Monday, September 19, 2011


Man with a great moustache.
Girl at the Mexican Independence day celebration
The Plan of Salvation according the Calvin and Hobbs?
Boy going to eat a big grasshopper.
Knee deep in the rain water from last week.

What an amazing week...again so much to say so little time.
This last Thursday was the Mexican Independence day so we had to be in our house at 8 pm.
On the bright side, the branch had a huge fiesta with lots of food. (Here are some of the pictures)
It is raining alot off an on this last couple weeks as you can see. lol
We worked really hard this week and I think we have the best numbers in the mission.
25 new investigators, 19 lessons with member, reactivated two families and had five people come to church. Lots of double digits. LOVE IT!
We are baptizing two people this next week, please pray hard that everything will run smoothly and nothing comes up. Their names are Margarito y Stefani

This is probably the hardest I have worked this last week and I feel really good. We are going to have the same numbers this next week. A lot of people to keep track of but it is alright we are going to to our part and I trust the Lord will fill in the rest.
I am now teaching Gospel Doctrine, New Testament, I love the class. Marta, she is a teacher, one of our investigators was really into the class this Sunday, asking questions and commenting like she has five years as a member.
We were talking about Romans and our Divine Potential as Sons and Daughters of God and she just ate it up and is now applying it. Love that. So good!
I am playing the piano every Sunday in church and it is great. I am getting better at the hymns and can play a couple out of the regular hymn book.
I got my package and love it. Can you send another gospel art book please? That is the only thing I can't get down here. You can go online and buy it and just send it to the offices.
I have used the book for almost all my lessons this last week. We really worked hard. I am ready for another full week. I am going to buy some things for the Primary that they need. I will not go overboard, I have a list they gave me. It is not much.
The members are the same around the world. There are things people won't do just because their heart is not into the work.
I am going to buy the blow dryer. (this is for his nagging yeast infection that he has under his arms and on his legs.)
This is what I do,
Pick up people for church
Play piano
Give talk
Teach class
Surprisingly teach Priesthood
Get food list
Report Numbers at 1:15 on the dot
make visits
Eat Shrimp that I am allergic too.
blame mom for making a boy that is allergic to shrimp. It cramps up my throat, I could barely speak last night. it was bad, bad shrimpy.

(Editor's note: I am allergic to shrimp but we never knew that DJ was until now. I told him to stop eating them. This was his response.)

I will tell them. They get really offended when we don't like something or when we get sick. It is really hard. ha ha. but hey only for another 14 months. I have ten months away from my mommy

Time is ya
Traffic looks bad
good thing I am on foot
ha ha
did I say that I love you???
The package was perfect btw
Elder Chadwick

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