Monday, May 2, 2011


Today has been great.
We just got back from walking on the beach and looking at all the huge hotels.
It would be really nice to stay here for vacation.
Sunday, testimony meeting was great. There was alot of story telling.
We have alot of possibilities for baptisms this month.
We had three people come to church this week which is great.
I am teaching more and more each day. I am really working hard on my Spanish.
I still am having a hard time though. So don't expect alot....
Apparently I am not the only one who wanted to go home at one point in the mission.
Elder Wake and his generation came from Idaho and about threw the towel in because of stuff elders were doing.
This last week was normal. We did alot of finding and talking to members.
We contacted into a Jehovah's Witness (we will call the TJs from now on) and he invited us in just to argue with us.
He listened to our message and then started asking weird questions. I just sat back and watched him and my companion contend with the bible.
We also had a reference yesterday and went over. It was a old man who was sick and wanted our help. We started teaching him and he does not believe that we are going to be resurrected after this life. He would not change either. It was sad. We even shared scriptures to back it up.
Sometimes we cant do anything to help people because they will not accept our message.
Other people are alot more accepting.
We ran into this drunk TJ. You can tell they were drinking by their eyes.
We quickly started the first discussion and two minutes into it he was committed to be baptized and he had given his bible to us.
The Jehovah's Witnesses bible is not really a bible at all. We looked in it and they have all the verses marked and then we came to verses like this...34--
They omitted the verse to change the doctrine. It shows it in their own scripture...
Anyway, I dont really get into that stuff because I think it is not good for me and I dont like to argue.
Carmen and her daughter prayed and know Joseph Smith is a Prophet! I was so excited about this. Carmen came to church and had a friend in the branch.
After church every Sunday we get a list of who we are eating with that week.
She was on the list. This is great. When investigators want you to eat with them that is huge!
Almost all the area ran out of water over the weekend and then it came back on last night.
The Branch Presidency got into a car accident along the way to a meeting. They are all okay thankfully but if they were killed we would not have hardly any priesthood and it would be difficult to get a handle on things. Good thing they are ok.
The members really like us, especially the children.
Work is great here but we are competing with missionaries from other religions. Mainly the TJs.
It is great. We are having a great time. The food is great.
We ate at this hermanas house and all it was, was two pieces of chicken. I got the neck of the chicken. They are really happy to be part of the gospel and I think they feed more on the word than on food.
It is a really a blessing being here with this branch. I will probably be here for a while. People are really nice and let us in but don't want a return appointment.
There are alot of different religions here.
The Light of the World was actually formed by an ex missionary. They have a whole block that goes to their church.
We are going to district meeting. I have something for you for Mothers day. You will get it next Monday. I wrote is awesome and funny and you might even cry.
Love Elder Chadwick

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