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Elder Johnson of the seventy came and spoke to us. It was on Faith. It got real deep. I could not understand some of it but that is ok. I still felt the spirit and that is what really matters. It was a multi zone thing so we all decided or they decided to take a bus and go to this restaurant. So when Elder Olvera and I got there there were like three tables full of missionaries and the food was kind of expensive. We pasted a buffet on our way into the restaurant. So I told my companion that I didn't want to eat here and that the buffet was better. I know the Spirit was guiding me on this one because I (the spirit) was right! I ended up eating alot of fruit and the best Alfredo since my Moms and Sister Robbs Alfredo. It was soooo good. It cost me 100 pesos. Which is not bad for all you can eat. I ate alot. It just so happened to be my companions birthday so we went and copied his licence and he ate for free. ha ha. It was funny. So we are going to eat there again next Monday for Elder Henendez´s birthday. lol. I am excited. I am saving pesos for the buffet every two weeks now. Got to love birthdays.
Oh! Now this is interesting. In Elders Quorum meeting. The Elders Quorum President had one of our Palabra de Sabidura pamphlets. Which is Word of Wisdom. He gave a brief introduction and then wrote: Coca Cola. On the board. I almost wet my pants from part laughter part surprise. You have to understand that the Coca Cola company owns like everything down here. The signs for the streets are made by Coca Cola and the tables, stores, chairs...EVERYTHING is Coca Cola. And all of priesthood meeting was devoted to, "Is Coca Cola against the Word of Wisdom?" ha ha. They asked me since I lived closest to the Prophet what I thought. I said we don't drink it in our family. Only for tummy aches. So the president of the Elders Quorum testified it was bad and that we should not drink it. It was quite the discussion. I liked it. What do you think? Is it against the Word of Wisdom to drink Coca Cola?
Elder Olvera and I are not really on good terms right now. I didn't want to tell you this but I am going to.
I sat back and watched how missionaries did things down here. If they obeyed the rules, if they did this or that. At zone conference Hermana Spannaus talked about 4 missionaries.
The first disobedient, went home early. Second, disobedient but stayed the whole mission. Third obedient and had success but was not changed. The 4th was obedient but that difference was the change of his heart and mind. I have the talk and have read it like five times. It basically says if I don't change my heart and get my head straight I will regret my mission for the rest of my life. I will show you article later.
Anyway, last night I decided to take action. Elder Olvera has asked me once or twice what I want to do. So I finally told him last night. I want to be the 4th missionary. I want to be exactly obedient. I want to raise my hand to all the questions Elder Johnson asks me about personal and companionship study etc;
The missionary handbook states that we are to follow our regular study schedule on P days. We have not been doing that. So I asked Elder Olvera if he wanted to do that. He said no. That he had other things planned. I asked him again if he would help me be the 4th missionary. He said no and that he did not care. He said he does not care about the rules. So this morning when he wanted to go out, I boldly told him that I have been commanded by two apostles, the first presidency and the Lord to be exactly obedient.
I showed him in spanish the page. He got mad and was laughing at me. He thinks it is a joke that I want to be exactly obedient mom. I could not believe it. He was yelling at me. So I asked him if he wanted to call President and ask him what he would do. Put our personal things before the Lord and what not. So he handed me the phone and slammed the door to our room. I called President and asked him if I was correct on this and he said yes. I didn't tell him the full situation this morning but I emailed him for counsel.
Mom, the missionaries down here are really disobedient. They don't listen to Elder Johnson. I am kind of troubled because of this. I sometimes don't know what is right or what is wrong because of the actions of other missionaries. I am an emotional wreck because I can't decide sometimes what to do or what to say. I finally had to stand up for what was right today. I really don't want to regret anything on my mission. I want to be the best I can be. The person who wrote the presentation on the 4th missionary said the if I change my heart and really want peace, diligence...etc. Then I can obtain them. The more I change the more I can obtain God like abilities. It is the easiest way he said. I want to do that. I want to be like God. I am sick of being average. I want to be better. Alot better. The missionary handbook says to live a higher law and that is what I am going to do. And it will take alot of prayer and faith. But I will do it. I am kind of scared and frustrated and excited and ready to do all that I can to become like THE ONE. Like Jesus Christ. I care and love my companion and am not doing this to hurt his feelings. It also says in the missionary handbook that the rules are for our spiritual and physical safety. I am worried about my companions, the people in the ward, my family and my own. That is all I have to say about that....I think I am really transforming.
Anyway, I know that through the help of the spirit and President Spannaus I can do this. So yeah, sorry for that but I could not really get it out any other way. I have talked to my Heavenly Father about it. So yeah...I have received alot of answers from the scriptures and the spirit. Anyway, I hope this doesn't effect you all to much but this is the biggest challenge I have faced in my life. I love it and hope it turns out for the best and I know it will because God has promised through the power of the priesthood. In my patriarchal blessing. So there you go. My feelings today.
Anyway, Everything is great down here. The work goes on. District meeting was great tonight. We came up with more ideas to invite the spirit into our appointments. We are going to have a baptism this week..maybe two if the reference I just received is legit.

We will see. So, tenga fe me amigos! (Have Faith)

Love Elder Chadwick



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