that is what Brother Draper said. Maybe it was age before beauty....

So we officially have a Mommita!!! Oh YEAH!!! I asked President Spannaus for one because I am sick of eating just beans, eggs and cheese. So Hermana Gonzalez is now the official mommita and we eat dinner at her house three nights a week. We have trained her well and she is making some American food. Toasted Cheese is the best!! So we pay her 200 pesos a week and then she buys and cooks for us. Love it!! Her family is the best. We were eating and we both got full on sandwiches and so there was one for each of her kids. It was a great sight to see them all saying there own prayers. Even Junior, he is 5, was saying a good long prayer. This was a good example and a reminder to me that prayer is really important even when you have one sandwich to eat. (Mom, I am going to save up after the mission so I can take this family on one of our adventures, to a hotel and the beach or something. They just don't get the opportunity like we do. I just love this family, and the parents need a little break from the kids.)

So today is my 11 month mark, I need to find a couple or family to baptize so I can go to the temple before I leave Mexico. I am really praying that the Lord will guide me to them or them to me. It is like hunting deer but it is not about killing it is about saving souls. (That goes out to all the poor little deer my brother and dad are trying to kill this weekend.)

I read a lot about Paul this last week. What a guy, right? He is now in the top five. 1. Heavenly Father 2. Jesus Christ 3. Joseph Smith 4. Abinidi 5 Paul 6 My Mother.....okay, I was kind of joking about the last one but my mom is like a revelation receiver. Forget the third eye on the back of her head, she has like this antenna that we cant see. I have learned to follow moms revelations. Thanks mom.

Well, that's a rap from Elder Chadwick.
love ya!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011


This last week Elder Nelson and I challenged the whole branch to read the Book of Mormon with us by the end of the year. I am excited to see what happens. There are alot of members excited about this, we did included a little prize if they completed it. Some church DVDs or a new triple. Some members on the other hand say they do not have time and think that no one will do it. They always compare themselves to us in the US. "You have a temple 15 min. away " and so on. I told him I had a busy life throughout high school and still found time every day to read scriptures with my family. We will see how it goes.
So we were tracting in Palos Blancos and we ran into this lady. Evangelica. Her brother got deported back to Mexico from the U.S. because of some mental problems. So we were like "where is he?" and she pointed to this brick house. "He lives there, it looks abandoned" I said.
We went over and this bearded man was seated on the ground, his nails were long and there was a lock on the door. He didn't really respond to us. It was one of those times when I wanted to bless him and so his schizophrenia would be gone but I was afraid it wouldn't work. Oh me of little faith.
We will see what happens. That same day we found a couple that lived in Utah and had some great experiences with the missionaries there and want to hear alot more. I am excited to teach them. There is alot going on here and I am still loving it more then ever.
The branch is growing one soul at a time. Interviews are tomorrow. We will see how it goes...
love Elder Chadwick

Elder Chadwick's letter to his Dad
Thanks for the email dad. It is always great to hear from you. I miss you alot. I wish you could be out here to see some of the crazy things in Mexico. I guess the US gave a couple helicopters to Mexico and they have really tightened up security here. We see them searching and flying by every day. I am used to it, but it is a different thing to the people here.
I am enjoying my time here and love the people still. I will have 7 months here in Nov. and complete a year in the mission. What exactly do you do for your new job? can you give me the details please. Thank you. That is cool that you get to chill with mom today.
Well, like Elder Holland said, this is a war out here. Temporal and spiritual. It all starts in the home of every family. It is sad how the father or mother can tear apart a family when making stupid decisions. It saddens me to see men treat lady's or their wife with disrespect. Sometimes I just want to smack them in the face with my scripture bag and say "Now that is scripture power" but you know that that would not be right. I just get mad inside and focus my energy on something Heavenly.
Well, I have to email mom so I will talk to you later.
Love Elder Chadwick

Monday, October 3, 2011


What an amazing weekend. I had a humbling experience in conference.

This weekend was conference and I had a great time. Saturday morning I started packing my bags if I got the call to be transferred. I took my clothes to be washed at a lavandaria and went to conference. Talking to the zone leaders they already knew the changes but would not release them until after the second session.

I sat patiently waiting, listening, learning, pondering….etc.

After what seemed like eternity Elder Lara called the whole district into a room and had all our names written up on the board. Mine was toward the bottom. Everybody was really antsy. I just had to go to the bathroom, but I could hold it for this. He started going down the line. Elder Crowther to Chipo, Elder Mortonsen to Acapulco…..and the rest stay here!

What?! “Is this a joke?” I asked. “No hombre” responded Elder Lara.

Well, I have to admit I was had a little pressure going on in my shoulders area.

Then Priesthood started. Elder Wadell, I have never seen this man before. Gets up and was sent from God to talk to me.

“God speaks to you mission president through the holy Ghost. God knows the changes, he knows where you are suppose to be.”

Since when do General Authorities talk about missionary changes?

Well, he sure did. And now I have a HUGE testimony that God really knows where I am and why I am here. Even if I don’t like it , He knows ALL.

After that talk the pressure was gone and I didn’t feel like going home and crying like a baby….

Editor's note: I had asked him about celebrating his birthday and this was his response to making the cheesecake and other things he needs.

I made the cheesecake and I forgot my camera when we celebrated at the Gonzales families house so I am going over there again for a re do.
Can you send me by email....the following conference talks:
Elder Wadell
Elder Hollland (Priesthood)
Elder Callister
Elder Erying (Sunday)
Pres. Monson (Priesthood and Sunday)
And other good talks....
I am memorizing scriptures so I have more friends in my cupboard...

Love ya bye Elder Chadwick

Latest Baptism

Teaching in the rain with umbrella, boots and Book of Mormon.
Birthday Cheesecake. We sent him his birthday package with a couple of no bake cheesecakes in it. They don't look too bad. Love the freezer in their little fridge.
Love eating corn!
He sent this photo to Jordan showing him that Jordan is in his wallet all the time. The photo is bad but it's there.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Elder Chadwick is 20 years old!!!
I had asked him if he were here, where would he want to go for his birthday dinner, he said La Jolla Groves. So we as a family decided that the best way to honor him and his wish was to go there and have his dinner birthday for him. Of course we took photos and sent them to him just so we could let him know that we were thinking about him and of course to rub it in a little that he wasn't there. His reaction coming I'm sure in the next e-mail. We also had to fight BYU game day traffic but we kept moving toward Provo and made it to our destination. La Jolla Groves. With the game going on, we got a table as soon as we entered. Everyone was so friendly and the service was great. We had a wonderful waiter and water boy. Kevan and Kade. They are brothers. Kade told us some interesting stories about his Spanish speaking mission to Texas. The first when he was at their apartment washing dishes and it was night, he thought he heard firecrackers going off. Well, it must have been gunfire. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and when he answered it, there was a man standing there with a gunshot to the chest and he dropped dead right into their apartment. Needless to say the mission president moved them as fast as he could.
Luckily we had finished dinner when that story was told. We had been talking about Mexico and the violence a bit and that is why the gunshot story.
We had a wonderful night and can't wait to do this again for his birthday next year.

Entrance to La Jolla Groves
Lemon trees in La Jolla Groves
Waiter brothers Kevan and Kade
Chicken Crepes what DJ had the last time he was thereStacie and Jodie
Chicken Marsala. Yum!
Beef Medallions no knife needed here!
Lemon cake for DJ's birthday. They even put in a candle!
Molten lava cake. Very Rich.

The family celebrating Elder Chadwick's 20th Birthday. We love you son!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


It was Friday morning, one of those mornings when you pop out of bed and want everything to to go perfectly because today, Friday, we were having a baptism, the baptism of Margarito.
The day before, a hurricane came by and the streets flooded into rivers, and the rivers into some houses. The water again up to our knees, we could get hardly anything done.
Elder Lara, the district leader, called me and said, "Is is raining down there?" If only the phase "it is raining cats and dogs" existed in Spanish, I definitely would have used it. At that moment we were taking cover in the church practicing piano like good little boys, trying to be productive.
If you are thinking it, yes we asked people if they would like our help and as always they refused. (Weird) Who would refuse two stripling warriors like Elder Nelson and I? I guess they would.
In that same phone call he asked if we were sure about the interview the next morning. Yes, because the worth of a soul is great in the sight of God. Even if another Hurricane is coming...at least that is what they said.
Back to Friday, studies took a little longer then usual and the window was open the whole time. And guess what folks?...like Annie sang, the sun did come out! And it stayed that way all day long!
Elder Lara and his companion arrived right on time at 11 am for the interview. It was hard getting down to Margaritos house because it was so muddy. We got there walked in and like every other missionaries nightmare he wasn't home.
We waited ten minutes and his mom went to find him.
20 minutes later here come Mom and Dad....but NO MARGARITO!
¿Que tiene? (What do you have) "¡Tortuga!" he replied. Oh, this is my favorite meat. I jump out of my chair to look inside the bucket. Sorry Stacie and Jodie but it looked like Finding Nemo gone wrong.
"how much was it my friend?" (He speaks a little English and you have to use their accent it makes it all the more fun.) "230 pesos" "Were did you get that money?" "Top secret"
Who knows where he got the money, but hey it was delicious.
Finally, Margarito showed up and passed the interview with flying colors. (Oh course he did, he had the best stripling warrior, pond leaping, song singing, taco eating misisonaries as teachers.)
I invited his family to the baptism that night and Eric gave me a hard time and Diana said she would try her best.
6 pm that night we pass by, Eric is naked under a blanket and says he is sick, Diana says she has to tend to her grandma.
So we helped Margarito get ready and we left for the church. Kind of sad his parents didn't want to come to their sons baptism.
Well, I was actually planning for the best and the worst. That is why we had the baptism right in the middle of Branch Family home evening. My plan working out perfectly and everyone was there waiting for us at the church.
"¿Que hora es Elder Chadwick? Como 8!" said Hermana Gonzalez. It was actually 6 30. I guess you can't start without the missionaries. ha ha.
After Changing and taking pictures I rounded everyone up and we all fit perfectly into the Relief Society room. I count 45 persons. That was probably more than my baptism. (Ok, I really can't remember.)
Anyway, the service went great. I baptized Margarito. Before we could walk out of the font he dipped himself in again and said that it feels really good. While changing he ran and got his sandals, they had some dirt on them, he acted like he was running to the bath room but turned to the font. Before I could say anything he was rinsing them off in the Font. We ended the service with Families can be Together Forever. (Probably not the right hymn to sing without his family...) And everyone shook his hand and a Hermana brought candy. What a bonus!
So there you go, my hurricane baptism adventure
Love Elder Chadwick.

Water adventure of last week update. This was the photo of him up to his knees in water.
I asked him if he was wearing shoes when he was in all that water last week and this is his response. "ha ha. We were the first time, it was actually worse. We went and got our cameras and then came back and took pictures while our shoes were drying by wimpy fans." There you have it. If you can't get the photo op at first, try, try again. This time with no shoes.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Man with a great moustache.
Girl at the Mexican Independence day celebration
The Plan of Salvation according the Calvin and Hobbs?
Boy going to eat a big grasshopper.
Knee deep in the rain water from last week.

What an amazing week...again so much to say so little time.
This last Thursday was the Mexican Independence day so we had to be in our house at 8 pm.
On the bright side, the branch had a huge fiesta with lots of food. (Here are some of the pictures)
It is raining alot off an on this last couple weeks as you can see. lol
We worked really hard this week and I think we have the best numbers in the mission.
25 new investigators, 19 lessons with member, reactivated two families and had five people come to church. Lots of double digits. LOVE IT!
We are baptizing two people this next week, please pray hard that everything will run smoothly and nothing comes up. Their names are Margarito y Stefani

This is probably the hardest I have worked this last week and I feel really good. We are going to have the same numbers this next week. A lot of people to keep track of but it is alright we are going to to our part and I trust the Lord will fill in the rest.
I am now teaching Gospel Doctrine, New Testament, I love the class. Marta, she is a teacher, one of our investigators was really into the class this Sunday, asking questions and commenting like she has five years as a member.
We were talking about Romans and our Divine Potential as Sons and Daughters of God and she just ate it up and is now applying it. Love that. So good!
I am playing the piano every Sunday in church and it is great. I am getting better at the hymns and can play a couple out of the regular hymn book.
I got my package and love it. Can you send another gospel art book please? That is the only thing I can't get down here. You can go online and buy it and just send it to the offices.
I have used the book for almost all my lessons this last week. We really worked hard. I am ready for another full week. I am going to buy some things for the Primary that they need. I will not go overboard, I have a list they gave me. It is not much.
The members are the same around the world. There are things people won't do just because their heart is not into the work.
I am going to buy the blow dryer. (this is for his nagging yeast infection that he has under his arms and on his legs.)
This is what I do,
Pick up people for church
Play piano
Give talk
Teach class
Surprisingly teach Priesthood
Get food list
Report Numbers at 1:15 on the dot
make visits
Eat Shrimp that I am allergic too.
blame mom for making a boy that is allergic to shrimp. It cramps up my throat, I could barely speak last night. it was bad, bad shrimpy.

(Editor's note: I am allergic to shrimp but we never knew that DJ was until now. I told him to stop eating them. This was his response.)

I will tell them. They get really offended when we don't like something or when we get sick. It is really hard. ha ha. but hey only for another 14 months. I have ten months away from my mommy

Time is up....love ya
Traffic looks bad
good thing I am on foot
ha ha
did I say that I love you???
The package was perfect btw
Elder Chadwick

Monday, September 12, 2011


Mission Conference! Everyone Wave Hello!
Elder Chadwick is second row second seat in on the right. His companion is sitting by the isle. Click on the photo to enlarge it and you will see him up close.

I have so much to say but so little time.
The week started off great with a district meeting lead by Elder Lara. Tuesday and what seemed like the whole week it rained really hard. It kind of makes it hard to work because no one is out on the streets but that is ok. This week Elder Lara came to our area to see how it was doing.
This is what he suggested that we work on, weekly meetings with President Diaz. We are going to get right on that. I am excited to try out a couple of things. Elder Lara has two more changes and he is out of here. He is extending his mission though so he will get home right before Christmas. He asked a lot of questions of the soul to our investigators and was really good at digging stuff out of them. He taught alot out of the New Testament which I want to do more. I am almost half way done with it.
Elder Lara also helped me teach FHE to the whole branch. We taught about David and Goliath. It was fun. After Divisions we went straight to Zihaut to wait for our grand adventure to Cuernavaca. We left at 11 o'clock at night. (Let me tell you, Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 is so much funnier in Spanish) I sat up in the middle of the night to the bus moving to the other side of the road.....he was dodging two drunk ladies. I got a kick out of that. DON'T DRINK!
Upon arriving at 7:30 in the morning we hopped in a taxi and headed to the church.
(another crazy taxi ride.) When we arrived at the church it was great to see alot of the people at the church I had not seen in four months including Elder Oswald my MTC companion. We were all seated at 8:30 when Pres. Spannaus came in and instructed us. He told us he was going out to get Elder Ballard when two seconds later guess who walks in...Elder Ballard. He brought with him Elder Jensen of the presidency of the seventy and two other members of the seventy. What a pleasure....
Elder Ballard wanted to shake everyones hand so we did the merry go round and yeah shook their hands.

I finally got up to shake his hand, took my retainer out and put on my best smile. "Elder Chadwick, how are ya?" ask Elder Ballard. "Fantastic, thank you" I replied. That is what an apostle of the Lord said to me. Well after the Elders sang a barber shop quartet of "I am trying to be like Jesus" in Spanish and toward the end in English. After the meeting Elder Ballard said "Wait, we are not done. These three singers are the best. Lets put them on the circuit to sing around the world in two years"
So, after the musical number two of the members of the seventy bore their testimonies about missionary work and then Elder Jensen was up to bat. (Personally, I think then church bought Ipads for all the members of the seventy because I have seen three of them use them in the stake and mission conferences.) He started out his talk by talking about hymns and how we should sing more to our investigators to bring them the spirit. He made a great comparison about harmony and the TAB Choir to companionship harmony. Pretty sweet.
He went on after that and said "Ask and he will fill us with the pure love of Christ."
He then talked about the spirit of our investigators along with ours.
How much did our spirits know before we came to the earth? he asked us....???
He then made a list of things to help us get more converts.
1. A Vision
2. Attributes of Christ
a. Obedience
b. dignity
c. good health
3.Plan Effectively
(He then drew this funnel thing and but three circles in the funnel. 32 New Investigators, 15 in teaching, 7 with a date and finally two converts.)
4. Positive constant contacting
(He then asked what is a positive contact. Well, the first thing that came to my head was smile and so I said it out loud. He happened to hear me and said "Elder, stand up and speak a little louder please" so I stood up "We need to smile, necesitamos tener una sonrisa" pointing to my smile. ((Elder Ballard got a little kick out of that and was laughing a little))
5. Assistance in the Church
6 No eternal investigators
7 Two references daily
8 Work with ward mission leader
9 "Sweet boldness"

He talked about being bold with our investigators and telling the truth straight up.

Then Elder Ballard stepped up to the pulpit and oh what a talk and a half he gave.
He started out telling us about being an apostle, how he is a missionary like us and people ask him alot of questions.
One Catholic Priest asked him "Do you put magic dust in their cereal to make them go on missions when they are so young?" he responded "No, they go on missions because they know the church is true"
He then talked about the joys of sitting in between Elder Oaks and Scott. He said almost half of the twelve are turning 80 this year so sometimes he has to give his companions a little bump to keep them awake. ha ha.
Next, he said "You know what, the Elder that said we need to smile more is absolutely correct." That is when I made a real connection with Elder Ballard. He was looking me straight in the eyes (just as his wife taught him) and thank goodness I was smiling. "I just love to smile and laugh and so that is what I would do." Through the meeting Elder Ballard would crack a joke and I would be the only one laughing. Everyone was so serious around him. He even told everyone to lighten up a bit and he had us do head, shoulders, knees and toes half way through.
Here are some of the quotes from him.
*"conversion begins when the people feel something, not really when they know something is true."
*"If you talk to more people you will baptize more people." he then committed us to talk to ten people a day. (Which I have heard this from him before...but not live)
*"Treasure up the gospel and the scriptures in you heart so you can teach with your own words. I have talked in news conferences, on TV and in front of Universities, and I have no fear, Why? Because I know the gospel..."
After a missionary asked about trying not to make someone feel bad this was Elder Ballard's response. " Don't worry about making them feel bad, just do it with a smile on you face and you will be fine." I really got a good kick out of that one.
It was a great mission conference. I really enjoyed it and will try to apply everything in my mission and the rest of my life.
Towards the end of his talk I had a weird impression. I thought to my self..."I think this man made my mission call..." Not two seconds later he said "Every Friday we make 240 mission calls. I know for sure I made some of yours." WOW that was sweet. I have not had that happen before. Now I am 90 percent sure he made my call just be the interactions I made with him and the way I felt the spirit on Saturday. I am thankful for Elder Ballard. He changed my life.
We are having a Pancake/FHE night with the primary president on Wed. I will ask her if she needs anything.
I don't really need anything right now. Send more stuffing and mash potatoes. and of course spaghetti Os.
have to go.
Love ya.
Elder Chadwick

Letter from President Spannus after the conference. We had to use google Translator to see what he said. It's interesting.

My dear missionaries
What a wonderful conference we had and what a privilege it was to hear, feel and shake hands with a quorum of the twelve apostles of the Lord, Elder Ballard. Never forget this historic day in our mission and our lives.

I'd like you to share with me your thoughts and feelings about it. The next Monday I'll send mine. I send you a hug, work hard, we have to baptized more. September baptisms are very low, I feel that we have blurred(?)a bit. Now with all this spiritual strength that we have received, we will do our work better and more consistently.

A big hug, that the Lord bless you!
President Spannus

Monday, September 5, 2011


Well, my friends and family,
This weekend was great.
Testimony meeting was fantastic as always and the hermanas had a couple curve balls to throw at me this Sunday in Principios de Evangelio. (Gospel Principals)
I started teaching about temple marriage and how one could not obtain Celestial Glory without obtain all the ordinances of the temple.
Then they started drilling me with questions...."If I am married to a person civiley and do not really love them can I look for someone that I can be with for eternity in the next life?"
Interesting, no?
Let me tell you, Satan is really working in this area right now. Three hermanas want to get a divorce right now...and they do have really good reasons.
It seems to always be the mans fault....well that is not what is says in the Ensign this month about eternal familias.
You should have seen the chalk board after the lesson....it was crazy. I outlined the plan of salvation and Elder Nelson hopped up and drew the Restoration on the board over it.
I started heading into Priesthood when someone told me Presidente Diaz wanted to see me in his office. I went in and was ready to hear that I would teach the next class too. I was right. I went back and Elder Nelson said he would teach it with a little bit of my help. I stalled while he prepared the lesson and off we went.
Elder Nelson and I are like peas and carrots. We can basically read each others mind.
We worked really hard this week and had ten lessons with members. That is the great thing about being in a area for a while, I know everyone town and have taught almost everyone.
It is funny, we will be walking down the street and some random person will call my name or whistle and Elder Nelson is always like "Elder, how do you know that many people?"
"Well, my friend, isn't it about....time." ha ha.
We have had alot of miracles this last week. We went to pass by Eric's house, he is a borracho (drunk) that speaks English, to see if his family was interested in hearing our message.
One of his kids wanted to and so we have now taught him two lessons. He woke up at 6:30 in the morning to wait for us to come get him at 9 to go to church.
This kid is just amazing. He was asking really good questions during sacrament meeting and was just wandering around wide eyed asking questions. He is 10 btw.
We over heard him talking to the other kids and he said "Guess what?! I am getting baptized on the 17th!" And then he proceeded to invite people to his baptism, young and old.
Hermana Reyes brought a friend of hers and she is really interested to hear our message and learn more about the gospel. All the hermanas want to go with us to teach her.
Even though it rained cats and dogs this last week we had the best statistics in the district. We are going to baptize three people the following week.
Elder Ballard is coming to town this week and I am excited the only downside is that we have to leave Friday night, ride the bus all night, get off bus, go to conference, work, get on bus, go back home and then go to church. hopefully I get some sleep. Please pray that all the missionaries have safe travel.
Elder Lara and Elder Wood got robbed on the bus last week. (They laugh about it so I have permission to laugh)
Apparently two men came onto he bus with guns and started asking for wallets and backpacks. Elder Wood took everything out of his pockets (His wallet with like $380) and gave them his scripture bag.
Elder Lara only gave them his bag. he was smart not to pull out his wallet.
Oh the places we will go....no one really knows....
Elder Nelson is in Cuernavaca right now because he has problems with his visa. He is bringing the package back with him.
The Comer had my pancake mix so now I can have pancakes. I am excited. It will last me the rest of this change.
I received the DearElders and hoping all the lyrics I received have a CD to go with them in the package.
I am almost up to my goal of push ups. (Beware Jordan, your older brother is preparing for battle....) not that we are competing or anything....
I am addicted to the Book of Mormon....hold that thought...
I also need: Three more mini Books of Mormon. If you can find a couple in Spanish that are that small that would be great. They are willing to pay us back. (The people who are asking for them speak English)
Anyway, I read like half the book of Mormon this week and have the perfect schedule going on so I can read all the standard works before the year ends.
It has been almost a year that I have been out. Wow!
We are going to eat at a school, all you can eat. OH YEAH!
I am so happy we are going to baptize. It has been four months.
Sorry the email was a little hazy. (couldnot think of another palabra/word)
I am fluent now btw and I am loving it. I can express myself and be myself and throw jokes in the conversation now.
My feet have not hurt for two months. We bought Elder Nelson the same shoes.
He loves them.
I sent President Spannaus the "If Dr. Suess wrote the Book of Mormon". He called me laughing his Argentina head off.
I am happy and content.
I am thinking of extending my mission. Just a heads up.
I loved the Janice Kapp Perry article.
Got to eat.
Love ya.
Elder SUPER Chadwick

If Dr. Seuss wrote the Book of Mormon
Of goodly parents I was born
I've never drunk, I've never sworn
This is Lehi, he's my dad
Laman, Lemuel, they are bad
And who is this? Why this is Sam.

Yes, this is Sam; Sam I am

That Sam I am, that Sam I am
I do not like that Sam I am

In a tent, my father dwelt

And it's so hot, I think I'll melt

Our father's brain is out of whack

Yeah, it's too hot, I'm going back

Then go and get the plates, my dear

On second thought, I'm staying here

You said you'd leave and go away
Now all you want to do is stay?

That Nephi always gets his way

Here we are in this damp cave

We would not be here if you'd behave

I will go and I will do
There's the angel, that's my cue
Laban's had too much to drink
Now he'll lose his head, I think

Look what I found, a brother from the quorum

We will take him home, we will call him Zoram

Our gold and silver we have spent
I do not like it in this tent

I cannot read the Liahona
I must have drunk too much Corona

We hate it here, we have no lives

Then go back to the city and get some wives

A tree, a tree, I see a tree!!
The fruit is white, the fruit is free!
A floating building, could it be?
Why do they laugh and stare at me?
Laman, Lemuel, come and see!

We will not eat your precious fruit

We will not wear a tie and suit

We will not help you build your boat

We do not think that it will float

No not this boat, it will not float
Not even in a shallow moat
I do not care what Nephi wrote

We will not eat your fruit I say

We will not eat it on a tray

And we won't eat it in a tent
Not even if your clothes you rent

We'd rather have a can of spam

We will not eat it, Sam I am

You do not like it, so you say
Try it, try it, and you may
Try it and you may I say

Sam, if you will let us be,
We will try it, you will see

Say, we like this fruit of life
Sorry that we caused such strife
You've saved us from an awful jam
Thank you, thank you, Sam I am!

Monday, August 29, 2011


So you can probably tell by the title that my companion is amazing.
He is from Washington (the state) like three hours from Uncle John and Aunt Mary Ann. He played Football in high school and is going to Snow College to play ball after the mission. He is wicked good at Spanish and is pumped up to baptize in September. We were instantly best friends, lets just say we have both been blessed. We had super dates this week with over 13 lessons taught on Saturday alone. He is quickly getting to know the members but is still kind of lost. Good thing he has a companion that knows the area. ha ha.
This week in companionship study we started studying the plan of salvation, then we got side track on the temple and then my "Scripture Journal" just popped up out of nowhere with all my awesome scripture refences that I have collected. (Thanks mom that journal actually has came in handy) We then just decided to start reading all the talks my Mom has sent me because they are awesome. Everything seemed to go together perfectly, from Calling and Election to using the Enabling Power of the Atonement. We are helping each other learn all the scripture mastery and have some fantastico plans for September.
So we had some pretty good experiences this week. Our first door we contacted as a companionship was great. They let us in and we started asking questions and teaching two ladies while they were cooking. They were not really interested in our message but the husband came out and invited us to eat fish and so we sat down and the man was like "look at this" scooping up a tortilla with alot of salsa and fish. "ok, pass me the salsa." Elder Nelson said. We each dipped in and drenched or tortillas in salsa. OOOH YEAH! I have gotten used to it. It did not actually sting that bad and I didn't cry. (You can ask my companion) After a minute or two my companion whispered to me. "Elder I am going to eat a fish eye." I watched him eat a fish eye. "Elder why don't you stop being a girl and eat one too." So we both ate another fish eye. ja ja. "Where did you catch this fish?" asked Elder Nelson. "The Lagoona" the man answered. We both gave each other a weird look, thanked the family for the food and left.
The next thing we know we are at Chuchitas house and she is offering us tortuga eggs (turtle eggs) I ask her to pass me one. "Another thing to write in my journal" I told my companion. I pinched the outershell and a white bubble came out of the top. That was enough for me. I chickened out and sat down.
The daughter of hermana chuchita got back from being a local missionary in Chipo. She baptized 11 or more in three months. Sure made me feel great. Sounds like she had fun and enjoyed being a missionary for a minute. We will use her to be a friend to our investigators.
Well, the adventures went on throughout the week. We gave four or five blessings to people in need and I now have a little more experience using the priesthood power.
So we made up a plan to teach all of our investigators about the importance of going to church and read from Moroni 6:4-6. So at lunch I asked a young member to be a missionary and I then told him that him that his calling just came in and that he was going to be a missionary today. So we went out Luis, Elder Nelson and I and we taught 8 lessons, committing 8 people to come to church tomorrow. Well, we passed by almost all 8 people and all 8 people ended up not going to church. Good thing is that Hermana Reyes brought her friend to church and it ended up counting as a new investigator.
In Priesthood the High Councilor was asking for a conference liahona and no one had one with them. President Diaz pulled out the liahona for this month.
"Oh, there is a good article in there about where we have the true church" and then everyone wanted me to teach the class. So I read parts of Elder Oaks talk and talked about the three points of why we have the true church. The only sad but funny part was that hermano Gonzalez almost fell off his chair because he was snoring during my lesson. I was not mad, I really got a kick out of it though.
The part everyone liked the most this week was branch family home evening. I decided to share my talent of music. We were just going to sing hymns but then I had an idea to share one of my talents. Conducting. I taught the small branch how to read music in 5 minutes and then how to lead in three four and then in four four time. Everyone was conducting Sunday in sacrament meeting. It was quite the site from the piano to look over and see the little kids waving there hands in circles. ha ha.
I also started to teach Elder Nelson how to play the piano. He can now site read the right hand slowly. He knows all the note names and is learning flats and sharps next Sunday.
I am excited for district meeting because Elder Lauda is our new district leader. He was just assistant. He called me three time last night and three time during the week. He is a really good leader checking how everyone is doing. I always answered the phone as a pizza guy or subway dude. It is funny. I am not going to do that anymore.
Anyway, onward christian soldiers.
Elder Chadwick