Saturday, October 1, 2011


Elder Chadwick is 20 years old!!!
I had asked him if he were here, where would he want to go for his birthday dinner, he said La Jolla Groves. So we as a family decided that the best way to honor him and his wish was to go there and have his dinner birthday for him. Of course we took photos and sent them to him just so we could let him know that we were thinking about him and of course to rub it in a little that he wasn't there. His reaction coming I'm sure in the next e-mail. We also had to fight BYU game day traffic but we kept moving toward Provo and made it to our destination. La Jolla Groves. With the game going on, we got a table as soon as we entered. Everyone was so friendly and the service was great. We had a wonderful waiter and water boy. Kevan and Kade. They are brothers. Kade told us some interesting stories about his Spanish speaking mission to Texas. The first when he was at their apartment washing dishes and it was night, he thought he heard firecrackers going off. Well, it must have been gunfire. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and when he answered it, there was a man standing there with a gunshot to the chest and he dropped dead right into their apartment. Needless to say the mission president moved them as fast as he could.
Luckily we had finished dinner when that story was told. We had been talking about Mexico and the violence a bit and that is why the gunshot story.
We had a wonderful night and can't wait to do this again for his birthday next year.

Entrance to La Jolla Groves
Lemon trees in La Jolla Groves
Waiter brothers Kevan and Kade
Chicken Crepes what DJ had the last time he was thereStacie and Jodie
Chicken Marsala. Yum!
Beef Medallions no knife needed here!
Lemon cake for DJ's birthday. They even put in a candle!
Molten lava cake. Very Rich.

The family celebrating Elder Chadwick's 20th Birthday. We love you son!!!

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  1. Oh what fun! Never heard of it. Next year twin.