Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So my new companion, Elder Wake is from Springville.
Just so happens to be a band nerd like me. He plays the trumpet and drums. His whole life is music like mine. It is really exciting. We probably like marching band the same amount. I just found this out an hour ago.
So my area is actually called San Jeronimito. It is south of Zihuat. When I was about to get on the bus yesterday I ran into Elder Wake and a couple other elders. So we rode to our area together. It was funny because they put Wild Hogs on in Spanish. I fell asleep....It was a long bus ride. Left at 2 in the afternoon and arrived at 7 30.
We got to our house at 8 30 because we had to get our keys and phone from Zihuat. The past elders left a mess for us. We cleaned up a bit. We might have a couple baptisms this week it looks like but we are not sure. The elders left us notes on a some things.
They suggested to sleep on the roof because it gets so hot inside. So we did and it was great. This area is awesome. Really hot but it is flat. There is a mango tree in our yard.
The church has three pianos so that it is great. My companion is awesome and has a great attitude. This is his second area. We are opening it up, that is what they call it when two elders leave and two take over. We already found where we are eating today which is good because I didn't eat. We have to buy some things. We will see what happens this week.
We are in a branch this time not a ward. 80 active members which is good. The font looks great and we are excited to use it. We are visiting all the members before we knock on doors. It is a new method that the missionaries have had success with. I am going to teach more now which is great. President Diaz is a great man it looks like and his family is nice too.
Anyway, Heavenly Father has blessed me again. It is after my faith and trails things seems to work out. I am glad you are sending another package. I loved the two I received. I hope you included more talks or magazines. I love to read them. Elder Wake is obsessed too. He read Revelations three times last week to try to understand it more. I like that. He went to BYU before the mission. He is going to teach me how to drum on P days. This is good because I need to learn and we will be more unified as a companionship. ha ha. He was also is Jazz band and Orchestra. Basically did the same things as me, he is just taller. Kind of looks like Shaun Ivans from car pool in Jr. High. lol. No relation. He has ten months in the mission and speaks really good Spanish.
In the mission everyone has a family. My Papa is Elder Olvera. My Uncle is Elder Herendez. My brother is Elder Egan. Kind of cool. Elder Herendez says this area is awesome. It is were he was born. The members here seem really nice. We have visited two families already today. Since the people here eat from two to four we are going to return to our house and study Spanish for an hour at 2 and then eat at 3. We leave earlier then usual in the morning. This is a really good idea because people are always busy during the tarde. So when we are done here we are returning.
The new area and companion are refreshing. It is hard to control the feelings of other people. The negative rubs off on other people. It is really weird. So when I started talking to Elder Wake I felt more happy because he is a happy Elder.
Sleeping on the roof was great. It got a little cold but Elder Wake got up and went inside and threw a blanket on me with out me knowing it. That was at like two in the morning. The stars are out and I can see them here. In Acapulco I could not see them because of the city. I haven't slept this good in a long time. I am excited to do it again tonight.
I don't know if you remember the cool handshake hug thing from the McfFarlands but we do it here all the time. Every time we see other elders or conclude a meeting, companionship study or evening prayer we give each other a handshake and the you go to the right for the hug and then another hand shake to end it. Lots of hugs. It is great.
There are not that many people out and about here as in Acapulco. Not many little store either. Kind of interesting. The streets are really straight and some have pavement some don't.
Well, I am going to send this and we will see if I think of anything else to write.
Elder Chadwick

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