Monday, July 25, 2011


This week was great!
It seems that when President comes into town everything gets better. I am in perfect health now and my foot doesn't hurt anymore. I finally can work out normally and run a little. I am thankful that I have great health. There are many people in the pueblo I am in that are sick right now because of the Heart and flies.
Last Tuesday started off great. My comp had a feeling to go visit a investigators house. We ended up teaching her daughter who speaks three languages. We still taught her in Spanish. It was great because there were a lot of distractions and I had to get up and go to the bathroom right before we talked about Joseph Smith. Right before my comp started the first vision the ice cream man drove up and they bought ice cream. With ice cream in hand my companion recited the first vision. The spirit was sooooo strong. Belindas countenance changed, she had a lot of goosebumps and had a huge smile. After explaining more about Jose Smith and the Book of Mormon we challenged her to be baptized when she received a answer that this was the Lords church. "I am already convinced, I know this is the true church" she said to that. We then committed her to be baptized on the 13th of August. The next visit she asked when her baptism was....we said the 13th of August. She said "ok, because that is the day of my baptism." Boy, did this experience bring joy to my soul. She was really prepared to receive the gospel.
Also on that same Tuesday were interviews, and they brought my package! I love everything in it. Especially my little book of Mormon! I carry it everywhere. I have random scripture moments to cheer me up if something falls through.
Interviews were great. President said "The mission is a marathon not a race" ha ha. Okay, I will slow down alittle pres.
After interviews that night we had another Goose bump experience with Juan Carlos. It was great. We saw him on his bike but we have not talked to him again.
I am excited for this week and next month. It is the Chadwick birthday month of August! ha ha.
We should have a couple get wet in August. We have had a drought for a while.
Changes are on the 22nd of August so we are working hard to do all we can to baptize.
Branch Conference was great! We almost filled the Chapel. (It was quite the sight)
We had 10 to 15 non members there, and everyone who usually comes.
Well, got to go....time is up. Off to Ziuat....
Love Elder Chadwick

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hey Family,
I am just going to say "Hey Family" because we are all spirit brother and sisters.
I received all the pictures from the Family Party. Wow, it was so cool to see all of you today.
Everyone looks good and happy. I am glad to see everything is going well. I am digging the Yankees hat Braxton.
Who is reading Mormon Doctrine?....I want to read it...after the mission perhaps...ha ha. (sent him a photo of the family in the livingroom and he saw the book on the coffee table)
This last week I had enough and said "lets get to work."
My foot is still the same and still hurts when I walk.
It helps to hum hymns and remember stories from the scriptures to help me to keep going.
We found some new investigators this last week and are trying really hard to get someone to come to church.
Yesterday was Conferencia de Rama (Branch).
The first counselor in the presidency stood up and talked about our thoughts.
It was great because that morning I had the feeling to study more about thoughts and how I could improve my thinking process. I looked up all the scriptures about thoughts and wrote them down and started comparing. I am still studying the topic, I love studying the scriptures.
Well, after the first counselor the stake president stood up, looked out at us and said "I am sorry, please forgive me. All the presidencies are not here to help you.
Also, I don't like any of this. I look out and there is really no one here. (Ouch) This is not a real conference. We are going to have the real one next week.
You will make invitations and send them around the pueblo (City). (He compared this with the proclamation King Benjamin made to his city.)
We will have flowers on both sides of the stand and this place will be clean.
Also, there will be another two stake presidents here next week. We will eat after sacrament meeting and then have a four hour meeting. Please don't come in this room after this hour." Anyway, he went on to plan the branch and it was in the end good for them. (he is really switching his typing/speaking to Spanish.)
After sacrament meeting I taught gospel principles, on the word of wisdom. We had a really good discussion about Coca Cola. It was great. I had to calm the sisters down and tell them that is not stated in the commandment that "Coca" is against this law.
But I did talk alot about addictions to it and to the TV.
In Priesthood, the stake president got things organized with the young men in the branch and now we have presidencies for the Deacons, Teacher and Priests.
After church at 2 the president of Seminary\institute came from Acapulco to talk to the youth and young single adults. It just so happened to be the family from my first area. I finally had the privilege of having a full conversation with them.
They said that my Spanish has really improved and that they were thankful that I could finally communicate with them.
At 7 we had a Branch Council meeting. We attended and helped out ALOT! They have a goal to be a ward and so they finally sat down and put a plan together so they could have more personas come to church next week and well for the rest of time.....
The primary presidency had alot of problems and I am thankful that my family had the opportunity to serve in the primary together this last year. I now am working with the sisters to set up sharing time and singing time and a battle plan to control the kids.
This is great. The branch is really growing....spiritually. We might not have a great increase in numbers but the knowledge and espiritualidad has really took a leap. I am excited to see if we can pull this week off and fill the Chapel. It would be great.
It is so cool to be a Mormon. Just to let you all know. Eternal Life is so the next level up and I know I am on the right path.
I read alot about temples this last week and am helping alot of members to get to the temple. It is hard because they don't have money. But they do have a testimony.
I am a Keeper of the Covenants. Is that not cool? My whole family is, we are eternal and it is never going to end. Literally. I am so happy to be sealed to my parents and know that I can someday have someone fantastic, worthy, virtuous, brilliant, young lady across from me in the temple and for all eternity.
Well, I am just full of the spirit right now. Church video do that to you....they just fill you right up and it is great. I love it.
I am really "showing up" now and speaking more. (I passed on the story from Bro. Reeves and our sacrament meeting on 7-17 about "showing up")The mission is more easy now that I know Spanish. I have a long way to go, but I can finally be myself.
I miss you all soooooo much. But I am OK with the very tan family I have down here and the beach....that is always a plus.
Love you all
Elder Chadwick

Monday, July 11, 2011


Last Monday my foot didn't feel any better so I called Hermana Spannaus that night. I then talked to President Spannaus about what I could do. They sent me to Acapulco. So Tuesday we went down there and went to the the hospital to see a specialist. After waiting for a while I went in and it took him five minutes to look at my foot and say that I needed a medication and a boot to stabilize my ankle. So we went and bought the medicine and the foot brace. He also said to rest for three weeks.....this was not good news for me. You know me, I like to work and not be in the house. So this last week we only went to two appointments and Comida (food). We were the house all day everyday. Zeros across the board to report to the district leader. This really hurt me. I don't like seeing zeros. But I didn't ask Why is this happening to me? I asked, What can I do? and the Lord blessed me just like all the modern and antiguo profetas taught.
This last week I read:
Our Heritage
Two Ensigns
True to the Faith
All of Preach My Gospel
I completed five months in the mission field today, I am happy here in Mexico and don't want to leave.
When I talked the doctor 11 days ago he said "You can either go home or stay here and hope it doesn't get worse."
I called Pres. right after and said I was not going home without a fight.
I have spent alot of time on my knees, feasting on the words of God and doing what I can.
It was really hard to sit and not play soccer on Friday night with the joveness.
No one showed up to church on Sunday and we visited the only real progressing investigator we had, found out he is not married to the woman he is living with and that he married at sixteen and left that girl two months later not to see her again for 50 years plus. We will see the if the law is on our side and see if the the separation for that long means divorce.
But we will see what happens. His name is Amilio.
So there are some talks I would like everyone to read, they really helped me and are really powerful.
Squeezing Milk from an Orange: An Easy Approach to Remembering Scripture
Reservoir of Living water by Elder Bednar (you will either have to google it or search on BYU website)
And Joseph Smith—Prophet of the Restoration by Tad R. Callister
All very neat and a new way to study the scriptures and think about Joseph Smith.
Have a good week.
I will keep you updated on my foot.
Love, Elder Chadwick

Monday, July 4, 2011


Hey Everyone,
This last week was kind of boring but it was fun. I am doing great and getting better. I was sick all last week. I had to get my foot x-rayed and had to take lots of meds. It was hard not going out and working. I did get a few appointments in though.
So Friday in Zihuat. we were eating tacos de pastor and we hear these cars coming up really fast and then all the sudden. Pop! Pop! Pop!
The bad guys went by shooting at each other. What was funny was that the police came like thirty minutes later trying to follow them. ha ha.
But the scary experience was when Elder Arreolla and I had just gotten into a Taxi and were on Central Street. We were not even in the taxi 30 seconds when
we heard the pop pop pop sounds again. Everyone pulled to the side of the road and I almost died because everyone was screaming a language I didn't learn in the MTC. The taxi's were all communicating by radio and it was awesome. Yeah, we got home safely and I haven't seen any action since.
This is the last week of the change so we will see if I stay or go. Hopefully I stay, I like it here.
Happy 4Th of July!!
It is weird not being in Provo marching in the parade. This is the first time in 5 years I haven't been in Provo enjoying the freedom festival with the family.
It is all good. Fiesta!
Well, have a fantastic week everyone!
Love Elder Chadwick