Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This last week as been an adventure.
15 days....That is how long it took to meet, teach, and baptize Karina. Wow! It is fantastic. Her mom and sister had alot to do with it.
The Baptismal Service was one of the most spiritual moments in my mission so far. Mari, her sister bore a really strong testimony and the spirit was sooooo strong. Karina is having a baby so we had to come up with with a way to baptize her. She had to squat down and it all worked out in the end. I was one of the witnesses. Testimony meeting was amazing. There was not a moment when some one was not at the pulpit. Their testimonies are very powerful. They are a very powerful people. They have one long bench on the stand and so everyone like jumped up there and it was a really good meeting. The bishops little daughter was soooo cute. ha ha. She is like 4or 5.

So last Thursday....you know your day is going to be hard when you pancake doesn't flip over correctly. ha ha. During companionship study I was only ten feet away from the bathroom and could not make it. I hate having bathroom issues. I hope they clear up soon. I am staying away from most hot things and overly loaded stuff. ha ha. They put everything on their pizza here. lol. Catsup and hot sauce and soy sauce. everything.

About Dad and his bad news from work. (Daryl is not allowed in Mexico because he is in the military) Not to alarm any of you out there but it is really happening. I have seen it. On Sunday night we were coming back from an appointment above our house. It was 9 o¨clock at night. We started heading down the hill and all the sudden there where all these army and police everywhere. Searching peoples cars and houses. Looking in garbage cans...the whole deal. For all you teenagers and kids that read or hear about this. The video game "Modern Warfare 2" is REAL! You may not see it in the United States but it is different down here. I encourage everyone to put down any video games that involve real live combat sequences. These men were looking for someone or something. They had M16s or other big guns. It is not a joke. The bad guys are really out there. Well, that is all I have to say about that. I am safe in Gods hands. I have priesthood power and the companionship of the Holy Ghost to direct my paths and actions. Elder Olvera and I watch each others backs at all times to keep each other safe.
It really calms the soul just to read the Book of Mormon. I love reading the old Ensign and Liahonas this old elder left. I am getting alot of quotes for my scripture journal. I love reading all I can. Especially in English. It calms me down. It seems we are going 110 mph every second of the day.

It is really hard to learn a different language. I pick up a new stuff everyday. People sometimes have to repeat things. I am getting good at laughing at everything, I just smile all the time and it helps. Elder Facer, he is Sydney Sumners cousin. He is from Orem. He is my zone leader and we had a long talk on Sunday about alot of stuff and it really helped.

We are having a huge conference on Thursday. Elder Johnson of the Seventy is speaking to us. Hopefully I receive my package then.

To explain more of where we were last p-day with the kissing sea lion, this member took us to the beach and then to see the divers. (normally 40 pesos) but he has connections. The sea lion was at a aquarium. It was 30 pesos. Half price because this member had a connection. ha ha. It was cool They had swimming pools and stuff there but we can't swim. oh well.

(editors note: I asked him about a pillow because we didn't send him with one.)
I used dads blanket as a pillow for a week or two and then bought one and got a refund from the mission office. I use a sheet and a pillow case. We buy water from the store down the street. It is not hard to find food because there are little stores everywhere. I love Yoli. It is like sprite. It is 6 pesos for 600 ml of pop. It is a good price. I get it twice a week. Usually the members have soda for Comida. I drink as much water as I can. I finally bought yogurt. It is sooooooooo good. It is cheap too. I only get like $140 USD and $1,600 MXN. (Tip of the day: local yogurt was recommended for him to eat to help with stomach issues.)

Eating mango with barbecue sauce or something. At least that's what it tasted like.

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