Monday, June 13, 2011


What an amazing week!
Elder Wake and I worked really hard this last week. 3 out of 5 days we found more then 10 future investigators. Out of the future investigators 23 became new investigators. A new investigator is someone who has been taught one lesson (opening prayer, at least to principles and a closing prayer) and has accepted another appointment with us. So we taught more then 23 lessons of the Restoration. We now have over 33 investigators to take care of and lead to baptism. We reactivated 3 people this last week too. We are still teaching English, Piano and Family Home Evening during the week. So we have a lot on our shoulders.
Everyone has different needs, for example 3 need to stop smoking . two need to get married, 5 drinking and a couple with the law of Chastity. Wow! We are also working on getting a ward council together and we need a ward mission leader. The branch is small but I am excited to see it blossom.
Then, last week I made a goal to read all the general conference issue of the Ensign and mark my favorite quotes from each talk. I found peace reading the words of living prophets and church leaders. And yes I read the women's conference part too. I loved President Eryings talk on Testimony at the end of that session. So I have already read the to be talk by Elder Robbins. It was really good and I have already applied that to my life. I have a to be list now. I loved that package.
As for the funny story of the week.....after church this last week we went out side and every one was just chilling. Hermana Lupita reminded me about lunch at her house at 2. Another hermana burst in and said it was her turn. And there started to be contention in the air. We had Lupita on our list and that is what we told them. It got so loud I almost had to plug my ears. I am glad I could hear the Holy Ghost pop into my mind at this point. I was prompted and said, "hey, we will eat lunch at your house and then we will eat dinner at your house." Then the problem was fixed and we had a bonus meal that day. hmmmm....sooo good. Hermana Lupita made taco with crema and cheese. So GOOD!
Stake Conference is coming up and Presidente Spannaus will be here. I am excited for that. He is always a very enthusiastic speaker.
My very favorite part of last week was teaching a Senora named Ismaralda. We taught her how to pray and the spirit was so strong when she said the closing prayer. It was just wonderful to see one of His children connected with Him again through prayer.
Well, that is all from me. Have a wonderful week and don't get burnt like my little brother.
Elder Chadwick

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