Monday, March 12, 2012


Chilpancingo Zone Conference-Elder Chadwick 4th from the right bottom row
Twinner shirts
Family that was baptized last week
Dearest Family and Friends,

What a week, again. Like Biship Calixto says "Every Sunday there is something new, something more spiritual."

It is so true. the more we do what is right and say our prayers every day will be more spiritual. The moments will roll....

I am a happy man right now. I will tell you why...

During the week we started talking to a young man of twenty years named Julio. He is a really good story teller.

Saturday we talked to him and we just got to know him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and the pamphlets of the Restoration and The Plan of Salvation. The next day he brought his girl friend to church. Well, later that day after La Comida....aka dinner...the young weman had an activity and Hermano Memos daughter invited this new girl to come. So, Elder Romero and I were just sitting chatting with tio Mio and tia Karina when Hermana Belinda walks in...." Elders, there is a young lady that outside that wants to make an appointment to be baptized." So we willingly go outside to find her. She asks us "Can I be baptized tomorrow?".....I cant remember if my companion shut my mouth for me but I responded "You have to attend church this Sunday and the next Saturday you can be baptized." ...."OK!!!" We left another chapter for her to read and she promised to read it. We will be seeing her and her boyfriend Julio tomorrow. FHE with FIRE! ( Fire of the Spirit)

Sorry I don't have much time. I will summarize....

Elder Tornorio came and talked to us. Very funny, two hours of how to find our future wives through prayer...(I will explain later)

Victor, the dad we baptized two weeks ago, received the priesthood yesterday. I told him it took me twelve years and it only took him four months....

Jose Luis and his girlfriend are finally getting married and baptized this week.

Love you all

Feed the Sheep

Elder Chadwick

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