Sunday, June 17, 2012

LITTLE INFO June 11, 2012

Dear Readers,
Yes, I got behind on the blog.
I will try better to keep it up.
He didn't have much to say last week but we will see this week.
Thanks for reading.

June 11, 2012
Today was changes. I didn't have changes but we went and played paintball, it was so much fun. 
We had a group of ten. Two of them are our converts. 
Thank you for the updates, I always love to hear what is going on. 
I too hope that you can have a successful summer in the flower shop. 
Don't worry, I will be praying. 

It is hard to feel the to do I say it in Spanish is "bien fuerte" or very strong when 
I am locked in my apartment for two and a half weeks. Elder Miguel  had an infection in his throat and stomach. He still can't eat hardly anything but he is better now. We are going to have a full day of work tomorrow, our first in two weeks...Like I said, a lot of patience.. we are finally going to have a full work day tomorrow. 
Elder Miguel and I are best friends, we have never fought or screamed or contended with each other. 
Yes, I have learned alot about patience. I love it. Breath in, breath out. Like Mr. Miagi says. I do that alot. 
I am almost done with the Book of Mormon in Spanish again. I love and adore this great book. 
I am in Helamen right now. I will probably finish this week. 
I have read alot of Jesus the Christ and have learned something new every time I read the words of Elder Talmage. 
I bet I will love the package that you sent to me. I will probably receive it this week. I am excited. 
I am glad you found my journal, I actually bought a new one for $12 bucks. I am getting better at writing every day.
I will send you another email in a minute. I have to write Jordan something. 

I will probably need more money for food this month. Sorry, I feel bad about that....I am just eating alot right now. 
I don't need anything else. 
Don't stress out about the letter thing. No big. 

Sorry that there was not alot today.
I have to go. Love you!!!!
Until next week!
Elder Chadwick

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