Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Thanks for your testimony. I loved it! I am learning the same things you are right now.
I am depending on the Lord so much right now. This last week was a challenge but with
His help anything is possible.
In zone conference we learned about repentance. President Spannaus cleared up all the doubts I had
about repentance. For instance, I have always wondered why Jesus can forget our sins but we can't.....interesting, no? President explained that it is so we can learn from what we did and keep moving forward.
That is one of the reasons we have the Book of Mormon. If is wasn't for Alma telling his son Helamen about the time when he was a wicked little man and the process of his repentance I would still feel horrible for some of the things I did in High School.
Mom, Have you ever received an answer from when Heavenly Father says "Your sins are forgiven you"? (Like in the experience of Enos)
Then you do the same thing again, and He is merciful and says "Your sins are forgiven you"...
I have, more then I want to.
President Spannaus said to us, " If this is happening, you do not understand the Atonement and what repentance really is!"
Lets just say the spirit just hit me in the face like five times and struck my heart and that maybe I didn't really understand this until now....
I felt bad but then President Spannaus picked us off the ground again and said look....(drawing a man on the board)
He explained the cycle that we really need to be in....well that I really needed to be in.
I had learned and studied the cycle before but it didn't get inside of me like it did last Friday.
He said the the Lord will repeat His words (your sins are forgiven you) as we climb the steps to Godhood.
Light upon light, line upon line... and so forth.
I had a personal chat with President right after his grand discourse. I had a question for him...
I asked, "I am trying so hard to give up my heart to the Lord right now but feel that I am not there yet, what can I do?"
He told me I have to have a better relationship with God, I have to get on my knees more and talk to Him.
So I did, that night I got on my knees and started pleading to the Lord for forgiveness and an answer that my heart is really in this...
He didn't answer until Sunday during testimony meeting where someone was bearing their testimony on Love and Serving others...
The Spirit really did touch me and I am working hard to always have it with me, in every thought, word and deed.
I am always remembering that I have to look into the mirror of Christ and not the world.
Sometimes I don't like going out to work because I feel the spirit so much more during my personal study.
I am in Alma 45 with the rest of the mission. (Well, those who are really reading)
I have learned alot from Alma and his counsel to his sons.
Think about this for minute. We are like this family in the Book of Mormon.
You and Dad made some mistakes in your younger life and so did I.
You got after me just like Alma did with his sons and also you have shown me that you have repented and are doing better.
I will go on to show you that I have repented. I know God is always with us and He answers our prayers.
I love the clean feeling that comes after taking the sacrament.
Thanks for all you have done and will do for me. I hope this letter makes you happy or happier than you already are....
I pray for the the flower shop every morning and evening, and there is always a prayer in my heart for my family.
I love you so much, never forget that.
Elder Daryl James Chadwick
Last Zone Conference with President Spannaus

Everybody wave!
                                                   DID YOU SEE THE VULCAN SIGN???

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