Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is the last email you will receive from the MTC!
I leave Monday at 9:48 am and arrive in Mexico City at 2:50 pm. We are going to the consulate a second time to sign our visas tomorrow. They got some things confused so we were up in Salt Lake today, so we get to go up again. I think I saw dads And JCWS is now taking over Training Table by Julies house. Weird. I will talk to the family all on Monday or at least you and dad. Tell Jordan the the Poster is up on my wall and everyone was taking pictures with Jimmer. It was pretty funny. I have an older sister, her name is Hermana Bate. She is from southern Utah. Anyway, it is just a joke. I am still loving it here.

The story is that I woke up Sunday morning with a cold. Running nose, sore throat and a boil on my chest, I took the meds I had for the cold and I had to get a perscription for the boil. Sorry, I didn't know what to put on a boil ha ha. Btw, tell Stacie Congrats on the Yente part. She is taking this acting things to bigger heights then I did. It runs in the family, what else can I say.

So I saluted the new MTC President last week and then contacted him two days later to see if Elder O and I could go on splits, the answer was no but that is ok because I am going to Mexico.

Kevin R. Duncan of the Seventy talked to us on Tuesday. What a great speaker. He mostly talked about how we will build bridges for our converts/investigators to cross. He said "stand back and ask why." Meaning look at the big picture or eternal perspective.
Sister Duncan talked about how God loves ducks and so He would love us EVEN MORE!!!! How amazing but funny is
He talked (E Duncan) about preparing and teaching people what they need not just the lessons. He told a story about a family who were all converted but the father 22 years ago and then the father was finally converted a year ago and Elder Duncan just happened to be down in Chile when the family was being sealed together. How cool is that!!!!! And of his other converts, daughter was going through the temple for the first time that same day. It was an adventurous story.
Well my friends and family....This is it. The last email at the MTC. The next one will be in Mexico!!!! I love you all and will wave goodbye when I pass the exit on the Freeway on Monday. Have a fabulous Fast Sunday. It will be a great one.
Love you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! Thanks for the support!!

Love, Elder Chadwick

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