Monday, March 28, 2011


Elder Chadwick with the Bishops daughter "She helped me with my Spanish"

Elder Chadwick with a view of his new area

Elder Chadwick and his new companion Elder Lemon from Roosevelt

Elder Chadwick and Elder Olvera. Elder Chadwick's words "Friends Forever"

This last week has been like the Indiana Jones ride. At first I was curious of what was going to happen before the week started. We got onto the ride (started the week) and things started moving.
On the 22nd Karina had her baby girl. She is so cute, we don't know her name yet because she doesn't have one. So we just call her babe.
Elder Olvera and I have been working with Tere for the past month. She is moving right along. Her daughter Liz just barely started getting into the lessons and goes to church and the Wednesday night activities. We had a great lesson with Liz on Friday. The Holy Ghost was definitely there and I challenged here to pray right then and there to know if the church was true. It took some effort but we I got her to pray by writing it down on a piece of paper. "Heavenly Father. What church is true? The Jehovah's Witness or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." Is how the prayer went. I asked her to think and ponder with her eyes closed after the prayer and let the Holy Ghost testify to her what was true.
(Every time we ask someone to pray I try to pray twice as hard to ask Heavenly Father to give them an answer and that the Holy Ghost will touch their hearts.)
We didn't get a straight answer from her after but we knew the Spirit had touched her heart. The next day we went to visit her and her mom again to see if they were going to church. Liz could not even look at us. This was an answer to me that she knew the church is true. Sometimes it is embarrassing to tell the missionaries that The Church of Jesus Christ is true. She didn't tell us but we knew because she came to church the next day with a little bit more light in her eyes.
We both knew the change was coming and so we worked harder then ever to find people this last week. One reference was a sister named Edith. She is jumping into the gospel and really wants to know everything before she is baptized. Yes, she did accept the baptism invitation but she does not have a set date. At the end of our second appointment with her we sang "I Need Thee Every Hour". The spirit was so strong, the children stopped playing outside and came into listen to us sing about our Savior. Music is indeed a prayer unto the Lord for those listening and to those who are singing.
On Saturday Elder Olvera and I found five new investigators. When I first started praying on peoples door steps it was kind of weird and awkward. But soon I got used to it and have a bigger smile on my face when I see peoples reactions when two young men want to pray on their door steps. Also, on Saturday we ate with the bishop. Before I gave the spiritual thought in exchange for the wonderful food he asked us if we could talk to Sacrament Meeting tomorrow. "For how long?" I asked. "Ten minutes" he replied. The look on my face had to be priceless because the bishop was almost on the floor laughing. I then asked him if he was serious and he said yes. I then gave a short spiritual thought and then said I would give a little bit longer one tomorrow. The talk was on members welcoming the investigators and new members into the church warmer. I got a laugh out of the the ward when I told them the story of bishops house. They all know I am working on my Spanish and this is my first area so it was good for all of us. After Sacrament Meeting everyone found out that I was leaving after church. A girl even started to cry. It was like my first farewell but without the food. I was sad to leave my new friends but I know I will see them again some day.
Elder Olvera and I are great friends. We will both miss each other. He is going to BYU a year after the Misson so I will probably see him there and we will teach together at the MTC. Sounds like a plan.
My new companion is....Elder Lemon! From Roosevelt Utah. He is like two weeks taller than me and we both play the clarinet and enjoy music. He has music and a CD player. So we listened to music yesterday and today and forever. I am excited. The area we are in is still in Acapulco and is call Jardin or Garden. It is literally right next to the ocean. We made are Spiritual Creation and we are going to have a great month in April. We are really excited for General Conference too.
Today we washed our own clothes which was different for me. In my last are we gave the clothes to a hermana to wash. The sisters house we washed our clothes at today made us a great breakfast. Eggs mixed with Cow Meat. (The Name Sounded like a dog) and this hot strawberry yogurt drink that we dipped fresh baked bread into. That is what is great about Mexico. People go around selling bread everyday. So all you have to do is call for them when you hear them because they yell pretty loud and they come to the your door step.

So that was my week. I am ready to start working with Elder Lemon. He is awesome and tall and he plays the clarinet too so that makes life better. Band Nerds Unite!!! Haha. Have an amazing week everyone. Hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Elder Chadwick

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