Monday, January 16, 2012


Dear Friends and Family,
It is amazing what can happen with two Elders who have never taught together before in their first lesson.
On Thursday I did divisions with Elder Reyes. He is from Baha California. Pretty cool. Anyway, we couldn't find both of the referrals that Elder Johansen gave us so we started to contact a street up from the privada.
On our third door, (who said three was not the magic number should go back to elementary school) the man behind the green door went to find his key and so we waited for like two minutes. His mom ended up walking up and let us right in. We introduced ourselves as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and that we were called by one of His prophets to bring them blessings. Elder Reyes asked where the man went and she called for him. He came down with his future wife.
Jose Luis Reyes, age 26 and Sol 20. Escogidos....Anyway, we started teaching and things just clicked. In a talk by Elder Holland he talks about the divine companionship. The Two missionaries and the Holy Ghost, and when a new doctrine or point is brought up the Spirit touches their hearts and everyone in the room knows it is true. That is how it was. Jose was looking for a change and we had just what he needed.
Thank goodness for Elder Callisters talk on the Book of Mormon and the two points, the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how there is only one line connecting them. That is the difference between us and the rest of the world. We challenged him to be baptized and he acccepted, so did Sol and the next day his mom.
We challenged him to pray and ask God if this was true....we past by the next day and he had prayed. He felt a joy and peace he never felt before and then he went to sleep and had a dream.
In this dream he saw a bright light and it was God speaking saying "This is your destiny, you need to do this so you can help others." After he told us this I asked if he thought it was a answer to his prayer and if these things are true. He said yes!
Elder Johansen said something about the priesthood and right after I asked if they wanted blessings. All of them said yes. So we went upstairs, around the cable guys, and to a quiet spot to do the blessings. It was one of the most spiritual moments I had using the priesthood. After Jose asked us when could be a missionary after he was baptized. That took me by surprise. It was simply amazing. He wanted to be like us, so I told him when him and Sol are older they can go on a couples mission.
I know the Holy Ghost is a real personage of spirit and that if we are obedient he helps us every step of the way.
I want all of you to know that I know Christ lives and He loves each one of us. He is always there and will be forever.
I had a conversation with President Spannaus that was really interesting. This was over phone. I asked him how we could talk to Christ to get to know him better like a friend. He answered saying "we pray to our Heavenly Father and we can know more of Him through studying and doing what he would do."
A friend of mine named Kiko told a story from his young life that really had a great effect on me.
When he was nine he was baptized and the missionary gave him a tie and a book of Mormon. He would walk outside his house every day and have to walk past his uncles and their friends drinking. They called him a name in Spanish, I cant remember what it is, but it means that he changed his religion for the wrong reason. Religion Changer. Ouch. He had to shake their hands and kiss them on the cheek. Years later in a family home evening, (these are huge here, there are more then 50 people that come to this thing) and he told the story about his tie and Book of Mormon. After, when they were eating, Moses and Flor, both bishops now, came and apologized to him about calling him names and mocking him. He compared this to Nephi and how he stood up to his older brothers.
We need to sometimes do this so our families can receive or come back into the gospel. I hope we can be that example for our family and friends.
In Sacrament meeting Hermana Pati shared the story about the three young men in the ice cold river. I was crying like a little baby.
I feel more at peace now in my mission, the mission is easy, all we worry about is our investigators. Love it. I am completing 14 months tomorrow. 10 months to go.....
Well, love you all and have a wonder Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And remember....DREAM BIG and then pray to Heavenly Father to make your abilities great to help you achieve your dreams.
Love Elder Chadwick

Questions and answers
How are you doing really?
Fantastic, attitude changed after a talk with a former missionary. I will share the story in the big blog email.

How is your health?
Amazing. Have not felt better. I have energy every day and love it.

Is there anything you need? No

How are your feet and shoes? Hermano Pepi forced us to take 500 pesos each and buy something we needed so we went with Hermana Tede and Hermana Pati to buy pants for Elder Johansen and Shoes for me. They are great.

How are your clothes? Great. Just to let you know I take good care of my clothes and if I need any I will let you know.

Do I need to replace anything? No


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