Monday, April 4, 2011


This past week has been amazing. I was kind of lost for the first part
and had to walk a few steps behind my companion to follow him but now
I have the hang of things.
The Emergency Preparedness thing is a really good idea because there are alot of bad things happening to the world. It is defiantly a sign that the second coming is getting closer. Speaking of Emergencies....

April Fools. This was quite the day for us. At approx. 7:54 am I was
getting into the shower. when I heard a noise. It sounded like a car
right next to our house with the speakers up to much and then it hit.
A little tremble...the cereal box moved a little and we had a little
bit of a earthquake.
4-2-11 (Straight out of my journal)
The time is 4:00 am. At 3:54 or earlier I felt a little tremor. Just
my bed moving a little. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and had
laid back down when I noticed the dogs barking alot. Kind of weird at this time of night. I heard the same sound as yesterday, the sound of the car. I knew it was coming. Then it hit. The table started moving a little and my bed started to shake.
It lasted maybe 3 seconds. What a long three seconds! Yes, I counted.
It was like a wave. The sound started outside and then the quake came
in. This was a little harder the the day before.

So, Elder Holland was right. The earthquakes and everything do come
before and after conference. Kind of cool but really scary at times.
We have little tremors everyday now. Most the time during the early
morning or night. No, I am not dreaming. All the members and people
are talking about it too.

On Thursday I was getting into the shower and was trying to hang up
the shower curtain on the wall when something caught my attention. It
was a SCORPION! AWWW! I have to admit I did scream. It is not every
day that you find a scorpion on your wall in the morning. haha. During
companionship study it went somewhere and we have not seen it sense. I
also have woken up to a dead rat looking at me on the floor. We have
lots of lizards here too. Some are big but some are small and just eat
the bugs.

Bus 35 pesos
Taxi 40 pesos
Lunch 38 pesos
Hearing the Words of a Prophet...Priceless

What a Conference!! I loved all ten hours of it. I watched half of the
first session in Spanish and then the zone leaders had to beg but
finally got a English room for the five American Elders. I loved all
the talks. I took a lot of notes. I did not fall asleep. Here is a
picture of the fiesta beside the church in between sessions. (no picture was attached) This is my new ward. There are more people and a lot of food. First feast on the word and then the food and then more of the word. Conference is very
special here. The hymns and subtitles for the hymns are in English so
when a hymn comes on when someone finds it in Spanish the hymn number
spreads like wild fire and everyone is singing by the second verse.

My favorite speaker was Dallin H. Oaks. His talk was on getting our
Desires and Actions right. That is what I am really working on right
now. All of conference was great. They talked alot about marriage and
even though I am not worried about that I could apply some of the
principles to the families I teach.
Speaking of Families...
On Friday night we were teaching a Family and we got to the end of the
lesson. The mom was the only one who really knew how to pray. So I
stepped up and we all gathered in close and I taught this little
family how to pray. It was great and the mother loved that her children
where being taught this principle. The spirit was really strong and I
loved it. We are hoping to baptize three or four of them this month if
everything runs smoothly.

After the Priesthood session Saturday night we rode the bus home. It
is the start of the month and so we needed to pay the rent. I went
with my companion down to the front door of the house. We knocked and
she let us in. We chatted alittle and then Elder Lemon smoothly made
our way into the first lesson. We taught about how the we can have the
spirit at all times and how the right way to be baptized is by the
proper authority. The spirit was there and she was really excited when
we told her about the Conference the next night and that a living
modern day Prophet was going to speak to us. (this was after we
explain the apotasia and Jose Smith) We did not get her to go to
conference but we committed her to go next week.

On Sunday we had no clue about the time change. We were suppose to
meet the bus at the church and it was suppose to take us and all the
members to downtown but no one was there. We found out from someone
that the time had changed. So we quickly got in a Taxi and we were 20
minutes late for the Sunday morning Session. We made it in time to see
most of President Uchtdorfs talk. "Text the whole world the gospel" ha
ha. "He has been speaking for ten minutes and he has not made a
analogy about aviation."
We had a man from Canada and a Family from Las Vegas in the English
room with us. The family from Vegas all fell asleep except for the
mom. It was really funny. ha ha. I don't know how you can fall asleep
to this kind of stuff anymore. It is just too powerful.
I know that if we come prepared with questions they will be answered
during conference. My companion and I did just that and got many
answers and things we could do better as missionaries.
Anyway, That is alot. I hope you enjoyed conference as much as I did.
Elder Chadwick

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