Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Letters came to everyone in the family. We loved getting mail today.
The letter below is to Mom in response to questions about things she was hoping he was doing. He then told more of what he is doing.
Dearest Mother,
I am getting almost too much sleep. My body wakes me up before 6:30 every morning.
I am flossing and brushing for fve mintes a day. No, we do not live like slobs. Our room is spotless and our beds are made. (probably because we don't know when room inspection is.)
I am working my tail off and have a blast at the same time. Praying hard? Well, I am praying harder and in a different language than I have my whole life.
BTW, Mrs Hopeing (mom); please have a little more faith in me. Hope is okay, Faith Muy Bien!!!
So you are not the only one who met an apostle last week. Jeffrey R. Holland came with his whole family last week. It was a pretty cool/spiritual/ amazing Thanksgiving ever!! His grandchildren sang to us and then his wife spoke and then he gave an amazing talk on the Atonement. He said the symbol of the church is missionaries. He also said, "cowboy up and get to work."
Every speaker/teacher here has told us the gospel is bigger than all of us.
I remember at the beginning of the devotional that we were singing Because I have been given much when Elder Holland walked in. We all stood and sang even louder. The spirit was off the charts. He blew us kises and motioned for us to sit down. He did the same thing at the end.
Scripture and PMG (Preach My Gospel) study is amazing. Scriptures pop up like daises when we are being strictly and exactly obedient. It is so cool to feel the spirit 24/7. It is like I can't turn it off I don't want to. It is just awesome. So, that is what is up. I am excited to go to the temple this Thursday. I can see Julies house when we go on our temple walks on Sundays. I am excited for the up coming adventures with my district and comapanion. Pictures will come soon.
Love, Elder Chadwick

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