Monday, February 27, 2012


Wow! Time flies....especially when one is illegal. But no worries...we are here in Cuarnavaca and I have my new ID so I don't get deported. I bought a new bible today....smells know, the new book smell. Like I said to President Spannaus "The work gives me a "high" that I can't describe."
It is true, we didn't have the chance to baptize this last week but Jose made the decision to get married a week from today.
The Victor Family is getting baptized at 7 pm this Saturday. You are all invited...spiritually speaking....pray for this baptism to run smooth because their is a lot going on that day with the whole stake.

I am learning a lot from the people around me. We can find and learn something new with every person we come in contact with. I don't know if you have seen the video "Out of the mouth of Babes" but those babies say it all.
We are working really hard right now with alot of families. A lot of things to prepare because every soul is special and needs something a little different.
It seems like every lesson we teach the Spirit is there more and more. I love it!
If we are wise we will work the spiritual muscle every moment we have...and then every moment will be explosive.
Well, I know this was short but I know my mom will put my email to dad and stacie on the blog also.
Thanks for everything you do for the missionaries.
Love Elder Chadwick

Letter to Elder Chadwick's dad
I am in Cuarnavaca right now. My visa expired on the second so I have been illigal for a while now. So we traveled two hours last night to come here and stayed in the assistents house. It is a huge apartment. Their phone is also unblocked....not fair. The work is easier with a unblocked phone. Especially at night when we can't leave the house.

I am loving it here. We are going to baptize a family of four this weekend. We didn't baptize this last week because Jose didn't want to get married. Something about his fiesta. But he is getting married in a week and will be baptized soon.

So a woman we found a while back invites us to eat with her family and sing mexican songs I don't know. Well, I started up a conversation about church and she said she will come to church next Sunday. The only condition she said....was if she could bring her whole family. And that my dear father is 10 people. She said if she falls in the water the whole family falls into the water....cant wait for that day.

I received the package from the family with the stick figure huge man. It was a sweet package. I already ate the spaghettios. Yum!!!

Well, I hope everything is going well. love ya

Elder Chadwick

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