Monday, March 26, 2012


Editor's note: Mom didn't get the long e-mail today. Everyone else did. You will get the picture if you read them all. Elder Chadwick's dad asked him how the earthquake was. Needless to say, I guess it wasn't much.

Hey Dad,

The earthquake was fun. We were in district meeting in the church. We ran outside and were surfing on the basketball court.

There were alot of aftershocks. There was not much to clean up. There is a rumor that there is a volcano that is going to explode.

We will see....I know God will protect us.

This week was....helping change the the rebellious children of Mexico week. We receive two references asking us to come and change their kids lives so they don't rebel.

I think is it pretty cool you are doing the basement. I wish I was there to help and to learn how to do it.

We are working really hard. We had 8 new investigators come to church yesterday. It was awesome.

Brother Omar and his wife went to Utah last week for Vacation. It was funny because I was talking to him last night. He said he was in Provo that morning and saw "The Hunger Games" at the Thanksgiving Point Theatre. The next time he goes you can go have lunch or dinner with him. Mom would enjoy that. He speaks really good English. (it is his job)

Well, I don't have really much else to say. My new district leader is a pain, has less time than me and keeps asking me where my faith is because we put a goal of 4 in march and baptized 8. So when we put a goal of 5 for next month he asked if it was a goal of faith. I asked him if we were talking about the faith to move mountains and if we were I was going to put a goal of ten or twenty. Lets just say we stuck with five.

I am loving life. We are going to a funeral today. Yes, on our P day. What a sacrifice. I hope there is food.

Well, have a wonderful day.

Love ya

Elder Chadwick

Editor's note: This e-mail is a letter to Elder Chadwick's sister Stacie. She is doing a devotional for seminary and needed some words from her brother. Below is his response.

Dear Little Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Elder Chadwick, I am serving in the Mexico Cuarnavaca Mission. It is such a pleasure to be a missionary, especially in a different country like Mexico.

My sister Stacie has asked what the blessings of missionary service are.... I am happy to tell you.

First, being in a missionary is not easy. It takes a lot of discipline to do what we do.

Every person we meet has a different problem or personality. This is a blessing because we have the blessing of using the gift of the Holy Ghost to discern what the people need. We teach and testify of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how, through Him anything is possible. The change we see when people accept the gospel and have a new glow about them is a blessing to me.

In November we found a family of four, we taught them and they changed their lives fast. Now they are reading the scriptures every night as a family, getting ready to do baptisms for the dead for their ancestors, and the Father of the family blessed the sacrament for the first time on Sunday. This family is also doing missionary work by bringing their extended family to church.

The more we serve others the more we are connected with Heaven. Our Heavenly Father is waiting to pour blessings on us, let us "go and do". There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people smile and say thank you.

I testify that the Savior, Jesus Christ is the best example of missionary work. If we follow His example we will be blessed and one day return to live with Him. Going on a mission is one of the ways we can step into the Saviors shoes

and do as He did. I hope that you, my brothers and sisters, will be missionaries now, you can do it. You all know how, just step outside your comfort zone and follow the Guide that was given to us for this reason.

I promise, in the name of Jesus Christ, that if you do these things the Lord will work through you and you will see the change in the peoples lives around you.

Always remember, CTR.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Elder Chadwick

Pictures of Elder Romero's birthday!

Letter to Jodie
She had asked Elder Chadwick how to pray in Spanish because she is taking Spanish now. Below is what he said in Spanish and then the translation.

Orando es como un sandwich, pan arriba es Nuestro Padre Celestral, pan abajo es "En el nombre de Jesucristo." con la palabra "Amen.

Entre de este dos pasos puede poner todas las cosas que salga de su corazon.

1. Padre Celestial

2. Te doy gracias por....._______. (Familia, amigos, comida, hermanos, Elder Chadwick....etc.)

3. Te pido por..._____.(La salud, la guia de el espiritu santo, todo los misioneros en el campo misional, el profeta, mis padres...etc.)

4. En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

Praying is like a sandwich, bread is Our Father Celestial up, bottom bread is "In the name of Jesus Christ." with the word "Amen.

Between these two steps you can pour out of your heart.
1. Heavenly father

2. I thank thee for ..... _______. (Family, friends, food, brothers, Elder Chadwick .... etc.)

3. I pray for ... _____. (Health, the guidance of the holy spirit, all the missionaries in the mission field, the prophet, my parents ... etc.)

4. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well, we baptized four people this last week, and it is a really funny, cool, spiritual story.

Last week I talked about Irlanda and Julio. The girl who wanted to be baptized the day after she visited church the first time.

Well, I had a little chat with President Spannaus and got special permission to baptize them this week.

When we were teaching the commandments, the law of chastity to be exact, and Julio had told us the week before that they were getting married. So while teaching I said, " Julio said that you two are going to get married, will you obey this commandment and not have sexual relation...." I didn't get done saying the sentence when I saw the face of Irlanda. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I didn't know about this marriage thing...." she responded. "Whoops...." big whoops from Elder Chadwick. Later in the lesson Julio gave away the surprise and told us that he had already sent the papers in and ask her mother for her hand in marriage. We were all stunned........more Irlanda then us.....

Well, the next day they both passed their interviews with flying colors.....we left at 9:15 and they got married at 10:30....

Earlier that night, Elder Hernandez interviewed Jose Luis and Sol too. They both passed.....the next day they got married too.

Within 24 hours all four were married and baptized.

The baptismal service was a success. The parents of Jose and Sol and more of their family came. It was great. The spirit was really strong.

We later found out that the mom of Sol is a member, was baptized in Mexico DF.

To answer moms question, today was transfers.....I am staying here in Chilpancingo. At the end of this transfer I will have 7 months here. LOVE IT!

I am doing great. Didn't get sick the last transfer so everything is peachy.

My companion is awesome. He actually lives five minutes from the temple in Mexico City.

He is learning English from his Master....aka Elder Chadwick.

We got another pair of shirts but didn't have time to take the photo today.

We are really like peas and carrots......haha

We have a new district leader, Elder Crook, he has 13 months in the mission and is from Payson....or close to there.

We will have district meeting tomorrow so we will see how cool he really is with a district that has been together for a long time.

My Friends from Peru and Columbia got we don't have our group of four countries. Sad....

But life must move on.....

Well, my friends. Time to write papa.

Love ya

Elder Chadwick

Monday, March 12, 2012


Chilpancingo Zone Conference-Elder Chadwick 4th from the right bottom row
Twinner shirts
Family that was baptized last week
Dearest Family and Friends,

What a week, again. Like Biship Calixto says "Every Sunday there is something new, something more spiritual."

It is so true. the more we do what is right and say our prayers every day will be more spiritual. The moments will roll....

I am a happy man right now. I will tell you why...

During the week we started talking to a young man of twenty years named Julio. He is a really good story teller.

Saturday we talked to him and we just got to know him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and the pamphlets of the Restoration and The Plan of Salvation. The next day he brought his girl friend to church. Well, later that day after La Comida....aka dinner...the young weman had an activity and Hermano Memos daughter invited this new girl to come. So, Elder Romero and I were just sitting chatting with tio Mio and tia Karina when Hermana Belinda walks in...." Elders, there is a young lady that outside that wants to make an appointment to be baptized." So we willingly go outside to find her. She asks us "Can I be baptized tomorrow?".....I cant remember if my companion shut my mouth for me but I responded "You have to attend church this Sunday and the next Saturday you can be baptized." ...."OK!!!" We left another chapter for her to read and she promised to read it. We will be seeing her and her boyfriend Julio tomorrow. FHE with FIRE! ( Fire of the Spirit)

Sorry I don't have much time. I will summarize....

Elder Tornorio came and talked to us. Very funny, two hours of how to find our future wives through prayer...(I will explain later)

Victor, the dad we baptized two weeks ago, received the priesthood yesterday. I told him it took me twelve years and it only took him four months....

Jose Luis and his girlfriend are finally getting married and baptized this week.

Love you all

Feed the Sheep

Elder Chadwick

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This last week was the week of service. From digging ditches to cutting down trees.
It was a blast. We had a great time getting to know the members better and the service was good to get out all the energy that we have.
On Saturday we had the Baptism of Victor and his family. 4 in total. We made invitations to invite the ward members. It worked out well.
A week before the baptism we asked hermana Belinda to sing a special number for us. Everything was perfect.
The spirit was strong during the baptismal service. The family was really prepared for baptism.
They have good study habits and know alot about the gospel and have a strong testimony that this church is true.
Hermano Victor and his wife Mirta were crying the whole time because of the words spoken and the hymns that we sang.
Danya, their 8 year old daughter was first to be baptized. Elder Romero did the ordinance. The first time was great, but her feet just flew out of the water.
The second time too. But the third time was a charm. Next, her brother Victor Jesus 10 years old. Before the service we had hermana Mirta write down all the names.
When she wrote down Victor Jesus name she forgot the name "Jesus". So, Sunday when he was about to receive the holy ghost the bishop asked his name. When he said Victor Jesus, well...we knew we had to do it again. (This was pure revelation) For the baptisms of Yesenis and her children hermana Mirta let us borrow some white clothes. I brought the white clothes to the service but he had new white clothes.
So, the white clothes I brought stayed in the trunk of their car. Not knowing we would need them for Sunday. Interesting. So Hermana Mirta grabbed the clothes and at 3 I baptized Victor Jesus again.
Back to the baptism. I baptized Hermana Mirta and her husband. Mirta's baptism went great but when I was baptizing Hermano Victor I said..."Having been consecrated of Jesus Christ" instead of "Having been commissioned..." I didn't dunk I just said the prayer over again. We had a good laugh about it after the service when we ate mini sandwiches they brought. While changing in the bathroom I asked him how he was feeling. "No words can describe the feeling I have" he said. "I can't wait to see you all in white in the temple in a year" I responded.
The next day the whole family was confirmed members of the church. I participated in the confirmation of Victor Jesus and his dad Victor. I was crying by the end of the blessings. It was a great experience.
Testimony meeting was amazing as always and so were the classes.
Sorry, out of time. I tried to send pictures but it didn't work. More next week.
Elder Chadwick