Monday, November 14, 2011


EDITORS NOTE: The last two weeks have been hard ones for Elder Chadwick. They did have much success but that also came with much tribulation. Some of the members were spreading rumors about the missionaries and things were not good.
November 7th
Here is the Sitch!
This week was just fantastic with more rumors going around about us but have no fear testimony meeting saved the day. Hermano Gonzalez and his wife bore their testimonies and gave a short talk about loving the missionaries. It was great. The look of our accusers faces was priceless. I know Heavenly Father is watching over us and that it doesn't matter what the whole world says God always knows if we are doing the right thing.
We found 20 new investigators this week and are ready to rock and roll this week to prepare them for the incoming missionaries.
President Spannaus is probably going to take us both out because of this rumor thing. (Which was not true and we had evidence and witnesses.) The sad thing is that many people are going to miss Elder Nelson and I after we leave. We got everyone in the Branch reading the Book of Mormon. Every family has at least one person in 2 Nephi. It is just great. Satan is at work here though. Looks like the Governor does not like our church because he shut off our water and we have not had Internet in the church for three months. They are charging the church twice or three times more then the regular average joe. Not good Governor man.
The food is getting better, took a little work to teach some of the Hermanas to cook us food but we did it and now eat hot dogs and spaghetti at least twice a week. I am back to being spoiled again...this time with more then one mother. ha ha.
Since G man turned off the water we had nothing to flush the toilets with at church yesterday. Well, the ladies and gentlemen could not hold it so it smells like an out house on holy ground. Not good. So Zone Conference will not be in SJ this week. There goes our record. I have been here for three zone conferences....they are three months apart. lets just say its time to go.
I don't have any wishes for Christmas this year. Just Christmas cards from all who read this blog with a letter about what is going on with all the families and friends.
We should receive the Conference Liahona tomorrow which will be exciting. I always love zone conference and the spirit that comes with it. At the end of every ZC there is a mini testimony meeting. That is one of my favorite parts. The missionaries going home always give their testimonies.
We played basketball today for two hours, went home and now the whole zone wants to play volleyball at the beach. Not happening for this pair of stripling warriors. We ate three packs of spaghetti after we balled it up and then came here to Internet.
It cost 80 cents and hours.
Well, happy 7 de November.
Love Elder Chadwick

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