Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Editors Note: We all received short letters today. I will include them here. Some have the same information in them but you get the gist of what he was up to today.

To Stacie
thanks for the email sis. I am excited to talk to you too. It is going to be alittle shorter this time because president is tightening down on the rules. Just 45 minutes. I don't like that. Oh well. I will go and do as the Lord commanded....you now the drill.
Great job on your song. You should record yourself and send it to me. That would be great. I cant wait to see my star sister act and sing when I get back.
Well, have to go. Love ya
Elder Chadwick

To Jordan
Well, this blind man came to our ward Christmas night and we were showing him around the church and got to the piano. He sat down and started jamming out. He has three hours of music memorized. WOW. His mom says he can read music. I am still trying to figure that one out.
I am ready for Christmas. Today we had a basketball tournament and my team took second. We won new jerseys and a trophy. It was pretty cool. I am going to try to find a computer to hook my memory card into because I forgot my cord.
The weather here is simply amazing. Just a little wind all day and it is not extremely hot. Just Perfect. hope you have a great Christmas.
Elder Chadwick

To his Dad
My week was great but nothing compared to the last week that is true. We did watch a blind man play the piano. A miracle. Loved that. He has three hours of music memorized and can read music some how. He also swims professionally.
I love the weather here. It is just like the fall or spring without the rain. Not to hot and not to cold. Just right. Love it.
Love ya
Elder Chadwick

To Mom
Sorry, you will have to read Jordan, dad, and Stacie's email. The Internet was not working. I only have 45 minutes to talk on Sunday. I will call you before the Christmas dinner.
I will call you, just be ready. Anyway, between 2 and 3 thirty.
I am fine. Just a stuffy nose for the last week. We will talk more about that adventure on Sunday.
Today we had a basketball tournament and my team took second. We won new Jerseys and a trophy. I am going to try to send a photo but I left my cord at home. We then went to the privada and asked if we could use hermana patis kitchen and they ended up buying KFC for us.
I have to go to district meeting now.
Love ya.
Elder Chadwick

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