Monday, June 6, 2011


Here is the story. I don't have much time because Coppel is a not so good place to shop. (he purchased his new camera there and the flash didn't work. Now he is trying to buy another)I don't have a new camera because of them. I will get one next week. ugh.
I had a wonderful week full of adventure. Elder Wake basically gave me little assignments during the week and it really helped. Yesterday I taught ALL of the Gospel Principals. On the the Sabbath. (Try talking about that for an hour in Spanish) ha ha.
I received your package and the talk from Brother Lamay. I am excited to read it. I almost wet my pants from the first paragraph.
I bought boots last Monday. Wore them Tuesday and Wed. They tore up the back of my left foot. I got a blister which got infected the size of a 50 cent piece. It was my pioneer week. I bought a new pair of shoes on Thurs. They are called Central Park. And I love them.
I enjoyed this last week because we taught this lady for the first time, Carmen, and she was so fascinated by our message. So we went on to tell her about eternal families and marrying in the temple for time and all eternity. It was so great. and then she prayed for the first time. Wow. What a experience. I am back on track and everything is alright.
I will use the powder to put on the rash. I am so excited to wear my new super underwear. (we were told to send him Gold Bond for his rash and different garments made of a different fabric for where he is)
I want more pictures in the mail please. It is hard for me to print them off here. And a pedometer that counts my steps. Yeah, one of those please and a new mini Book of Mormon that they just came out with last year.
Got to run.
Love ya
Elder Chadwick

Letter to Dad

Sorry, I don't really have that much time today. My week was great. Lots of lessons, lots of new friends. My Spanish is coming along great and I love it here. Things are getting better. If you're ever in Mexico don't buy anything from Coppel. I am pretty ticked off right now. I still don't have a camera because of them. Anyway, that is so cool you have a new job. I have the same job as last week.... ha ha.
Love ya
Elder Chadwick

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