Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It is kind of funny but the relationship I have with my mission president is in English. Last Tuesday we had the privilege of having interviews with President Spannaus. I don't even try to speak Spanish because he just switches to English. ha ha.
So every Monday I write him in English.
This is what I wrote this week. I wish to share it with you.

Dear President Spannaus,
I have pondered and prayed about our little chat we had Tuesday.
And I have put ten things I am going to do to have a "No regret 10 month mission".
1. After preparing for the day I will go to my "Sacred Grove" and pour out my spirit conversing with my Father in Heaven.
2. After completing this prayer in the "sacred grove" I will ponder and feast on the scriptures looking for an answer to my prayers and how I can help the people.
3. I will not think bad or negative thoughts about other people.
4. I will talk and act in a way that people will know that I am a representative of Jesus Christ.
5. I will Inspire ten people everyday, with the help of the Holy Ghost.
6. I will always be with my companion, in all things, in all places, we are a team.
7. Smile when needed, cry when needed, and do whatever is needed to bring down the powers of heaven to bless the people I see everyday.
8. I will never give up and never surrender.
9. I will obtain as many Christ like Attributes as possible and work on them for the rest of my life.
10. No regrets
Well, of course there is going to be more goal setting but this is what I came up with for now. Please tell me what you think.
I desire to stay in this area because I feel I have not finished my work here.
Of course I will always go where the Lord wants me to go.
I feel content with the way things are going right now and took forward to the future with faith.
Le amo y gracias por todo
Elder Chadwick

He told my something interesting when we talked. He said "There is a thin line in between being happy and not being reverent."
He said it was just a comment, but it was one of those things that is on your mind all week.
So I've been careful to be on the happy part of the line.
He also asked me if I was ready to have a "new missionary".....he he he....
I really want one, we will see if I am humbled. He said he feels I am ready.

So on to other things.... The bishop talked with Jose Luis and Sol for almost 2 hours after church Sunday. Jose really wants to get baptized and is ready to go to Zumpango to get married...but has to talk Sol into it. If she doesn't want to he said they are separating so he can be baptized this weekend. LOVE IT!!! THE THE DESIRE!!!
So we found another family that has their times in the church and is ready to be baptized. Just need to marry the parents. TO Zumpango!!!
Also Elnesto is almost done with his divorce and his "Girl friend" he is living with is ready to be baptized. TO ZUMPANGO!!!!
Only 40 bucks, what a deal right? 400 pesos for a passport to heaven...okay, there is more then that but you know what I mean.

My brother Jordan wants a funny story so here it is folks....
This morning we go to rinse the whites at Hermana Cleo's house and she was basically screaming for us to come to her little back yard. (About the size of the old office in the house. Editor's note: this is a small bedroom that we used as an office untill Daryl finished the one downstairs) So we got back there and she handed Elder Johansen a plastic bag to reach into the black tank of water to take out a dead cat. Apparently when this GATO NEGRITO (black cat) went to take a drink it fell in. Can't swim for too long I guess. "Good thing we used Clorox to clean our whites!" I told both of them. She then ran to take the cat out front. Nothing like letting the cat right out of the bag.
So she wanted a smoothie and so we ate strawberry smoothies. I was teasing her and asked how her cat strawberry smoothie was and she almost had a heart attack from the laughter.
Got to love black cats, don't let them cross your path.

To be serious, on divisions a month or two ago Elder Ramos (From Peru) and I went to give a blessing to an old man. A month and a half later I learned that after the blessing he started walking and doing things around the house. Before, he could not get out of bed. Elder Hernandez and I went back and found out that Efain had received and answer and is ready to be baptized. So this weekend he was baptized and confirmed.

Have to go.
Love you all.
If I don't write next Monday I am in Cuarnavaca or traveling.
Elder Chadwick

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