Monday, April 25, 2011


This week has been awesome,but I left my camera at the bus station
and lost my CTR ring. We are going to back and find it but I think it
will be gone. I have this bad feeling in my stomach.
On the other hand. We visited all the active members of the branch. We
found 9 new investigators and well, walked alot. I can't send you
pictures because I don't have my camera. It is like the Holy Week and
so the Catholics parade down the street at night with candles and they
sing weird two worded songs.
So we were three days into the area and the my companion had to go on
splits in Zihaut to do an interview. So Elder Crowther and I were
together on Friday until Saturday morning. It was quite the adventure.
He has six weeks in the field so I was the senior companion.
Here is the we stopped by the house to get a teaching record
because it has a map on the back to where the investigators are. I was a
little hungry so I went out back and started to eat a fresh Mango from
our tree. :) The neighbors were out side trying to get this cow onto
this little piece of cement. They got it through but it was kicking
quite a bit. So I called for Elder C to come out and check this out.
He is from Washington State and knows everything about cows. He looked
kind of bored. I thought it was fun. So they got this cow settled down
and all the sudden we see this silver thing flying through the air and
all we see is what looked like red paint gushing out of this cow. My
mouth was hanging open. I could not believe what we were seeing. We
had been there for like five minutes in the middle of the day and we
see these people slaughter this cow. It was a little to rated R for
me. Elder C said that he thought he knew every thing about cows up
until that moment. ha ha.
So yeah, we past by later and they were collecting the meat from it.
Elder C and I taught a couple lessons and found two new investigators.
It was fun finding people and teaching lessons. We have a little map
and on it all the buildings are small so it looks like a military camp but
it is not really.
On Thursday we went to meet with the Branch President about the work
in the area. He asked me to give a talk on Sunday and of course I said
yes. That night we were sitting at home after a long day and Elder
Wake answered the phone. It was President. He asked what time our
church started on Sunday. He and his family would be coming.
Interviews are on Tuesday and so they would be over here. Church
starts at ten. So it turns out that only Hermana Spanaus came and her
daughters and sister in law. She said I gave a great talk and my
pronunciation was getting alot better.
The food here is good, but too much soup. We had soup six out of seven
days so I am getting used to it.
Today after studies we went to Hermana Chuchita's house and washed clothes and then headed to Zihaut to play some football on the beach. It was fun until I could not find my camera in my backpack. I think it is going to be alright though. I
can find another only for a couple hundred pesos. I still have 500
left for this month and if I need to use personal money I can.
We have not exactly figured out about Mothers day. I think we are
going to use the church's phone to call you. That would probably be
best or I will ask Pres if I can use a web cam. I guess some elders do
that. That would be cool to see you all.
The whole zone is down here and everyone is sleeping over at peoples houses.
Yes, I am still sleeping on the roof. It is great. We will do that
until it starts raining. It is like an oven at night in our house.
Hammocks are not used alot here and so I might buy one.
I am still enjoying the oatmeal mom sent me. My area is so much nicer then Acapulco. We don't have to worry about dangerous people as much.
May is going to be a good month. I am excited.
Love Elder Chadwick

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