Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Editor's note: Elder Chadwick jilted his mom the blog writer for a letter to his brother. I will share the little bit I received and then the letter to Jordan. Jordan has felt left out because Elder Chadwick has missed a couple weeks writing to him.

This week was great. We did alot of service again. We fixed a fence, dug holes and moved boulders.

Conference was great. I would have like Elder Rasbands talk like in third grade but that is ok.

I watched half in spanish and half in english. Loved Monsons talk in Priesthood.

Well, I am doing great. I will write more next week. Blame it on Jordan, I wrote a novel to him.....

Love ya

Elder Chadwick

Hey Jordan,

Well, here is a story no one knows because it happened today. While we were in a supermarket nameD Soriana, I was looking at music in a cart and all the sudden the cart started to move up and down and shake alot. I was like "Why the heck are the CD's shaking?" I had thought it was the lady shaking the cart but it was not. All the sudden I felt that feeling when we go over and then down a hill. The tickling of the stomach, no? Then it hit me. IT IS a TREMBLOR or earthquake. Good thing the entrance was right there so I grabbed my companion and ran for it. It was a 6.4 on the ricktor scale. Just a little surfing in the super market.

Hmmm.....also today after the earthquake in the same place I was looking at buying me some Chinese food to eat when a man called us to come over. "What are you doing here? what is your job? sit down please" So we started to answer all these questions this man had. "Why aren't you eating?" I responded "Because they don't have orange chicken." Then he shouted. "Do not worry my friend I will buy the food for you" Then he stood up and started speaking Chinese to the cook guy. (I was pretty amazed) We then started sampling all the food. (This guy must of had a connection with the Chinese dude.) So I ordered chicken with sweet sauce and pineapple. So as we waited he started with the questions again. This was in front of his three kids too. And he said they all had two names one in English and one in Spanish. He then asked if my companion was married because he saw his CTR ring. So Elder Romero started explaining about all the different languages on his ring. In Spanish it is " Haz lo Justo" in English "Choose the Right" the man then started to argue with us about the wrong translation on our part.

I then got up to get my food and he stood up with us, he said he had to leave and so he gave us both 50 pesos each. I then asked what his name was again. He then said his son was named Hyrum and his other son Zenif. I was stunned that a non member would name his kids after a book he never read or stuff like that. Then he said....If you need anything I am a member of the Chilpancingo ward. I got a good laugh at the experience. How funny right? Well, it got me free lunch.

That is all I want to tell you right now.


Elder Chadwick

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