Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dated November, 20, 2010 Three days after he went in the MTC. Received November 24, 2010

I am loving it here. My companion is great. His name is Elder Oswald. We get along extremely well. No, he is not in band but he plays the guitar. He is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. I am the senior companion.

We will be able to teach the first lesson in Spanish by next Tuesday. We already know how to greet people, tell them our purpose, bear our testimony and set up appointments. We also pray before everything we do. Almost everything is in Spanish now.

We have two teachers HNO Latimar y HNO Ramirez. Latimar went ot Chile on his mission. Cool fact: my middle name is Santiago. Pretty cool, huh? HNO Ramirez is from Mexico and served a mission in Mexico. He has been learning English since July.

The food here is great. I love the wraps. I eat one almost everyday. Some Elders had an orange juice Challenge. One Elder drank 17 8 oz glasses of it. He was sick for a week. They pack it with fiber. I don't want to even go near it.

I have read half of Our Search for Happiness. It has some interesting stories.
So you are probably wanting a spiritual experience I had... Okay, well here you go.
Dios ama sus hijos. Jesu Cristo es nuestro hermano. Me familia es eterno. Me gusta de comida Dios das me. Jesu Cristo expiacion para sus.
See, it is coming along. It is easier when teaching. Everyone of our leaders have told us "If you don't have the spirit, DON'T TEACH!" That is why we pray constantly.

My district is full of the best missionaries. Elder Hatt is from Canada, he is our district leader. Elder Flores, Prebbe and Lewis are from California and Elder Johnson and Oswald and Fredrickson are from Idaho. Elder pierce is from Seattle/
Btw, I met Hermana Johnson. (Nikki & Joel Johnson's neice) She is pretty cool. Met her on the way to get shots which I didn't get.

I am looking forward to Tuesday nights devotional. Hopefully I get a good seat.
Sundays, I have heard, are great. We are going on temple walks and sacrament meeting is all in Espanol.

We have to prepare a talk in Spanish every week. I am preparing on on kingdoms of glory. Planning for the next day is key to being a successful missionary. MDT (missionary directed training) is four hours a day. We have a lot of time to study and pray.

There are 30 minutes for breakfast, 45 for lunch and dinner. We always sit next to or across from our companion and we sit together as a district. We are cool like that. I always have a salad with each meal except breakfast.

There are two companionships to a room. I am on the top bunk.
Basketball and four square are so much fun. The shoes/zapatos work :) Can you get me some feet spray? My feet mucho not good smell. My P-day is on Thursdays so I won't e-mail you till then.
Thanksgiving is going to be great!
Thanks for the package. Please put a little food in it next time.
Love, Elder Daryl (Santiago) Chadwick

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