Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The big day finally arrived. DJ was so excited and ready to go. We were going to have lunch at Brick Oven before he went in but he just wanted to go. We got to the MTC and drove up by the temple to take a few pictures since the MTC sign is gone because of construction. We traveled to the south side of the MTC and were greeted by 4 elders. (see photo) Our new friends. They asked if he had his immunization record and if he had a cell phone or car keys. After a short conversation about phantom cell phone vibrations in pockets for a few weeks, it was time for the final picture. We gathered our new friends and took the photo. After our last hugs and me getting to do my happy dance, we left Daryl James Chadwick at the MTC.

After DJ entered the MTC, he met Jolene Hope who he knows from marching band. What a surprise for her anyway. I'm sure he was surprised too. She had someone take their picture and you can barely see his name tag but that's okay.
It was fun to come home and hear the message that she had met him and had a photo to send me. He has a friend in the MTC now as she works there every Thursday and will gladly bring me things from him.

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