Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Editor's note: We will get to skype with Elder Chadwick for 45 minutes on Christmas day.

Cool Building
Mexican Flag
Huge Christmas tree with Coca Cola ornaments
Chadwick Nook for studying. Note the hammock rope above study area
Here are the pictures of the week, well today. The picture of my study area is cool. The Chadwick Nook.
Anyway, I was laying in bed one night thinking about how I came to know Christ. And this popped into my mind like Twilight bit Stephenie Meyer in the neck.
(Btw, this is all ya alls Christmas present. My present to the world, not as cool as the First Presidency but it is personal and from my heart.)

Spotlighting Christ
By Elder Daryl James Chadwick

Black dark stage of the mind

Waiting for illumination

From One everyone can find

If we give Him our imagination

One spotlight from above

Reveals His robe of Glory

Light cascades down like a dove

Parts of His life we see more fully

Two more radiant beams

The feet of a Prince appear

Holes taking the gleam

Ones fear starts to disappear

His hands, how grand

Rough from creating a kingdom

That is part of Fathers plan

Taking in heaven a commanders podium

The voice of racing waters

Everything staying still

Awaiting a simple utter from the Masters

A beard white as snow

The hair restored

At the meridian of time

Our faith starts to grow

As we wipe of the grime from our eyes

The stage almost a light

Caught on the edge of our seats

All coming in so bright

Tonight nothing to eat

Just feasting on the Light

Clearing the Cerebrum

Downloading the image of Christ

What a great Celebration

A seed of desire is planted

To be like Him

Who was dead, now resurrected

Allowing us to obtain this premium

Now to become like Jesus

Our mind starts to ponder

How to fix this mortal crisis

I know, through His Atoning Power

Let us apply this to our lives

Stepping in His sandals

Winning the Prize

Lighting all the Candles

This is spotlighting Christ

Doing what He would do

Paying the price

We are part of His Eternal Crew

This week was great. We watched the broadcast yesterday night. It was fantastic.

I love the new videos.

Sorry there is not much this week.

I was emailing my Brother.

Learned alot.

Everything is preach bright.

Internet time was great because they played a remix of a Jack Johnson song.

yeah, Elder Robb would be jealous.

Love you all

Elder Chadwick

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