Tuesday, December 27, 2011


On Christmas Day, Elder Chadwick was able to talk to us for two hours. We had such a great visit with him and we were able to use Skype and be able to see him. He is wearing head phones here so he could hear us better.

We also talked to his companion who is coming home February 8th. We are so excited to go to his homecoming and hear about his mission.
Below are photos that we recently received and the e-mail from Monday. Short but that's okay since we talked to him so much on Sunday.

Thanks for the email Mom!
It was great talking to everyone yesterday.
We cleaned the house today and reorganized some things. It looks way better and there is more space. I am happy you taught me how to clean.....
I am lov'in life here in the mission. It is good to be in a great ward. I was talking to the bishops wife and she told me that it seems that I don't like people touching me....I guess that really is a problem that people can see. (Note to self: reduce personal space from 3 feet to 2 and a half.)
I am happy. I guess there are moments of happiness and moments I just want things to go faster or get done. I am working on the patient attribute.
I ate the rest of the lasagna that I made on Saturday it was really good. We ate at Hermana Patis house and she made this corn soup....I felt I was in a Mexican Olive Garden. Love it.
We used Hermana Patis computers yesterday, she also gave us ties for Christmas. I am wearing mine today. It is kind of Hypnotizing but I like it.
I will send another email that has photos.
Love ya

Basketball tourmament on P-day.
Elder Chadwick is always a sucker for a trophy.
Hawaiian haystacks made with cream of chicken soup sent from home.
Yup, he did it. Lasagna made in Mexico. Elder Chadwick loves noodles in any form but he likes this one the best.
Ward nativity. He didn't really understand what the devils were for. He said they were a part of it though.?

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