Monday, February 28, 2011


We have a couple baptism coming up.
Mari´s sister is this week. I am excited. She has really grabbed onto the rod and is approaching the tree fast.
Isaac is doing the same thing. With him it was amazing. On Saturday he told the story of Adam and Eve almost perfectly. Like word for word. He read in the Book of Mormon and prayed. He said he didn't want to go to church and then he was there yesterday! Yeah!! He is getting baptized in the middle of March. March is going to be an amazing month. I can feel it!
Yesterday was stake conference. It was far from where we live but we had three investigaTors come. Which was awesome! President Spannaus and his wife spoke. President S. was very entertaining.
After waiting a couple hours a member took us out to Chinse. Which is very expensive. My plate was like 84 pesos. Which is alot. It was a huge plate of noodles. I could not eat it all. I felt really bad so I started praying....really hard. And then the blessing came. A counselOr from the Stake presidency came to the rescue and ate the rest of my food. Yeah!!!
On Thursday we ate at the Stake Presidents house. We have all the members of the stake presidency in our ward. We have actually ate at all three of their houses. ha ha.
Spanish is coming along better. I love it. The prayers are working. btw (by the way). My feet don't hurt anymore. I guess I had to trade in my feet for missionary feet and you have to go through this process.
Today we went to the ocean and saw these divers. It was better then the Mayan. Like two hundred feet better then the Mayan. I have a picture I will try to send.
These Mexican divers pray to Mary and then do front flips into what seems like little water. They are crazy. We also saw and played with otters. Here is a funny picture I have with the zone and the otter kissing me. He just jumped up, grabbed my leg and kissed me on the cheek. lol. The world is a beautiful place.
Well, I know it is not much this week but it will get better. I am excited to start a new month.

Love Elder Chadwick

Are your living conditions okay?
yeah, they are ok. The shower always cold. We sometimes don't have water so it is hard. We have to go fetch water from the first floor of our apartment. I only sleep with one sheet. I have a comfortable bed. That is always nice. It is always hot here with a ocasional breeze. We do have fans in our apartment.
Do you have a place to cook?
Yes, we have a little plug in stove. I make pancakes every morning. I either have pancakes or cereal for breakfeast.
Do you have a fridge?
Yes we have a small fridge. The milk is different here so it is good outside the refigerator for like a month. ha ha. I put it in the night before I want to use it. I usually spend 130 pesos on food for the week.
Are your shoes holding up okay?
Yes they are doing great so far. When I switch pairs I will tell you
Do I need to send you any other meds?
Sunscreen is expensive here. That is all the meds I need.
Is your money situation okay?
Yes for the most part. I get kind of confused on some things but most things are not that expensive.
How are things with your companion?
Fantastic. He is like my older brother. He helps me alot and is a genius when it comes to the scriptures. We get along great.
Do you hope you stay with your current companion for a while?
Yeah, for a month or two
How about the area? Are you happy there?
I love my area. The people are great here. I will be here for 4-5 months. I am excited to do work and get alot of baptisms. I really want to double the members in the ward before I leave this area. I think there are less then a hundred so it is very possible according too Ammon in the BofM.

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