Monday, September 26, 2011


It was Friday morning, one of those mornings when you pop out of bed and want everything to to go perfectly because today, Friday, we were having a baptism, the baptism of Margarito.
The day before, a hurricane came by and the streets flooded into rivers, and the rivers into some houses. The water again up to our knees, we could get hardly anything done.
Elder Lara, the district leader, called me and said, "Is is raining down there?" If only the phase "it is raining cats and dogs" existed in Spanish, I definitely would have used it. At that moment we were taking cover in the church practicing piano like good little boys, trying to be productive.
If you are thinking it, yes we asked people if they would like our help and as always they refused. (Weird) Who would refuse two stripling warriors like Elder Nelson and I? I guess they would.
In that same phone call he asked if we were sure about the interview the next morning. Yes, because the worth of a soul is great in the sight of God. Even if another Hurricane is least that is what they said.
Back to Friday, studies took a little longer then usual and the window was open the whole time. And guess what folks? Annie sang, the sun did come out! And it stayed that way all day long!
Elder Lara and his companion arrived right on time at 11 am for the interview. It was hard getting down to Margaritos house because it was so muddy. We got there walked in and like every other missionaries nightmare he wasn't home.
We waited ten minutes and his mom went to find him.
20 minutes later here come Mom and Dad....but NO MARGARITO!
¿Que tiene? (What do you have) "¡Tortuga!" he replied. Oh, this is my favorite meat. I jump out of my chair to look inside the bucket. Sorry Stacie and Jodie but it looked like Finding Nemo gone wrong.
"how much was it my friend?" (He speaks a little English and you have to use their accent it makes it all the more fun.) "230 pesos" "Were did you get that money?" "Top secret"
Who knows where he got the money, but hey it was delicious.
Finally, Margarito showed up and passed the interview with flying colors. (Oh course he did, he had the best stripling warrior, pond leaping, song singing, taco eating misisonaries as teachers.)
I invited his family to the baptism that night and Eric gave me a hard time and Diana said she would try her best.
6 pm that night we pass by, Eric is naked under a blanket and says he is sick, Diana says she has to tend to her grandma.
So we helped Margarito get ready and we left for the church. Kind of sad his parents didn't want to come to their sons baptism.
Well, I was actually planning for the best and the worst. That is why we had the baptism right in the middle of Branch Family home evening. My plan working out perfectly and everyone was there waiting for us at the church.
"¿Que hora es Elder Chadwick? Como 8!" said Hermana Gonzalez. It was actually 6 30. I guess you can't start without the missionaries. ha ha.
After Changing and taking pictures I rounded everyone up and we all fit perfectly into the Relief Society room. I count 45 persons. That was probably more than my baptism. (Ok, I really can't remember.)
Anyway, the service went great. I baptized Margarito. Before we could walk out of the font he dipped himself in again and said that it feels really good. While changing he ran and got his sandals, they had some dirt on them, he acted like he was running to the bath room but turned to the font. Before I could say anything he was rinsing them off in the Font. We ended the service with Families can be Together Forever. (Probably not the right hymn to sing without his family...) And everyone shook his hand and a Hermana brought candy. What a bonus!
So there you go, my hurricane baptism adventure
Love Elder Chadwick.

Water adventure of last week update. This was the photo of him up to his knees in water.
I asked him if he was wearing shoes when he was in all that water last week and this is his response. "ha ha. We were the first time, it was actually worse. We went and got our cameras and then came back and took pictures while our shoes were drying by wimpy fans." There you have it. If you can't get the photo op at first, try, try again. This time with no shoes.

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