Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This last week was the week of service. From digging ditches to cutting down trees.
It was a blast. We had a great time getting to know the members better and the service was good to get out all the energy that we have.
On Saturday we had the Baptism of Victor and his family. 4 in total. We made invitations to invite the ward members. It worked out well.
A week before the baptism we asked hermana Belinda to sing a special number for us. Everything was perfect.
The spirit was strong during the baptismal service. The family was really prepared for baptism.
They have good study habits and know alot about the gospel and have a strong testimony that this church is true.
Hermano Victor and his wife Mirta were crying the whole time because of the words spoken and the hymns that we sang.
Danya, their 8 year old daughter was first to be baptized. Elder Romero did the ordinance. The first time was great, but her feet just flew out of the water.
The second time too. But the third time was a charm. Next, her brother Victor Jesus 10 years old. Before the service we had hermana Mirta write down all the names.
When she wrote down Victor Jesus name she forgot the name "Jesus". So, Sunday when he was about to receive the holy ghost the bishop asked his name. When he said Victor Jesus, well...we knew we had to do it again. (This was pure revelation) For the baptisms of Yesenis and her children hermana Mirta let us borrow some white clothes. I brought the white clothes to the service but he had new white clothes.
So, the white clothes I brought stayed in the trunk of their car. Not knowing we would need them for Sunday. Interesting. So Hermana Mirta grabbed the clothes and at 3 I baptized Victor Jesus again.
Back to the baptism. I baptized Hermana Mirta and her husband. Mirta's baptism went great but when I was baptizing Hermano Victor I said..."Having been consecrated of Jesus Christ" instead of "Having been commissioned..." I didn't dunk him...so I just said the prayer over again. We had a good laugh about it after the service when we ate mini sandwiches they brought. While changing in the bathroom I asked him how he was feeling. "No words can describe the feeling I have" he said. "I can't wait to see you all in white in the temple in a year" I responded.
The next day the whole family was confirmed members of the church. I participated in the confirmation of Victor Jesus and his dad Victor. I was crying by the end of the blessings. It was a great experience.
Testimony meeting was amazing as always and so were the classes.
Sorry, out of time. I tried to send pictures but it didn't work. More next week.
Elder Chadwick

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