Monday, May 16, 2011


So I had surgery last week on my toe. It really hurt. I had to wear sandals all week. That hurt too. But it was my wear sandals like Jesus week. The good thing feet don't hurt anymore. :)There was a doctor in Zihuat. It was a pretty nice place. It cost 450 pesos which put a hole in my wallet for the month. I am going to talk to Hermano Walker tomorrow at conference. The shots hurt but Elder Johanson held me down. It looks normal now.
So this week is going to be tough. We leave Zihuat for Cuarnavaca today at 11 at night. So we will be on the bus for ten hours. Hopefully I can get some sleep.

So I read all of "Draw Closer to God" By President Erying. What a great book...I am sending it home with other books and stuff. When I get money that is.... Elder Rasband is talking to us in mission conference tomorrow. I am excited. The flash does not work on my camera so I am returning it so yeah. I am probably not going to buy shoes until next month.

Yeah, mission conference is this Tuesday and then zone conference the next week. Elder Wake and I have the only baptism in the zone as far as I know. That is kind of bad because President is going to preach. Like throw down, the wrath of Pres.

I get the fifty dearelders tomorrow. That is exciting.
We now have TJs looking for us to try to tear us down. It's not working. We are like stripling warriors and have the Book of Mormon and miniserting angels and a real Bible and yeah, We got the Power!

I still have the rash on my legs. I will call Doctor Kelly and see what it is. He could be there for mission conference. We might make a trip to Mexico City. That would be fun. That is were he is at. We will just have to see.

It was a normal week. We found alot, taught alot, dropped alot and will possibly baptize two this week or next. I did eat fresh coconut. Omero took it off the tree sliced it with the machete and I drank the juice and then he sliced it in half and I ate the coconut. It was very....interesting.

Well, there is alot of stuff going on about 40 minutes away from my area. You can tell when you walk out of church and there are 30 trucks full of army guys speeding down the highway. It is pretty bad just from what I have heard. One member in my branch saw some of it.

I gave a talk on Receiving Personal Revelation in Church yesterday. We had a guy from the Jehovah's witness church tell us we were wasting our time and money and teaching false doctrine. I asked him why his religion was so special and he could not answer my question. It was really funny. Idk, some people just have no clue.

Today we are cleaning the house. We already washed our clothes and stuff. It is a pain because we have to do stuff by hand and the line is the dryer. ha ha. We usually walk on the beach and two weeks ago we played football on the beach. We might go exploring today and try not to get killed in the coconut forest. We want to find our way through and get to the beach and catch sea turtles. I don't get my feet wet because I don't want to take off my shoes so don't worry about me in water.

We are going to go back and I might clean that big tank thing in our back yard. I don't like things dirty. I am going to make pancakes too. The mash potatoes were soooooooo good. Had them last night, I think I died and went to heaven. We are going to do the stuffing later tonight. Send more if it is not that expensive.
So there is this guy who I get three pesos of tortillas from and he always gives me pig skin to go with them. Just a shot story. I thought it was funny. Anyway, have a great week.
Love, Elder Chadwick

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