Monday, August 27, 2012


I am doing great mom. I have the members and my converts helping me.
I only have one more week with Elder F.
In the morning I caught him watching the new X-Men and other movies.
He doesn't know that because he was in the bathroom when I checked the DVD player.
It is funny because the members are now all on my side.
We are going to baptize three people this next weekend.
They are all very prepared.
I am sorry I don't really have any stories.
We moved dirt on Saturday. It was a great workout.
I am working out every morNing now for one hour.
I also try to eat only two tortillas everyday.
It is working....I think.
I am trying to get more flexible.
One of my goal is to the splits by the end of my mission.
Here is a little story.
So there is a little creek that we have to cross to get to some of our appointments.
They are doing construction on part of the creek, so they took out the bridge.
So we found another way to cross. My compain went first then I did.
He made it up the little hill on the other side easily. So I thought I could.
Well, let just say i stepped in the wrong place and down I went.
I sunk into the mud, past my knees. It took a half an hour to get out.
Half way through I looked up and there was a tube sticking out of the hill....
It was their bathroom much for plumbing, right?
Yesterday I gave a talk. The bishop called us Friday night, free topic.
We got to choose. So I was laying on my bed Saturday night pondering about what I should do.
I didn't know what to write or talk about. So my talk was, "What to do when we don't know what to do?" It turned out great. I took three talks I had read and reread them and then mixed them together for a super talk. I was thinking about how I could grab the attention of the members because it was obvious they were not really listening to the first speaker. So when I got up to talk I said, "This last mothers day my parents wen to Hawaii. In Hawaii before someone gives a talk they say "Aloha""
Then I said, " ALOHA". They caught on the second time I said it. It was great. Then with everyone attention I asked them the title of my talk. They were interested what would happen next that some shouted out the answer. haha. It was great.
Next my compain talked about his experience in a Judo tournament, how he lost.
Well, all the young women were around him after Sacrament meeting.(I just scratched my head)
The older guys, elders and High Priests were going around saying ALOHA to everyone.
It was a great experience.
My scripture covers are not done yet. I am sad. They wont be done until Sunday.
Ok, right now before I forget. Please call Elder Johansen and tell him that we baptized Daniel on Saturday. He turned 18 and was baptized right away. He was one of the first people that I taught with Elder Johansen. If he doesn't remember tell him that his girlfriends dad name is Julio and takes pictures for a living and kind of speak English.
The next month we have a goal of 5 baptisms. I haven't put a goal like that in a while. I know we can complete it because we have three people getting baptized the first week.
And there are also other people that are ready to go in the following weeks.
I am surprised we are having baptisms when we (my companion) are not exactly obedient.
Once again he is not in his church clothes so I look kind of weird walking in Centro.
We are going to play basketball today. It is going to be fun. I have been waited to play for 4 months.
When I get home I really want to join a team and play ball. It will help me get back in shape.
I am happy to go back to the singles ward. I am ready to be in Utah again.
Please tell Jodie and Stacie sorry that I could not write them because I was writing you and my companion cut my time short.
Love ya.
Elder Chadwick

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