Monday, January 23, 2012


The hardest thing for me to do in life is get down on my knees every morning and night to pray. I didn't have the habit before the mission and I am still working on it. It is not something we can just check off a list. In Spanish it is a SER....not ESTAR. To be or not to be praying, that is the question. I pray every morning and night now. I can feel the spirit even more in my life. The Savior promises to illuminate us if we do what is right, I feel a raise of illumination.
I am happily healthy and am loving life.
This last week Elder Johansen got really sick and the doctor (who he talked to over the phone) gave him the wrong medicine and he got even sicker having a temperature of 102 degrees. It was not good, but funny because the hermanas had the privilege of injecting him ten the buttocks. Right cheek in the moring and the Left one at night. Hermana Cleo got a kick out of it too. Throwing darts.....
Jose Luis Reyes and his girlfriend Sol came to church yesterday along with 10 other investigators. Yes, this is the most we have ever had in the church.
Hermana Pati's son is in northern Mexico serving and we hear alot of his success stories....I know we should not compare ourselves to other elders or people but I just had to step it up. So the three days we worked, we worked hard. Inviting everyone we can to church, and also inviting them to invite their friends. It worked. I am not going to take any credit for it. All to my Father in Heaven, may the glory always be His.

I have heard the world is getting worse, hopefully with the elections this year we can change that....right Sister Pockrus? (Yeah, you too Tex. I guess you can put a vote in, maybe they will let you vote for me too.)
The things we find joy in change through out life. The way we act, grow, feel, talk, walk and play. We are always changing, for the good or bad. The first one is better and easier. We have learned that through experiences. Yes, it brings trials, problems....but what more do we grow from?
The more we practice something good or we learn more truth we gain more light and power.
In Preach My Gospel there is a Attributes of Christ Activity, I do it every day now. It is a new addiction. Try may like it. If you don't like it, like Mrs. Wright says "Your Wrong". (one of his teachers in High School)
We are looking forward to baptisms in February. The Victor Family wants to pick a date that has alot of importance or is special. The 14th is special. But Elder Johansen does not like that because he leaves on the 5. Sad day.

Jose Luis came and played soccer with us today, yes we can now play. How cool right? I just don't want to get hit in the face. So I am scared of the ball, so what? So, Jose knows the Stake president. The mom of Jose took care of the Stake Presidents kids. He ate dinner at their house and everything. And Jose said to me "Why did they never invite me....?" Ha ha. Good question. I guess we need to work on the "Every member a missionary" (Thanks Pres. McKay)

Well, that is all I have. Losing my English. Gets harder every day...we will see what happens.
Happy trials. (not sure if he meant trials or trails. I will have to ask him next time. Take it how you will)
Love Elder Chadwick

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  1. Dear Elder DJ, Miss you. Yes, we are still trying to work on getting the current administraion out and a new one in this year! We have to or your generation and your children will be in deep.....ah socialism.
    We thought and worried and prayed as we heard the news of the killings in Acapulco & around there today on Fox news! Also Puerto Vearta. Such beautiful places with so much crime now. We worry about your safety, but know that Heavenly Father is watching over you. Our grandson Matt is getting antsy to go to the Ukraine. He goes into the MTC in April. Has to learn Cirilic(spelling?) and Russian. Nick will come home in 137 days; sometime in June. They are hoping they can see each other at the MTC before Matt leaves. You have certainly had your share of adventures with the earthquake and the fellow who died. Life's experiences you won't forget! Had our first real snow tonight. About 4 inches so far. Supposed to warm up again tomorrow. I saw a confused robin today. My daffodils and tulips are coming up. I want WINTER. Gotta get to bed. Love your Mom and your family for sharing your letters and blogs.
    Love,Sister Twin