Thursday, December 2, 2010


All right, here is the update.
On Sunday I played prelude for priesthood. It was a surprise to everyone including the branch presidency. I had three interviews this week on with the DL, BP, and my teacher.
On tuesday I woke up and said a prayer. Almost died jumping off my bunk bed (just kidding mom) to make my companions bed.
Tues. had to be a good day because we had are TRC. Where actors come play as investigadors and we get evaluated on everything. To prepare we studied hard. We knew we had to get to know them in spanish so that is what we worked on. We had tutoring with HNA Norris and that really helped out. She goes to BYU and is going into teaching. It was great getting to know her. wink wink. jk. Anyway, after we had gym then lunch. At 1:30 the really thing began. The TRC. We had a prayer before we knocked on the door. We prayed for the gift of tongues and that the spirit would be with us the whole time. Lets just say it worked. We knocked, entered and started getting to know them. It was an elderly couple. The cool thing was that we were talking about the apostasy and the restoration and how Peter,James,and John had ordained Joseph Smith. When they ask if angels really existed. I testified that they did and that there was a life after this life. Sister Sandstrom gave me a scripture in the card she gave me. D & C 84:88. (This is a big one for dad and his brothers and sister and grandma so pass it on.) I read the scripture and the spirit was there. And we had to leave because this was the get to know you part. btw, this was all in spanish!!! I have never spoke that much spanish in my whole life. Heavenly Father gave us the Gift of Tongues. It was amazing. We ended up going back ten minutes later and teaching a full lesson on the Restoration and we taught them how to pray. If we could teach them again we would commit them to baptism for sure. We were on a spiritual high.

Next was class, then choir practice. Elder Flores had never sang in a choir before and so I showed him the ropes. He is hooked now. He felt the spirit and the power in rehearsal.We got to see who the speaker for the devotional before anyone else did and half way before rehearsal ended Julie Becks picture was on the big screen. All the girls were like screaming. It was a mad house in the Alto and Soprano section. after practice was dinner. Fettuccini Alfredo. I loved it! Then the real thing.
Julie Beck walked in and waved at us. All 1,500 + elders and sisters waved back. ha ha. The choir sang the opening song. O the love that glorifies the Son. It was awesome. After the devotional, we always have a district review. Elder Flores stood up and challenged everyone to sing in the choir in two weeks. It was great. Julie Beck and her husband did an amazing job. She talked about growing up in Brazil and learning the language and having the first MTC of Brazil in her garage. She also told some amazing missionary stories about her brothers.

Spanish is coming along nicely. It is getting tough but we are doing ok. My companion and I are blessing the sacrement in spanish on Sunday. I am excited. I almost have the first vision and section 4 memorized in spanish. Our goal as a companionship is to be fluent a week before we leave the MTC. There are some new elders in our residence hall, we turned are name tags around and asked them where they got theirs engraved. ha ha. They flipped out.

I love my district so much, they are awesome. I am excited to go to the temple and do a session today. On Sundays I go on temple walks and I have been wanting to actually getting inside the last two weeks.

To my friends and family: Please get on DearElder and send me a message with your address, I CANT EMAIL YOU.
I love you all.
Elder Chadwick

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