Monday, July 11, 2011


Last Monday my foot didn't feel any better so I called Hermana Spannaus that night. I then talked to President Spannaus about what I could do. They sent me to Acapulco. So Tuesday we went down there and went to the the hospital to see a specialist. After waiting for a while I went in and it took him five minutes to look at my foot and say that I needed a medication and a boot to stabilize my ankle. So we went and bought the medicine and the foot brace. He also said to rest for three weeks.....this was not good news for me. You know me, I like to work and not be in the house. So this last week we only went to two appointments and Comida (food). We were the house all day everyday. Zeros across the board to report to the district leader. This really hurt me. I don't like seeing zeros. But I didn't ask Why is this happening to me? I asked, What can I do? and the Lord blessed me just like all the modern and antiguo profetas taught.
This last week I read:
Our Heritage
Two Ensigns
True to the Faith
All of Preach My Gospel
I completed five months in the mission field today, I am happy here in Mexico and don't want to leave.
When I talked the doctor 11 days ago he said "You can either go home or stay here and hope it doesn't get worse."
I called Pres. right after and said I was not going home without a fight.
I have spent alot of time on my knees, feasting on the words of God and doing what I can.
It was really hard to sit and not play soccer on Friday night with the joveness.
No one showed up to church on Sunday and we visited the only real progressing investigator we had, found out he is not married to the woman he is living with and that he married at sixteen and left that girl two months later not to see her again for 50 years plus. We will see the if the law is on our side and see if the the separation for that long means divorce.
But we will see what happens. His name is Amilio.
So there are some talks I would like everyone to read, they really helped me and are really powerful.
Squeezing Milk from an Orange: An Easy Approach to Remembering Scripture
Reservoir of Living water by Elder Bednar (you will either have to google it or search on BYU website)
And Joseph Smith—Prophet of the Restoration by Tad R. Callister
All very neat and a new way to study the scriptures and think about Joseph Smith.
Have a good week.
I will keep you updated on my foot.
Love, Elder Chadwick

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