Monday, August 27, 2012


My week was great. The change in companions was alright. I feel like a loner here. 
My companion does not really communicate with me at all. He sleeps until 8 and then takes a quick shower and studies in his garments. 
I am loving being here in Chilpo. The testimonies of the people here are great. 
I am a little disturbed because some of my converts here have gone "loco".
Jose and his wife are now separated and he is not going to church. But I called him today and he came to play soccer with me.
He is going to start coming to one of my wards until things cool down with his situation. 
Julio, a man a taught and baptized in a week, KABOOM, fell hard. He robbed like 10,000 pesos from the Castico clan. 
But the good news is....Victor and his family are still active and he is the President of the Young Men's organization. 
Well, my week was great. We did alot of service....with smiles. We cut down a tree for a old lady and moved a couch or two.
It is a little difficult working in two wards but it is great. 6 hours of church every Sunday. Can you believe it???
We went to Angeles ward first the only people there at 8, when it was suppose to start, was the bishops wife, the bishop and one councilor. 
The meeting started at 8:30. There was maybe 36 people that were in church yesterday. So we talked to the bishop, he looks like Obama with more hair, he told us that we don't have a ward mission leader because he came home from his mission and became inactive. We also only have 5 elders and 4 high priest. That is alright, when the come. 
It is going to be fun re activating alot of people. 
The ward Suaces is better, we do have a mission leader and he is great. The organizations are almost all complete. 
We only have 50 in that ward. More priesthood. I like that. 
Both wards are working toward a Mexican Talent Night. 
We might participate, we might not. 
I am happy because I know I am were I am suppose to be and where I am going. 
I am excited to be in a singles ward to learn something new and meet new people in Nov. 
As for my homecoming dinner, I don't know what I a want yet. My first Sunday home is a Fast Sunday, so we will have some time to think.
I feel bad for the missionaries that live better (have a nicer house or apartment) while in the mission and then have to return to a hut or something. 
Well, I will try to write more. I am doing great. Don't worry about me please. 
Elder Miguel told me that you did see his sister. I didn't understand that. But he is going to call me tonight to talk. 
Well, if I don't write more. Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Chadwick

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