Tuesday, June 28, 2011


There is Sunshine in My Sole! Check out the hole in the bottom of his shoe!

You can really see the sunshine through the inside of his shoe as he holds it up to the sunlight.

Well, I survived. After emailing you last week we headed to Zihuat. It started to rain. And it rain and rained and rained some more....(guess that movie)
The streets started flooding and there was no way we could avoid getting wet. The water was almost up to my knees and some of the side walks were flooded so we
had no option but to go through it. It was really fun though and a adventure. I double bagged everything in my backpack but the water still got through and my bible is now a little bigger then usual. ha ha. But everything is fine. Our little casita did not flood so that was a good thing. I flood proofed everything Wed. Morning. I made a nest for all my stuff on my desk. (Yes, it is cooler then the nest on Master of Disguise)editors note:His siblings got this reference.
So I bought some Boots! But I forgot to take a picture. haha. They are huge but know I can just walk through the ponds and not take the time to play leap frog.
Some streets don't have a way around so my boots were really worth it.
So this weekend we had Stake conference. We had two area seventy come and speak to us. On Saturday we took a two hour bus ride to the stake center. It was really fun with all the boys and missionaries in the district.
One of the Seventy talked about Duty to God and how it is essential to our survival as young men. He told everyone to obtain one of the books and read it.
So, I am earning my Duty to God again. It has some really good stuff in it. He also said some thing really great. "If you want an interview with God, read the scriptures"
Wow. I had never thought about it that way. So yesterday I decided to see what I could do on my part, so I studied prayer. Now the vale is more thin between me and my Father in Heaven.
They also talked alot about members working with missionaries. It was great. Now they didn't hear it from us.
So as most of you know Mexico beat the US 4-2 Saturday night. One of the young men had a cell phone with a TV antenna so we got to watch the last twenty minutes.
(My district leader was right beside me screaming his head off on the bus) It was pretty funny.
The Sunday session was really good too. Both sessions had someone sharing their testimony on Tithing. They were both really powerful testimonies. It is hard to hear peoples situations but it brings the spirit in because they have the light about them and it is just wonderful to see them grow spiritually.
The two seventy talked about family traditions and how Satan is out to get the family. I am glad we have great family traditions.
One of them talked about family scripture study and I am glad we had it as a family before my mission. (I don't like to feel guilty about things)
This man sitting next to me was really cool. He was taking really good notes and he shared his mints with me. So that was conference. Alot of great stuff, felt the spirit, learned alot and made a new friend.
Elder Wake and I found three new families this week and they are all progressing.
We are crossing our fingers to have a baptism in July. We are really working hard for one.
Since Mexico won we are having a game today vs the jovenes(teenagers). Americans vs the Mexicans. Who will win....no one really knows. Game starts at one if anyone wants to come watch....lol
Well, that is a little of the life of.....Elder Chadwick!

(He forgot something)
Hey Everyone....again...
So my companion is going to Cuernavaca this week until Saturday. Sooooo that means I am here with a local companion.
Tuesday I am going with a returned missionary. Wed I am going with a young man that I am going to teach most of the lessons too and then see how the day goes. I am excited. This is the real test. Will I make it.....I don't know. Actually I have to so I will write you all next week.
Don't smoke or do drugs please. It is bad for you health.
Love Elder Chadwick

Letter to his Dad
I did something to my right foot and now it hurts to put pressure on it. Talked to the doctor about it and he just said to take Tylenol to get my blood pressure up and going and call him in a week. Thanks doctor. ha ha. didn't really help. We will see what happens. I spent like fifteen dollars on a par of boots and a poncho. I am out of money and I am hungry so I guess that means I get to withdrawal ten or 15 more bucks to eat, right? well, you don't really get to say yes or no...or right....so I am just going to do it. ha ha. It is still really hot down here. On Thursday it was 95 degrees. so yeah. hot. Well, I have to email mom again. Love ya.
Elder Chadwick
Editor's note-Elder Chadwick has been told from the first that if he has no money to just buy food with his debit card. We don't understand why he doesn't want to take out money to survive. A mother's biggest fear is that they won't get enough food. I can see why he sent this to his Dad.

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