Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mission Wide Conference Held May 17, 2011
Elder Chadwick is right in front of the mission president and his wife. She has on a tan dress and Pres. Spannus a lighter suit.

My foot is back to normal.
The rash is worse.
I couldn't find baby stuff because we were to busy last week.
Thank goodness I received the package or I would have starved last week.
Yes I received all the dearelders. I loved them all. There were like sixty of them and then the package. I received the letter from Sister Pockrus.
I also received a letter from Tamara Watkins. It was great, she is an awesome friend.
Yeah, the bus ride was long last week and there are check points where the police get on and check the bus. One accidentally hit me with the butt of his gun when I was asleep. It woke me up. I was a little frustrated but I didn't have my machete on me so I didn't do anything about it. ha ha.
The Conference was great. Elder Rasband just extended his talk he gave in conference in 2010. He talked more on how we felt about our callings. He also said this is the most supervised two years of our lives. The elders really got a kick out of that for some reason. wink wink nod nod.
It was cool because his translator went to the same mission he was president over but two years earlier. No one knew that until three days into the trip. His wife was cool too. She talked about the statue of liberty and how she imagined the candle as the light of Christ and the book the Book of Mormon. We went to Chili's after and it was not really good for my body. I had a mushroom burger and a dessert and yeah...it all came out like an hour later. This rich lady paid for all of us. There were 12 missionaries and her. She even offered dessert and we can't turn down a rich lady offering dessert. lol. It was good.
We went on splits in Cuarnavaca after lunch and it started pouring rain. Like cats and dogs folks. It was fun.
The bus ride back was boring. I got some rest.
This week was great, after catching up on some sleep we went and found some chosen ones. It is so great to find people who actually read and pray. We can tell they have by the different way they talk to us and their countenance is different. It makes me happy when we come back and they know the Book of Mormon to be true and Jose Smith to be a prophet of God. To bad they couldn't come to church because they had to work or their child couldn't walk. It is sad when they can't make it because they have to work to make ends meet.
Some people are sick and can't make it. During the Conference Elder Rasband opened it up for questions. So I asked one. I asked, "If we have some one that has a testimony of the Book of Mormon can not make it to church because they are sick or disabled do we bring the sacrament to them, can we baptize them?" He had President answer it. They both came to the conclusion that no we do not. Because they would end up as in actives. And I thought that was pretty harsh. But I received a phone call from President the next day asking if we had anyone in that condition and that we could baptize them with a special interview. Kind of interesting. So yeah, quite the question and quite the answer also.
We are having zone conference on our capella, church tomorrow. I am excited. We had to clean and set everything up yesterday. The zone leaders are sleeping over at our house tonight along with two other elders from the zone. We have a possibility of two baptisms this next week if he can stop drinking coffee. He said he would so I am counting on it.
Have a great week.
Elder Chadwick

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