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Dear Family and Friends,
Feb. 17, 2011
Today was the start of my third month as a missionary but it feels like I have really only been a missionary for a two weeks.
To start of the day we went contacting or tracting. We started down Acapulco Ave. The second door we hit was a winner. She had been taught by the missionaries before and wants to know more. So we set up an appointment. :)
Off to more houses...for another forty minutes we didn't catch any fish. It is kind of funny because we can see into almost everyones house because they have no door or their window is open. so we tap tap tap with a key or coin and then yell "Buenes Tardes" or "¡Buenes Dias!"
We came to a normal gate thing and knocked. A man in his 60s answered. We just got done telling him we were missionaries when we were basically seated. His name is Jose. He told us that he would listen to our message and ask questions. When he noticed I was kind of struggling to speak Spanish he said " You can speak English boy, it is fine." and so I did.
Actually he told us how he learned English and his adventures in America. (that was kind of long, but good came out of it.) We answered some of his questions about are church pertaining to having multiple wives and stuff. lol. He told a real long story about a prayer he said while working at a gas station in LA. He said he was so excited to tell us this story and that he feels so good when he tells the story of God answering his prayers. After I bore testimony it was true that God had answered his prayers and the feeling he had was the Holy Ghost. (btw, throughout the lesson we taught bits and parts of lesson 1)
He then told a story of how he gave a bag of mangos to another person of a different faith.(He is Catholic) and that when he walked by their house the mangos were under a chair and then two days after that they were in the garbage. He was so mad about this he was almost pulling his hair out. Why? Why would someone do that? He then told us that he does service for everyone that needs it. Right then my companion had to take a phone call so I had the chance to talk more to Jose. "Jose," I said, pointing at the Book of Mormon,"These are my mangos." The man almost started crying he was laughing so hard or he was surprised I would use his own words. "Now, if you throw away my mangos I will be very angry." "No I wont" he said three or four times. "Good, now this is what I want you to 3 Nephi 11. Then after, this is the most important part, pray with all you heart to know if this book is true." He agreed. "Here are my mangos" After setting up another appointment Elder Olvera explained how we pray and then offered a simple prayer. When I opened my eyes it was fantastic. "Pardon, Pardon" he exclaimed. "Esta bien" we both said. "When you started the prayer I had to clench my fists like this and I was feeling...feeling so Happy and amazing." "Esta Bien, these are the feelings of the spirit." Reminding him to take care of my mangos we were out the door.
Feb. 18, 2011
My feet really hurt. But that is okay, because I am so happy to have feet. Today was hard, well most days are hard when we walk far and they are not there to teach. It is not only my feet that hurt but also and mostly my heart and soul. These people cling onto the the truth and the gospel so quickly I love it.
So, life begins early here is Acapulco. There are these men and women that carry baskets on their heads walking around town. "¡Pan!" They yell long and loud for everyone and they dog to hear. Also, these trucks drive up and down the street honking there horns for long periods of times. There are selling gas. Well, people need gas. :)
This week the food got to me Monday/Tuesday. I was on the toilet at almost every members house. It was zone conference on Wednesday and Hermana Spannaus gave me Pepto Bismal. It worked for the most part. And I also took some charcoal and the other green pills the instructions from mom told me to take. I am feeling alot better. I was on a white rice and gatorade diet for three days. Today I was off my diet and Moronis mom made us spaghetti with white sauce. . ( not really Alfredo) Two hamburgers and some french fries. It felt like home. I loved it! Also today, since my companion is district leader we have to walk to other areas and he interviews the people for baptism. It is ok because I get different view of the ocean. Spanish is coming along.....
Feb. 19, 2011
On Wed. we had zone conference. It was hard because I was on a gatorade diet but I feasted on the word so it was fantastic. The conference was mainly on becoming the best missionary we can be. I learned that I am my best creation. It doesn't matter what I wear or what car I drive, I am me. But the question is, who am I when you take all that stuff away and you just have me? So I am making a list of how I want to create myself and who I really want to be and of course I want to be as close to Jesus Christ as possible. I also learned in conference that I can go all in but if I don't put my heart into it I won't be changed and I will basically fail in life. So I am deciding to put everything in....including my heart.
Today we visited Jose. This is the second visit. And he posed the question "Where does the Book of Mormon take place?" Well we know it is somewhere in Central America but we don't know exactly were. So that is what we told him. And I just came up with another answer I could have given him. lol. He said he would pray in private tonight. I am excited to see what happens.
Feb. 20, 2011
Sundays, I love Sunday but they are hard on my mind and on my body because we have to worry about investigators coming to church. I think I will get gray hairs later in life because of this. lol. I play the piano every week in Sacrament meeting. I think this is how it is going to be for the rest of my mission. It is good for me. I need it, I love it. I am also teaching an English and Piano class for anyone who wants to learn more. Hopefully it will bring in some more investigators and references. :)
The part of books my mom gave me about the ultimate missionary companion is great. I have read each chapter twice and it gets me pumped up for the next day etc. Also, Today it was a surprise because Tere came to Church!!!! It was so exciting. It was great to see her come out of Relief Society with a huge smile on her face!! We had spaghetti and chicken for comida. Mmmmmmmmmm....
We also helped a man move some speakers and he gave us a ride home. Service is great. (We just happened to talk about it in Priesthood also)

Today Feb 21, 2011
P day. Regular morning schedule and then to go shopping for food. I usually spend 138.65 pesos on food and then thirty on taxi and bus to and from district meeting down by the ocean. We played basketball today against another zone. It was really alot of fun. I scored five points! ha ha. Now I am here.
Well, I love you all and I will write alot more next week. have a fabulous week.

Love, Elder Chadwick

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