Monday, April 18, 2011


Jardin Zone before Elder Chadwick left. Elder Chadwick very right in back.

This week was kind of tough.
We knew changes were coming up and Elder Lemon has been in this area for the past six months.
Elder Pond (my district leader) called on Saturday night and I am getting transferred to Zihuatanejo.
On April fools Elder Pond tricked me into thinking I was getting a special transfer so this time I didn't really listen. I thought he was joking Saturday night. I guess he was not.
I packed and now I am at the zone leaders house waiting to go to the bus station. It is a six hour bus ride and is in another state of Mexico.
My new companions name is Elder Wake. I have not met him yet but from what I hear he is pretty cool and they baptize alot in my new area. I have heard alot about my zone leader Elder Woodward. He served in my area a while back and have heard great stuff about him.
I am really excited for the change. I hope I stay in this area for more the two changes. (12 weeks) Yesterday was my six month mark. I have been in the field for 3 months now. 3 months 3 companions 3 areas. Kind of crazy but you know what they say....the Lord works in Mysterious ways.
So since I am getting transferred Jardin (last area) is getting split into two areas. Jardin A and Jardin B. Two Elders and Two Hermanas. It has really stressed out the zone leaders, especially Elder Facer because they have to find a new home for the Elders. We tried on Saturday but had no success. Now the pressure is really on. I am leaving at two so I can't really help.
Here is some great news. Elder Olvera, my first companion, ended up having five baptisms in three weeks. I left and then they started to baptize. His companion left today so he has a new one. I am happy for him. Tere, a lady I worked with got baptized so I am really happy about that. Even though I was not there I told Elder Olvera Congrats. I had to say goodbye to him today. After I left him he changed.... or is still changing. That is what I have heard from people and the zone leaders. That is really good. Things turned out great. I am glad they did. I was a little worried.... I will see him at Mission Conference in a couple weeks. Mexico City gets Elder Oaks and Elder Cook and we get a member of the seventy. I am still excited.

Tell the kids I didn't have time to email them today. I am sad to hear about Coach Stout. That is really sad. Hopefully it bonds the team better and they take state this year. That is what happened to AF in Marching Band.....(a teacher died in the bus crash)
So I learned a little Hebrew this weekend. We hiked up this mountain to get to this sisters house and her husband is fluent in Hebrew. She ended up giving me copies of the alphabet.
I am really learning alot right now. I read about David O. McKay this last week and he is a really intelligent man. I have learned about change and desire. I re read Elder Oaks talk from conference. That was really cool. I have dived into the scriptures and I am almost done with second Nefi in Spanish. I read it out loud everyday.
Spanish is coming along but it seems slow. I read all of preach my gospel in the last week. I have some new goals and plans for what kind of Missionary I want to be. It is really weird that it really hit me that we can become like God in this life if we really try hard enough. All the Prophets and talks I read are about obtaining these attributes. I love it. I have also read my Patriarchal blessing. I am really working on what I already have and what I don't have also. It is interesting to know where my life if going to go before I get there. If that makes sense...I am praying more and really trying hard to forget myself and focus on others.
I am so happy Dad got called to be in the Elders quorum presidency. That is awesome. Go DAD! In Jardin we had this rock solid hard core Elders quorum president. He is a returned missionary and teaches really well. I enjoy listening to people talk about the gospel and hear their personal stories and testimonies.
That is really cool about the office moving down stairs. It is funny because all my siblings think I have power to convince mom and dad about stuff. Well, I don't. They have authority over me not the other way around. But what the kids can do is clean and go the extra hard. And maybe the hearts of the parents will be turned. ha ha.
Next week I will send you a picture of my packing skills. "No Oatmeal left Behind"
The oatmeal is soooo good. I had to buy a little stove and pot but I had to leave it behind for the sisters. (he was sent instant oatmeal in his last packages that just got to him from February and early March)
Well, I have to go. If I can email more this week I will. Thanks for the support. I loved the packages. They really helped my budget. The books helped alot. Just what I needed.
Love Elder Chadwick

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