Monday, October 24, 2011

I'M SICK! (read with plugged nose sound)

Things he is already taking to keep parasites and other bugs at bay.

Sorry there is not much this week. I had a sore throat, runny nose and cough all week and so it was really hard to go out and work. I went to the doctor and she gave me some meds. And yes I am using the essential oils. Here are some pictures to make up for it.
(Editor's note: above is the first e-mail I received today. Needless to say I was a bit put out. I wondered if he would get on later so I wrote him a little note saying that I know that couldn't be all and that I'm sure he was working even though he felt sick. I know my kid. After the photo is the response to my note.)

The photo says it all.

Of course we did more then sleep. I am like superelderchadwick man here. I was sick but you know me, I can't stay inside for long and so we did work.
We went to Peta to teach Silvino. His Catholic friend ended up showing up and battling with us. It was not a battle at the start and then he started talking about apostolic lineage and then I got all Apostasy in there and he wanted us only to use the New Testament to answer things and would not even let me use a pamphlet to show him a photo. He got pretty mad at he end and Silvino ended up calling him a Anti Christ. Spirit was not there. After Catholic man left we calmed it down a bit and challenged Silvino to pray and ask God what was true. After we finished we were on our way out from his store where we teach him and he said "When you leave, what am I going to do?" my response "Preach the Gospel to Peta and be a missionary like Paul and Enos." He was really excited about that. He ended up not going to church though.
We ended up teaching a man and his father. They were ok until the end and then they exploded on us saying "you cant come in here being all racist and telling us your white church only has the priesthood power." Ouch, right? Well, we still know it is true and that their God is white too. Which they did mention.
Went and helped Hermana Reyes clean her yard and make corn cakes. They were really yummy. Also we found out that Jose, one of the teens in the ward, up and left for Puebla and didn't tell us. We are teaching his mom and sister and he would have been the key this month to their baptism. Oh well.
Called in sick and went to see a doctor in Zihaut that looked like a pregnant Angalina Jolie. The check up only cost 3 bucks. I think the drugs she gave me made it worse so I am going to see what is going to happen. We also had family night and got everyone excited about reading the book of Mormon again. Treasure, Gold Plates, Wars, the Book of Mormon. that's the stitch.
Took a nap because I am sick and was coughing up a lung.
Gave a talk in Church about Work and Personal Responsibility. Without scriptures and papers. Boo ya
Got online and saw dead squirrels and things....I thought the Missionary Email Security would pig up that PG 15 stuff.....apparently not. (Editor's note: Jordan and his dad went hunting. Jordan killed a few squirrels and we sent the photos to Elder Chadwick)

I got the package. The Primary loves the new book of pictures. I will send pictures of us and the Gonzalez Family eating Spaghetti with Alfredo next week. (It is on my comps camera) (Editor's Note: I sent packaged Alfredo sauce packets and spaghetti because Elder Chadwick LOVES noodles and I don't think he gets them too often down there.)
I am getting fatter everyday. I guess it is showing because that is what everyone is talking about.
Well, That is all.
Love every ones guts.....even the squirrels...poor thing.
Elder Chadwick

Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Family and Everyone,
I am sorry to say that it was just another great week in Mexico!! I have to apologize for leaving out a few details about my birthday. For lunch we had armadillo, yes, the little animal that curls up into a ball. Hermana Fabiana's husband had a great time sharing with us the details of the catch. He works in the field chopping things with his machete and stumbled across Jesus. (That is what he ended up naming him) I was pretty excited about the story that he told us so I listened with really intent. I hope you enjoy it too. :)
"Pues, you have to pick up the ball and the only skin that is showing is the butt, so what you have to do is stick your finger up there and that little guy will straighten right out." he explained. Of course they killed it with a knife after he brought it home. It tasted really good in the soup she made with it. "Armadillo tomato soup...possibilities" (Theme music from Campbells tomato soup commercial)
What and experience, right? (Pictures of shell to come next week)
The interview with President Spannaus was great! We talked about where I am in the Book of Mormon and how I can strengthen my Priesthood power by using it more everyday. It is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the more stronger it becomes.

We had four people come to church yesterday! 3 of them were a surprise. We were not expecting them to come. Silvino, a man from Peta, about thirty minutes from SJ (San Jeronimito) came and was the highlight of both Principals of the Gospel and Priesthood. He has a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon than most of the members. He was so excited to have another Bible to read and share with the world. He will be a great missionary! LOVE IT!

Guess WHAT?!!! So you know how we have 9 five gallon water bottles that we have to fill up....well I only have one. (I am not a camel yet) I don't even have to leave the house to fill it up. All I do is put it in the door way of my house and start studying. About an hour later I hear "¡Agua!" and I skip to the door, hand the man 7 pesos and he hands be a brand new 8 gallon bottle with fresh Mexico water in it. How cool is that? (Sorry siblings, I feel so bad for you.....not.) hahaha
Livin' the Life!

I guess they are having super saturday this weekend and the dance is first thing in the morning. Interesting.
Anyway, here is my birthday shout out to my flacito hermano Jordan! Happy BIRTHDAY! "One year older and still younger then me, happy birthday, to you!" Age before muscles right? I think that is what Brother Draper said. Maybe it was age before beauty....

So we officially have a Mommita!!! Oh YEAH!!! I asked President Spannaus for one because I am sick of eating just beans, eggs and cheese. So Hermana Gonzalez is now the official mommita and we eat dinner at her house three nights a week. We have trained her well and she is making some American food. Toasted Cheese is the best!! So we pay her 200 pesos a week and then she buys and cooks for us. Love it!! Her family is the best. We were eating and we both got full on sandwiches and so there was one for each of her kids. It was a great sight to see them all saying there own prayers. Even Junior, he is 5, was saying a good long prayer. This was a good example and a reminder to me that prayer is really important even when you have one sandwich to eat. (Mom, I am going to save up after the mission so I can take this family on one of our adventures, to a hotel and the beach or something. They just don't get the opportunity like we do. I just love this family, and the parents need a little break from the kids.)

So today is my 11 month mark, I need to find a couple or family to baptize so I can go to the temple before I leave Mexico. I am really praying that the Lord will guide me to them or them to me. It is like hunting deer but it is not about killing it is about saving souls. (That goes out to all the poor little deer my brother and dad are trying to kill this weekend.)

I read a lot about Paul this last week. What a guy, right? He is now in the top five. 1. Heavenly Father 2. Jesus Christ 3. Joseph Smith 4. Abinidi 5 Paul 6 My Mother.....okay, I was kind of joking about the last one but my mom is like a revelation receiver. Forget the third eye on the back of her head, she has like this antenna that we cant see. I have learned to follow moms revelations. Thanks mom.

Well, that's a rap from Elder Chadwick.
love ya!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011


This last week Elder Nelson and I challenged the whole branch to read the Book of Mormon with us by the end of the year. I am excited to see what happens. There are alot of members excited about this, we did included a little prize if they completed it. Some church DVDs or a new triple. Some members on the other hand say they do not have time and think that no one will do it. They always compare themselves to us in the US. "You have a temple 15 min. away " and so on. I told him I had a busy life throughout high school and still found time every day to read scriptures with my family. We will see how it goes.
So we were tracting in Palos Blancos and we ran into this lady. Evangelica. Her brother got deported back to Mexico from the U.S. because of some mental problems. So we were like "where is he?" and she pointed to this brick house. "He lives there, it looks abandoned" I said.
We went over and this bearded man was seated on the ground, his nails were long and there was a lock on the door. He didn't really respond to us. It was one of those times when I wanted to bless him and so his schizophrenia would be gone but I was afraid it wouldn't work. Oh me of little faith.
We will see what happens. That same day we found a couple that lived in Utah and had some great experiences with the missionaries there and want to hear alot more. I am excited to teach them. There is alot going on here and I am still loving it more then ever.
The branch is growing one soul at a time. Interviews are tomorrow. We will see how it goes...
love Elder Chadwick

Elder Chadwick's letter to his Dad
Thanks for the email dad. It is always great to hear from you. I miss you alot. I wish you could be out here to see some of the crazy things in Mexico. I guess the US gave a couple helicopters to Mexico and they have really tightened up security here. We see them searching and flying by every day. I am used to it, but it is a different thing to the people here.
I am enjoying my time here and love the people still. I will have 7 months here in Nov. and complete a year in the mission. What exactly do you do for your new job? can you give me the details please. Thank you. That is cool that you get to chill with mom today.
Well, like Elder Holland said, this is a war out here. Temporal and spiritual. It all starts in the home of every family. It is sad how the father or mother can tear apart a family when making stupid decisions. It saddens me to see men treat lady's or their wife with disrespect. Sometimes I just want to smack them in the face with my scripture bag and say "Now that is scripture power" but you know that that would not be right. I just get mad inside and focus my energy on something Heavenly.
Well, I have to email mom so I will talk to you later.
Love Elder Chadwick

Monday, October 3, 2011


What an amazing weekend. I had a humbling experience in conference.

This weekend was conference and I had a great time. Saturday morning I started packing my bags if I got the call to be transferred. I took my clothes to be washed at a lavandaria and went to conference. Talking to the zone leaders they already knew the changes but would not release them until after the second session.

I sat patiently waiting, listening, learning, pondering….etc.

After what seemed like eternity Elder Lara called the whole district into a room and had all our names written up on the board. Mine was toward the bottom. Everybody was really antsy. I just had to go to the bathroom, but I could hold it for this. He started going down the line. Elder Crowther to Chipo, Elder Mortonsen to Acapulco…..and the rest stay here!

What?! “Is this a joke?” I asked. “No hombre” responded Elder Lara.

Well, I have to admit I was had a little pressure going on in my shoulders area.

Then Priesthood started. Elder Wadell, I have never seen this man before. Gets up and was sent from God to talk to me.

“God speaks to you mission president through the holy Ghost. God knows the changes, he knows where you are suppose to be.”

Since when do General Authorities talk about missionary changes?

Well, he sure did. And now I have a HUGE testimony that God really knows where I am and why I am here. Even if I don’t like it , He knows ALL.

After that talk the pressure was gone and I didn’t feel like going home and crying like a baby….

Editor's note: I had asked him about celebrating his birthday and this was his response to making the cheesecake and other things he needs.

I made the cheesecake and I forgot my camera when we celebrated at the Gonzales families house so I am going over there again for a re do.
Can you send me by email....the following conference talks:
Elder Wadell
Elder Hollland (Priesthood)
Elder Callister
Elder Erying (Sunday)
Pres. Monson (Priesthood and Sunday)
And other good talks....
I am memorizing scriptures so I have more friends in my cupboard...

Love ya bye Elder Chadwick

Latest Baptism

Teaching in the rain with umbrella, boots and Book of Mormon.
Birthday Cheesecake. We sent him his birthday package with a couple of no bake cheesecakes in it. They don't look too bad. Love the freezer in their little fridge.
Love eating corn!
He sent this photo to Jordan showing him that Jordan is in his wallet all the time. The photo is bad but it's there.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Elder Chadwick is 20 years old!!!
I had asked him if he were here, where would he want to go for his birthday dinner, he said La Jolla Groves. So we as a family decided that the best way to honor him and his wish was to go there and have his dinner birthday for him. Of course we took photos and sent them to him just so we could let him know that we were thinking about him and of course to rub it in a little that he wasn't there. His reaction coming I'm sure in the next e-mail. We also had to fight BYU game day traffic but we kept moving toward Provo and made it to our destination. La Jolla Groves. With the game going on, we got a table as soon as we entered. Everyone was so friendly and the service was great. We had a wonderful waiter and water boy. Kevan and Kade. They are brothers. Kade told us some interesting stories about his Spanish speaking mission to Texas. The first when he was at their apartment washing dishes and it was night, he thought he heard firecrackers going off. Well, it must have been gunfire. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and when he answered it, there was a man standing there with a gunshot to the chest and he dropped dead right into their apartment. Needless to say the mission president moved them as fast as he could.
Luckily we had finished dinner when that story was told. We had been talking about Mexico and the violence a bit and that is why the gunshot story.
We had a wonderful night and can't wait to do this again for his birthday next year.

Entrance to La Jolla Groves
Lemon trees in La Jolla Groves
Waiter brothers Kevan and Kade
Chicken Crepes what DJ had the last time he was thereStacie and Jodie
Chicken Marsala. Yum!
Beef Medallions no knife needed here!
Lemon cake for DJ's birthday. They even put in a candle!
Molten lava cake. Very Rich.

The family celebrating Elder Chadwick's 20th Birthday. We love you son!!!