Monday, February 27, 2012


Wow! Time flies....especially when one is illegal. But no worries...we are here in Cuarnavaca and I have my new ID so I don't get deported. I bought a new bible today....smells know, the new book smell. Like I said to President Spannaus "The work gives me a "high" that I can't describe."
It is true, we didn't have the chance to baptize this last week but Jose made the decision to get married a week from today.
The Victor Family is getting baptized at 7 pm this Saturday. You are all invited...spiritually speaking....pray for this baptism to run smooth because their is a lot going on that day with the whole stake.

I am learning a lot from the people around me. We can find and learn something new with every person we come in contact with. I don't know if you have seen the video "Out of the mouth of Babes" but those babies say it all.
We are working really hard right now with alot of families. A lot of things to prepare because every soul is special and needs something a little different.
It seems like every lesson we teach the Spirit is there more and more. I love it!
If we are wise we will work the spiritual muscle every moment we have...and then every moment will be explosive.
Well, I know this was short but I know my mom will put my email to dad and stacie on the blog also.
Thanks for everything you do for the missionaries.
Love Elder Chadwick

Letter to Elder Chadwick's dad
I am in Cuarnavaca right now. My visa expired on the second so I have been illigal for a while now. So we traveled two hours last night to come here and stayed in the assistents house. It is a huge apartment. Their phone is also unblocked....not fair. The work is easier with a unblocked phone. Especially at night when we can't leave the house.

I am loving it here. We are going to baptize a family of four this weekend. We didn't baptize this last week because Jose didn't want to get married. Something about his fiesta. But he is getting married in a week and will be baptized soon.

So a woman we found a while back invites us to eat with her family and sing mexican songs I don't know. Well, I started up a conversation about church and she said she will come to church next Sunday. The only condition she said....was if she could bring her whole family. And that my dear father is 10 people. She said if she falls in the water the whole family falls into the water....cant wait for that day.

I received the package from the family with the stick figure huge man. It was a sweet package. I already ate the spaghettios. Yum!!!

Well, I hope everything is going well. love ya

Elder Chadwick

Monday, February 20, 2012


Elder Chadwick will be getting a new mission President in July.

Bruce C. and Alynda K. Kusch

Bruce Calvin Kusch, 60, and Alynda Kidd Kusch, four children, Rexburg 6th Ward, Rexburg Idaho East Stake. Brother Kusch is a counselor in a Young Men presidency and is a former stake president, counselor in a stake presidency, high councilor, bishop and missionary in the Guatemala/El Salvador Mission. Associate academic vice president for curriculum, Brigham Young University-Idaho. Born in Lynwood, Calif., to Zygfred Sylvester and Laura Stocking Kusch.
Sister Kusch is a gospel doctrine teacher and is a former counselor in a stake Relief Society presidency, adviser in a stake Relief Society presidency, stake seminary supervisor, counselor in a ward Relief Society presidency and seminary teacher. Born in Orange, Calif., to Ralph Cicero and Ora Lundquist Kidd.

This week was great. I am loving the work more and more. Especially because we had zone conference this last week. President Spannaus used a slide show to show us how the Book of Mormon came to be. It was awesome. I learned something new. That Sister Whitmer saw the gold plates and angel moroni.

So on Thursday we were waiting for a van to pick us up and we were going to go up on the top of the mountain but one was passing to go to the grave yard where Yesenia lives.
I know it was the spirit prompting me to take it. So we did and we got to the door if Yesenia and her in laws were there with her kids. Maria, her daughter was there and was the one that chose not to get baptized this last Saturday. We asked if we could talk to her and she was really excited to talk to us. We started with a prayer and then read in 2 Nephi 31 about baptism.
I asked her "What do these scriptures mean to you?" she answered..."Well, we have to baptized to enter into the kingdom of God. I talked to my mom and told her I want to be baptized...." I think my face was priceless because I was so surprised. (Almost fell off of my chair.) She had a huge smile on her face.

The next day we tried and tried to call Yesenia to see when she didnt have work. She finally answered at 9:20 on Friday night. She said the next day at 1 o'clock. So we started calling around to see who could go. The next morning we cleaned out the font. I will try to attach some photos. It took three hours to fill the font with hot water. It really makes a difference when the water is warm. I think the spirit is stronger for some people if the water is warm.
After picking the family up we headed to the baptism. Only two people showed up, but it was great. We got to use a new DVD that we received with all the mormon messages on it. (Elder Johanson made it. Now all the mission has it. Way to be MUERTO....:)
I had the privilage of baptizing her. When she left the water she said it was sweet or "Dulce".
I also had the privilage of confirming her a member and giving her the Holy Ghost.
Not going to lie, I was kind of nervous in front of everyone in Sacrement Meeting.

Maria Luisa Villanuava Gonzalez
We have two baptisms planned for this next week. I am excited. Jose Luis and his future wife (as of tommorow). It will be great and then the family of Victor on the 3rd.
Elder Romero and I are working really hard and we are expecting a great week.
Well, love you all. Thanks for all your prayers. They are felt.
Elder Chadwick

WATER PROBLEMS February 13 post

The organization of the church is wonderful. I love it, down to the Area Book. The "Area Book" is where we keep a record off all the people the have been, are in the process or will be taught the gospel. I was looking through this Area Book and found a family and felt they needed a visit. It said there last time in church was a year ago. So Elder Johanson and I visited them and two of their family ended up being baptized. (Way to plant the seeds my friend (Elder Johanson)) We are working with the rest, the father, a son and a daughter of Yisenia. It was a great experience finding, teaching and baptizing part of this family. The joy I felt for them I can not describe with words. The fulfillment of alot of prophecies are happening right now, personally and as a world.
Many people ask us about the signs of the times and the book of Revelations. I love testifying that they are signs that Jesus will come again and reign upon the earth.
With the baptisms and excitement that we had I had a new challenge that was about to come our way. Everyday since are tank of water is not full we have to go with buckets, drop them down with a rope tied to it and take water out of this big tank. Everyday we would wait for the water to fall (the water comes to them at different times) to fill our tank. One day I left the lid open....we came back in the after noon and I looked in to check if the water had come. And in response I heard a "MEOW!!!!!" A cat had fallen in the tank. As soon as I stuck my head over the edge the kitty started jumping up and trying to grab my head to get out.
I was laughing so hard.....anyway, so i grabbed my BYU shirt and stuck it in the jumped, and hung on for dear life, and I pulled er' out. After telling my companion the story we looked back in and it was terrible. The water was brown and smelled horrible.
On Sunday the water started falling (going into the tank) but we shut the valve not to let the water in. I started filling up a trash can and then looked for other things to fill up with water.
There are not that many things to fill up in our house.....well we have two fridges, how lucky to put food in and one to store our dishes. So the one with the dishes I pulled everything out and laid it down on its back, and started filling it with water.
We went to see how hermana cleo was doing and if she had anything we could fill up with water. Her daughter answered the door and we explained the situation. (Cat included) She started to laugh because this happened to them two weeks ago. We went back to the house and the fridge was almost full of water....then we noticed the floor was all wet. I HAD NO CLUE THEY PUT HOLES IN THE BACK OF FRIDGES......lesson learned. So we poured it out, went and asked Hermana Cleo what we could do. She handed me a bucket and a rope and basically commanded me to get in the tank and start cleaning. So of course I did as told and as you can see in the photos did my part to clean the tanky wanky. This was all before church.

The scary thing about baptizing people is waiting for them at church. As I was playing prelude at the very last second Yisenia and her son Victor came in. Nothing like the comfort of knowing someones baptism is complete.
(I say this because it took more then three months to confirm my first baptism)
So about my companion. Lets just say we are like peas and carrots. He is great. He has a wonderful testimony of the gospel.
He was baptized six years ago and went to Benemerito, a Church owned High School. (Wish I could have gone....note to future children: LEARN SPANISH AND GO THERE.) So we Elder Romero and I have spirts of revelation. Trying to find a new apartment on Saturday night we were coming up to a old investigators store. I felt something and we went in and asked for the grandmother. Her grandchild lead us to the back were the family, all the family was eating. They happily invited us to eat with them. So we started talking and thirty minutes later I ask if they know of any apartments. They told me to turn around and go in a door. So I did and we found our new apartment. We don't know when we are moving, because we have water at least for a week now, and we already paid the rent. Unfortunately I could not contact the owner of our apartment where we are living.

SOOO my friends....don't leave your tanks open (poor kitties) and when your children go on missions constantly remind them to use and fill up their Area Book.
Happy Trails.
Elder Chadwick

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Visit to a museum with Elder Johansen Check out the skulls!
Elder Chadwick and King Tut
Hey! don't bite my finger!
Elder Chadwick's new bed of nails.
Dinner will be served.
Just what Elder Chadwick wanted, Ant eggs on a tortilla.
Elder Johansen cutting his going away cake.
Elder Chadwick cutting Elder Johansen tie.
Efain one of Elder Chadwick's baptisms.
Adolfo a friend going on a mission to Chile.

More from.....the story of Jose Luis....
First week in church he was wearing a Polo and jeans.....second week in church he was wearing a yellow dress shirt and a tie (He learned fast, I taught him myself).....third week in church he wore a white shirt, tie, dress pants and Sunday shoes.....did I mention he bore his testimony yesterday too? Well, he did. The spirit was so strong when he testified of the Book of Mormon and how it makes the things in the bible clearer. He is getting baptized this Saturday if every thing goes right.
We didn't play soccer today because of changes. My new companions name is Elder Romero from Mexico City. He is awesome. Excited to work hard and do what is right.
He has a year in the mission and speaks perfect Spanish....haha.
Well, this last week with Elder Johansen was really great. He didn't die on me which is good. We found another family of five to teach. Yesinia, Gegorio and their three children. We also found a family of three next to our house. We are going to visit them in three hours. We are also teaching Hermana Cleo's neighbor, Pati. She didn't go to church but bought a skirt to go to Church next week. YEAH!
So, life is wonderful. Btw, if any of you ever have the chance to eat ANT EGGS they are not to bad. Just watch the Lion King and learn from Timon and Pumba.
In Priesthood yesterday we practiced doing ordinances. Jose Luis baptized me.....
Oh!!!! So we had an appointment with Jose on Friday in the morning. We arrive at his house and knock, yell, and wait a couple minutes. He doesn't we start walking down the street and found his mother. We helped her with her groceries and then asked where her son was....she said "he is playing Nintendo with his kid..." then I said...."No, your son Jose Luis" ..."He has a son....don't you know that"
Obviously we went and met his 8 year old child, Jesus. Here is a photo.....good thing Jose Luis was practicing baptizing in Priesthood so he can baptize his son in a couple of weeks.
Well, If I think of more to say I will send another email.
Love you all.
Live Long and Prosper.....a little Vulcan Humor for ya
Elder Chadwick
(Editor's note: Some additional notes that came with the photos.)
Well, changes came Friday night at 10 45. (I was almost asleep but I woke up for that)I am not training, nor district leader.
My new companion is Elder Romero. I picked him up this morning. He is GREAT! He has a wonderful attitude.
I am so excited to work with him. He is from Mexico City and has 1 year in the mission. We are iguales. (equal)

I want more talks please. I love them....some how they are just right for the moment and things I have gone through.
I ate Chinese today. It was great. haha. (But they didn't have orange chicken like last time.)
I also cleaned the apartment. It looks really good. Just to let you know I have a new fetish, I have to make my bed every morning or I don't feel good through the day. The more obedient we are the more we see the small and simple things we are doing that are wrong.

So we ate ant eggs this last week....and iguana the week before. I am going to get the photo of me eating iguana next week from Hermana Luz but here are the Ant Eggs....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It is kind of funny but the relationship I have with my mission president is in English. Last Tuesday we had the privilege of having interviews with President Spannaus. I don't even try to speak Spanish because he just switches to English. ha ha.
So every Monday I write him in English.
This is what I wrote this week. I wish to share it with you.

Dear President Spannaus,
I have pondered and prayed about our little chat we had Tuesday.
And I have put ten things I am going to do to have a "No regret 10 month mission".
1. After preparing for the day I will go to my "Sacred Grove" and pour out my spirit conversing with my Father in Heaven.
2. After completing this prayer in the "sacred grove" I will ponder and feast on the scriptures looking for an answer to my prayers and how I can help the people.
3. I will not think bad or negative thoughts about other people.
4. I will talk and act in a way that people will know that I am a representative of Jesus Christ.
5. I will Inspire ten people everyday, with the help of the Holy Ghost.
6. I will always be with my companion, in all things, in all places, we are a team.
7. Smile when needed, cry when needed, and do whatever is needed to bring down the powers of heaven to bless the people I see everyday.
8. I will never give up and never surrender.
9. I will obtain as many Christ like Attributes as possible and work on them for the rest of my life.
10. No regrets
Well, of course there is going to be more goal setting but this is what I came up with for now. Please tell me what you think.
I desire to stay in this area because I feel I have not finished my work here.
Of course I will always go where the Lord wants me to go.
I feel content with the way things are going right now and took forward to the future with faith.
Le amo y gracias por todo
Elder Chadwick

He told my something interesting when we talked. He said "There is a thin line in between being happy and not being reverent."
He said it was just a comment, but it was one of those things that is on your mind all week.
So I've been careful to be on the happy part of the line.
He also asked me if I was ready to have a "new missionary".....he he he....
I really want one, we will see if I am humbled. He said he feels I am ready.

So on to other things.... The bishop talked with Jose Luis and Sol for almost 2 hours after church Sunday. Jose really wants to get baptized and is ready to go to Zumpango to get married...but has to talk Sol into it. If she doesn't want to he said they are separating so he can be baptized this weekend. LOVE IT!!! THE THE DESIRE!!!
So we found another family that has their times in the church and is ready to be baptized. Just need to marry the parents. TO Zumpango!!!
Also Elnesto is almost done with his divorce and his "Girl friend" he is living with is ready to be baptized. TO ZUMPANGO!!!!
Only 40 bucks, what a deal right? 400 pesos for a passport to heaven...okay, there is more then that but you know what I mean.

My brother Jordan wants a funny story so here it is folks....
This morning we go to rinse the whites at Hermana Cleo's house and she was basically screaming for us to come to her little back yard. (About the size of the old office in the house. Editor's note: this is a small bedroom that we used as an office untill Daryl finished the one downstairs) So we got back there and she handed Elder Johansen a plastic bag to reach into the black tank of water to take out a dead cat. Apparently when this GATO NEGRITO (black cat) went to take a drink it fell in. Can't swim for too long I guess. "Good thing we used Clorox to clean our whites!" I told both of them. She then ran to take the cat out front. Nothing like letting the cat right out of the bag.
So she wanted a smoothie and so we ate strawberry smoothies. I was teasing her and asked how her cat strawberry smoothie was and she almost had a heart attack from the laughter.
Got to love black cats, don't let them cross your path.

To be serious, on divisions a month or two ago Elder Ramos (From Peru) and I went to give a blessing to an old man. A month and a half later I learned that after the blessing he started walking and doing things around the house. Before, he could not get out of bed. Elder Hernandez and I went back and found out that Efain had received and answer and is ready to be baptized. So this weekend he was baptized and confirmed.

Have to go.
Love you all.
If I don't write next Monday I am in Cuarnavaca or traveling.
Elder Chadwick