Monday, November 28, 2011


So Wednesday night we had Priesthood counsel meeting. We went through all of our investigators and their info and then we talked about Sara. Fransico and her have a kid and he lives with her. He is a member, she is not. Supposedly Hermano Lasero called him during the meeting to set up a meeting to get them married. He didn't hear very well because we showed up at his house and he was not expecting to get married. Well, he said why not and off we went to Zupango to get them hitched. It was quite the adventure. While we were waiting all these ladies in pink shirts were parading down the road. Like thousands of them. Apparently they are fighting and parading against Violence Against Ladies. Very interesting.
Anyway, Elder Ramos and I were on divisions together and we met her at the church and taught her everything except the Plan of Salvation. A day later Elder Johansen and one of the Zone Leader went and taught her the Plan and then interviewed her. Saturday at 12:30 she was baptized. On Sunday I confirmed her a member of the church and gave her the Holy Ghost. That was a first for me. You get to the blessing part and your head just goes blank. But it came and we all felt the spirit. So that is what happened. In four days, we met, taught and confirmed Sara. That, my friends is a record, but anything is possible with the Godhead on our side.

I also played the piano for the primary program. That was really fun. Victor, Milta and their kids, Victor and Danaya came and are going to make great members of the church. We ran into them 9 days ago and now they are reading the Book of Mormon, saying prayer over the food as a family and starting to have family home evening. On Sunday Victor Sr. even asked the bishop for the Conference issue of the Liahona. The bishop invited them to a huge Colixco family night. We got to their house at 6:55 and it started at 7. They were just starting to eat, they invited us to tacos. We happily accepted. They said they were not ready to go and didn't want to be late.
(of course we knew that every Mormon runs on Mormon time even in Mexico.) But we still insisted for them to get ready and come. We arrived in the Privada just ten minutes before it started.
At the house we gave a Book of Mormon to each of them. During the family home evening we did an activity that used the Scriptures and they were all marking their new copies of the book of Mormon. We had Hot Chocolate after with bread. It was good. I sat with the bishop and Victor and his wife. Chatting about forever families. The best part was the bishop saying, "You are going to make a great Mormon family." They smiled at that compliment. I really want to extend my mission to see this family sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. They are getting baptized for sure in two weeks. There is nothing stopping it. It is something that I just know.
My area is fantastic. I love it. There are a lot of hills but the Little Vans take us were we need to go for 20 cents each.
As for my companion. His name is Elder Steven Cory Johansen. He is taller then I am. He is going home to Sanpete or Manti Utah in Feb. He is really humble and says thank you alot and always asked everyone if they need help. He exercises to this Celtic Music that makes me want to do a jig. Kind of funny. He has the Primary Color Cd's which is great. He loves to sing and is going to Snow College when he arrives back in the US. He plays the bass guitar and loves to find shiny things. We plan on singing on Christmas Sunday. We are going to arrange a cool number that will really bring the spirit in.
We planned for the month yesterday and have a goal to baptize four in December. We are also going to find 100 new Investigators in the next month. That is a new mission standard. 25 a week. 1200 first lessons in the next year, at least. That is alot of pamphlets.
So Jordan says I am chubby....I stepped on the scale and I have gained 15 pounds on the mission. I weigh 160 pounds now. I am trying to work it off but I eat to good here. Every time we step into a house we are eating it seems like. Hermana Pati always feeds us a little tub of Ice Cream each time we eat with her. She has a great family. Her little girl is so cute.
Anyway, I am happy and love the ward. We have such a good support system here.
I didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving last Thursday. But I remember eating good.
Love ya all.
Elder Chadwick

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