Saturday, January 29, 2011


This letter arrived on Saturday. It was addressed to Mom and included pictures of friends and activites he sent home. This is the letter.
Dear Mom,
Let's just say, I am a changed man.
I am putting a lot of stuff behind me and a lot of stuff in head of me.
Great stuff.
I have this net stuck to my shoes and I am sending some of it home and letting the Atonement take care of the rest.
I am now a fisher of men.
Tonight got me really excited about Faith, leadership, obedience, sacrifice, consecration and more.
It is double go time now.
Once I get my visa.....
Watch out Mexico. Here I come!
I can't express how excited I am to fulfil my purpose.
The field is so close mom, I can feel it.
We are having super tutoring tomorrow with both teachers.
Elder Oswald and me are the only ones left in the district.
I am going to have a memorized speech when I talk to you for 5 minutes so I can get a little of it out.
You are probably thinking I am a nut....Well, I get it from you.
I have to pray with my companion.
Good night, CTR, LOL.
Love Elder Chadwick
P.S. give dad a hug for me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Dear Family and Friends,
It has been a great two weeks. Here is a better update then last week. Two weekends ago we were transferred to another service area. The cafeteria. After waiting five minutes we were assigned to do baby carrots.
We would just open the bags and put them in big pans. Just imagine six elders and carrot bags flying everywhere. It was so much fun and after we had a system down it was more fun then ever. The next day I was behind the 1st counselors wife and told her that the carrots were extra good today. It was great actually seeing are work being eaten by other elders.
A week later we did bacon, and we smelled like it until showers after gym that after noon.
Sunday Fireside withe Bro. Stephan B. Allen
The Four Phases of Life
1. Honeymoon: When you enter a new experience and are excited and ready to go and do something new.
2. Hostile: The "I" phase. Thinking about how hard or boring this is and how I am suffering.
3. Grin and bear it: We finally figure out that we have to grin and bear this hard or difficult task or thing out.
4. Enduring to the end: Some actually grow to love the situation they are in and find out that serving others is a way out of stages 2 and 3.

We are Elite troops of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday Devotional with Elder David F. Evans
Elder Evans talk was mainly on his personal experiences with President Monson. He asked us to not tell his story to the world because it was sacred to him and his family. The experiences he had were indeed amazing, the spirit was so strong during that devotional. By visiting someone or making a phone call to see if someone is okay we can become more like him (President Monson) and the Savior.

Here are some quotes from Elder Evans and President Monson:
"Decisions do determine Destiny"
"Every great member of the church, before committing a serious sin, is always warned by the Holy Ghost before hand"
"Don't put your eternal life at risk."
Pres. Eyring "keeping the commandments means don't sin."
" If we are on the Lords errand we are entitled to His help"
"The Lord usually answers prayers through another person."

And that is the report from the devotional.

Elder Oswald and I have not gone to the consulate yet. The rest of our district is leaving tomorrow.
Life is still great, we are on Gods time and Gods time is my time.
I can now understand what the teachers are saying to each other when they talk full force. It is so much fun figuring out this beautiful language with the help of the Holy Ghost. I am so thankful for the many blessings I have received while at the MTC. It is my home, like the temple, my fortress of solitude. I hope everything is fantastic wherever you are reading this from. have and amazing weekend. I love you all!!!

Love, Elder Chadwick

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,
It is pretty cool we will be leaving by the end of the month. I was getting worried. This place is great but it is time to move on. The extra week or two will help. I will be a little more prepared.
I have saved up for things that I want from the bookstore. This week I bought the stories of the Book of Mormon in Spanish. For one, so I can tell the stories better to investigators and two to more fully understand what is going on.
(took a break from writing and went to the Temple. We did initiatories and I got to know the temple workers of course. Don't worry, I didn't slow them down any.)
So, yesterday at lunch my companion and I ate lunch with HNO Ramirez and his friends. They talk really fast and mumble a lot but I was able to keep up and join in every once in a while. It is going to be weird not seeing the snow for 22 months. I might just die down there in paradise.
We sat next to a returned missionary in the temple and he said it gets 1000 times better in the field.
I was telling elder Oswald that I was not going to miss him as much because I will have the privilege of seeing him at mission conference once a month.
BTW Mom, when do I get to hear/read cool stories form your mission? I tell you all mine. lol
I almost wet my pants when Jordan told me about his new job at the flower shop. haha We are having a teaching week so all we do is contact, invite, teach and start over or have progressive investigators.
Our new Zone tutor introduced herself yesterday. Her name is Hermana Keller. I can already tell she is going to be great. She was so excited to meet all of us. Let's see, what else should I tell you. Oh, Elder Larsen and I are like peas and carrots. we are hanging out post mish (post mission). I am excited for that. I tutor Elder Larsen every night from 9:30 to 10:00. It helps me a lot.
My arm stopped hurting, that is a plus. (he received his final shots last week)
The lady that shot me was form American Fork. Her son was on drum line there. She was the band nurse.
Many of my friends from school/Spanish class came in this last week. It is pretty cool. One is being sent to Santiago Chile.
When I am an investigator for someone my name is either Santiago or Domingo. Elder Oswald was like,"no one would name their kid Sunday" (Domingo in Spanish is Sunday)Then I asked HNo Ramirez and he said "that Domingo is a very popular name" and then I told elder Oswald to eat cake, in Spanish. It was really funny. What else is funny is Elder Nerser. He was singing Barry Manilow at lunch today. What an Elder he is. There is never a dull moment here at the MTC.
I am actually going to write the bishop back today.
Did you hang up my plaque because I do not recall giving you a scripture. Just
I hope they have Chicken Cordon Bleu tonight. The man in the temple remembers that particular piece of food here.
Well, it is time to write the bishop. Oh, who was the Stake President in between Gibson and Anderson? I ate dinner with him a couple days ago. (thank goodness I didn't need to use his name.)
But anyway, thanks for everything.
Love, Elder Chadwick


This is what's up.
On Tuesday, 1-11-11, while 2000+ missionaries were singing Choose the right, and an apostle walked in.... We all knew one of the twelve was coming because of the change in the MTC Presidency. The spirit was strong and everyone could feel his presence even before he entered the room.
It is like the wave effect you get at football games but everyone joins in. The swish of all the chairs as the spirit sweeps in even more.
I am on the floor with maybe 150 Elders and sisters in front of me, my body is positioned at a 45 degree angle to the stand. I jump up. The five pounds I gained didn't give me the height I needed. I jump again.
Elder Jeffery R. Holland,blows us kisses and we all sit down.
Everyone is a little bit more antsy now.
As President Smith stands up to conduct, he gets emotional because we are his family. The 80,000+ missionaries he has seen are not going to be there for him. He announces the rest of the meeting. After singing Called to Serve, the sound of binders opening, people scooting forward in their seats is heard.
What will Elder Holland say this time?
As in previous talks he tells us how his mission effected the rest of his life. He said "when I started my mission it was just after the ark landed." (The general Authorities seem to throw in some genius line every time and make everyone laugh)
He then went on to say, "this is the era of Preach My gospel". From there he referred back to his mission several times. Mainly about the 6 discussions that were memorized. "I had them memorized from front to back." he said, "they did not help hardly at all. The missionaries would be asked questions, told experiences of death in the family and all thy would do is rattle off the discussions."
Surprising to all of us he told us of an experience when President Hinckley was speaking to new mission presidents and said "This is not working, the missionary discussions are failing."
Missionaries were not becoming really converted to the gospel. So the brethren stated working on PMG.
The main purpose of the MTC/PMG is to convert the missionary. If we are not converted then we can not teach from the heart.
Elder Holland said multiple times in his talk "You have to be the best missionaries ever, better than me.
Wow. Better than an apostle? Pressures on.
To move on in the talk, he pointed out three things missionaries have problems with:
1. Don't study well
2. Don't prepare well
3. Don't commit while teaching.
We all have to come through as missionaries. Everything is on the line. We are the hope of Israel. For the second time in a week we heard the story of Peter. How everything rested on his shoulders after the Saviors death and Resurrection. Again we heard the story of the twelve out at sea fishing through the night.
Not having to much success, headed back to shore.
They heard a voice, "cast your nets to the right."
Elder Holland after telling this part said, "One of the twelve had to complain who is this nut? Telling us what to do, who is this guy? Peter being the wise one probably convinced them to do so. After casting their nets to the right, they could not pull them in because of the weight of the fish. Peter knew then it was his Master. He bailed, swimming to the shore." (this was Elder Hollands exact words.)
The Savior was on the shore cooking them breakfast. (How cool is that!) After a little bit of eating the Savior asked Peter, "Do you love the fish of the sea more than me?" After three times, the Savior said. "Drop your nets and become fishers of men." Elder Holland said that is when the apostle Peter became the Great Apostle Peter.
This is the time to drop our nets of the world and feed His sheep as the Savior also told Peter and the other apostles.
This is the greatest adventure of your life.
After ending his talk, Sister Baird lead the music as we sang "Because I have been given much. The testimony meeting after was amazing. Each one in our district testified of Christ and how we are all leaving our nets behind us as Peter did.
Someone just got their visa and is on their way to Salt Lake now.
Well, I will save more for later.
Love, Elder Chadwick

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Who are these two guys? Elder Chadwick and Elder Oswald Nativity at Provo Temple. Do you understand me? Am I speaking Spanish or something? New Scripture Covers Elder Chadwick Bought himself for Christmas. The Christmas Bounty Spaghettio's for Christmas Breakfast. Yum! Elders Oswald, Thomas and Chadwick Outside the Provo Temple.


We sent Elder Chadwick some questions that required short answers.
Here is how it went.
Do you need more stamps?
Sure that would be great.
Do you need any other clothes that we didn't pack?
Probably another pair of jeans and black socks.
Have you had any bad days?
If you have how have you handled them?
prayed a lot and turned my attitude around so it was a good day. Served others instead of myself.
Are you still getting along with your companion?
Have you gotten home addresses for all those that you want to keep in touch with?
yes, I bought a $2 address book.
Have you been sick? (other than the orange juice challenge)
yes, but it was not bad enough to go to the clinic.
Are you playing nice with others?
Yeah, until gym everyday.
Do you miss your cell phone?
Do you have music somehow?
Yes, Elder Oswald is constantly singing.
Have you missed a certain food from home? (not that I will send it)
Not Really
What is the biggest thing you have missed or what have you missed the most?
Being alone.
What are you looking forward too the most?
The field and learning more Spanish.
What has been the hardest thing about the MTC?
Getting my companion up and going and not getting my message across in Spanish.
What has been the easiest?
Everything else.
Have you had disappointments?
What is your best piece of advice you have received while there?
Change. We can all really come perfected in Christ. We just have to be like him.
Can you last a couple more weeks on MTC food?
Yes, I survive on the Chadwick salad.
Is there something from the list that we didn't pack that you might need?
Fingernail clippers
Is Elder Oswald going to Cuernavaca too?
Is your district made up of only elders going there?
Elder Oswald and I are going to Cuernavaca the rest to Puebla Mexico Mission.
Are you still happy?
Heck yes. All the time
Does your companion get mail and packages too?
Does everyone share things they get?
When do you get mail?
At 11 a.m. (letters) 5 p.m. for DearElder and packages
Do you have to check a box everyday?
Yes, my companion is the district leader
Are you sad when none is there?
Do you get mail on Saturday's?
Do you have to go to a certain place to drop off your mail?
In the big blue drop off box.
Can you send mail any day you want?
Yes and no
The kids think you are spoiled. Do you feel that way?
Not at all, unless an apostle walks through the door.
Do you want any more photos sent to you?
sure, that would be cool.
Have you cried?
Have you felt all alone?
Have you felt our love?
Do you think you made the right decision?
Heck yes.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Excerpts of the letters below.
Dear Mom,
Well, I decided since you have been bombarding me with quotes I will do the same to you.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:
"I am an Apostle with a capital "A" that makes you like an apostle with a lower case"a"."
"The Avon lady was more enthusiastic about selling her product than the missionaries preaching the gospel."
Elder Russell M. Nelson:
Someone asked him if we believed in the bible, he said "Yes we do, our members wrote it."
"Armed with the power of the Lord anything is possible."
Sister Smith (President Smith's wife):
"This is the church that will fill the world in 167 different languages."
"The language they learned as a child is the language of their heart."
President Ralph Smith
"Selective obedience is of the devil."
After the fireside with President Smith we sang the song Army of Heleman. The words were changed from "we will be the Lord's missionaries" to "we are now the Lords missionaries".
I am learning a lot and becoming more like the Savior every day. I love the quotes you send me. Thanks for all the support.
Love Elder Chadwick
It has been a awesome week. The food is getting old but it keeps me going. Anyway, everything is going great. I can almost understand everything my teacher says in Spanish. I should be fluent by the end of of next month. I am really close but we will see what the field brings.
I have gained 5 lbs in the last two months. Hopefully it is muscle because I have been working hard in the gym. I run a mile everyday and play basketball. I can hit a three from about anywhere now. I average 3 points a game in a game of 7. We usually play for 40 minutes.
My obedience is getting even better. Sometimes it is hard to get my companion out of bed in the morning but that is just life. We have companionship inventories every week or whenever we want and we just say straight up what each other can do better.
So, I told him "I am not your mom. When you get up the first time to turn off your alarm, stay up. Don't wait for Elder Chadwick's alarm." I'm sure that is probably how mom felt when she had to wake me up. I get plenty of sleep.
Elder Baxter of the Seventy came on Tuesday and totally punched anyone that doesn't believe we aer Christians in the face with his testimony. It was Awesome! I really want a copy of his talk. I took notes but he was throwing scriptures at us like every five sentences for an hour. It was hard to keep up. His accent was cool He is from Wales/Scotland.
I am excited to get my travel plans. We will see if I get a second mission call. It would be cool to go to California, New York or Florida. I have heard good things about all of those missions. We will soon see what God has in store for me.
Love Elder Chadwick
Before you continue to read this letter pull out your bible and go to Hebrews 11:34. It will blow your mind. After reading this letter read ALL of Chapter 11. It is probably my favorite chapter about faith.
I will most likely see another apostle this next week because the MTC president is getting released. That will be three apostles in two months.
We made teams for basketball and we are having a tournament on Friday.
BTW, get online and watch "Our Priesthood Duty" at or read it in the Ensign of this month by President Monson. It is pretty cool.
Don't wreck the room to much.
Love Elder Chadwick

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Dear Family,
I received one letter from you today with all the pictures. They made me laugh. Thank you.
This just in! We just talked to the travel office and I will receive a reassignment on Wednesday of next week. There has only been one group since the spring of last year who has gone to Mexico on time. Let’s see where I am going!!!! Everyone take your guesses. It will be stateside. The visa thing is true. No one is getting visas. We are praying and we fasted for that this month. We will see what happens. Hopefully they call us during dinner tommorow.
The HD video is coming but it was on some else’s camera so I haven’t been able to control that. I just put the memory card in the mail with my SD card in it. It is in Jodie’s letter.
Yours and dads letters have a lot of info, so I am not sending a huge email this week btw.
I love the daily letters and all the quotes. You will like the letter I just sent you in the mail.
I wrote a long letter to all of you. Well, individually.
I just barely put it in the you should receive it by Saturday.
I gave everyone an assignment in their letters, almost everyone. Make sure everyone is on top of things. What chapter are you on in the NT?
I saw the alligators grandma sent me, pretty cool. I emailed them back and I am sending them a post card.
Btw, Elder Neiser is in love with you.....jk.....just your cake
I sent letter/thank yous to the Monsens, Petersen's, Johnston's and everyone that sent me anything. I had a great holiday thanks to everyone.
Ok, send more cake. there are elders in need :)
btw, I love you....