Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Alfredo in Mexico. We sent him Alfredo packets and spaghetti because he loves it so much.
Elder Chadwick and kids from San Jeronimito his last area.
New apartment upstairs
New apartment main floor
New apartment kitchen. Two Fridges?
With new companion Elder Johansen holding the sign.
I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!!
Being Goofy with kids in SJ one last time.
Members in SJ before he left.

Hi family and friends,
This week was awesome. I had a 8 hour ride to Chilpancingo. Elder Johansen is my new companion. He was my old district leader in Ziaut when I arrived there. I had to do some clean up and then we really worked hard. Tripling the numbers he had last week.

The members here are awesome. The family of the bishop is huge and is half the ward.

The food is great here and I love having people who know their responsibilities and ours as missionaries. Hermana Pati fed us on Wednesday, three hamburgers each!! She had prepared to feed us six each.

Here is the thing though, they eat a lot of insects here. We met a member who has his own tortillaria. He had a bag of Mils. Little buggys. They really had a kick to them and a bad after taste.

Then yesterday we eat with Hermana Belinda and her family. (When I say family I mean Mom, sisters, brothers, everyone.) Here we are eating happily and then every one starts flipping out. Then one of the Hermanas threw a bag of grass hoppers on the table. Then it got louder because Elder Chadwick was new to the insect club. Yes, I put a little lemon on it, closed my eyes and popped her in there. Actually it was a he, Freddy, crunchy little bugger.

Saturday after getting rejected from a man two floors up we talked to a man named Victor. He invited us in because his ten year old sons had some questions. One of them being, “Why the heck are we Catholic?” and “If God made man then who made God?” We said we could not answer the one about God but we would answer the Catholic one. We then taught him and his dad to pray. He did not know that he could talk directly to God. He then yelled for the rest of his family to come listen. His 7 year old daughter and wife came toward the end. They had a lot of good questions and had noticed how nice we look on Sundays and that we have good discipline.

Everything is better here. Even the Internet is faster and cheaper. The food is better and cheaper also.

The bishop is really on fire and we meet with him every Wednesday and the mission leader every Monday after our meeting.

This weekend was Young Adult Conference. Let me just say I enjoyed having a full conversation with my friends from my first two areas. I had lunch with at least one person with each of my areas.

I wrote the Gonzalez family a letter and gave it to Adi to give to them.

The Elders are really great here too. They actually wanted to play ball and for a good amount of time. It was fun. We are probably going to WALMART!!!! After Internet.

Don’t worry about the dead bodies. I have not seen any of them yet. We are always in the house before 9. (Editors note: we googled his new area and came up with a bunch of dead body pictures. Not fun!)
So dinner last night. We ate with a Professional Mexican Basketball player. How cool is that? He is the captain and they don't make as much but it is a lot for playing 6 games a week or something like that.

It was hilarious to hear everyone talking about the Twilight movie and how bad or good it was. All week the ward was talking about Vampires and Wolves. So what did I decide to do....Talk about wolves in my talk. The bishop asked me to give a 8 minute talk on Missionary Work. So I prepared the story that Greg Mitchell used in his homecoming. The one about the Pueblo with the fire and wolves. How we have to spread the fire! It really had an effect on the members because there is a huge FIRE here.

I am happy and ready for Christmas. The whole zone is going to do a service project on Dec. 24. That is the Mexican Christmas. Apparently Santa Claus has to split up the world in sections. ha ha.
That is about it.
Love all of you, have a great week!
Elder Chadwick
P.S. My companion has the Best Two years cd and I am addicted.

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